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Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine June 4th 2020

The tall have it so easy. Through no effort of their own they’ve won the genetic lottery and spend their lives quite literally looking down their noses at the rest of us. Their elevated status gives them multiple advantages: instant respect, a better chance in the marital stakes, improved job prospects and the best views in any crowd, much to the annoyance of those poor sods stood directly behind them. Even so, once in a while they'll have the cheek to pipe up about how tough it all is, constantly asked how the weather is up there, made to feel like some enormous freak. But really, how hard can it be? Boo hoo, poor you… given the chance, few would choose, I suspect, to swap with someone who was short. Cos being short is no fun ... read more
Sunset over the fields
Monastery Statues
River Sunset, Mawlamyine

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine January 24th 2018

L’idée du voyage est de longer la bande étroite de sud-est du Myanmar et de rejoindre la Thaïlande à son extrémité. C’est une zone peu visitée du fait de son éloignement et des conditions de transport parfois difficiles au Myanmar. Il semble bien que Hpa An cherche à se développer touristiquement. Si la ville elle-même a un attrait moyen, elle est une bonne base pour se disperser dans sa campagne magnifique. De grands projets de rénovation de ses quais sont en place et vont certainement voir ouvrir des hébergements modernes. Aujourd’hui c’est un grand chantier. Surtout ne pas réserver dans un hôtel à proximité des quais. Le bus a l’air de vouloir faire un record de distance avec un seul plein d’essence, ou bien la seconde ne s’enclenche pas, on avance à un rythme de tortue. ... read more

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine November 26th 2017

Rudyard Kipling spent only a few unscheduled hours in Moulmein (now Mawlamyine), by then the former capital of British Burma, on his way home – via America – from India in 1889, but it nevertheless managed to inspire the opening line of one of his most memorable poems, “Mandalay”. Having first encountered the poem only just before I left the UK, I found it getting under my skin as I travelled around Myanmar almost 130 years’ after Kipling’s visit. “But that’s all shove be’ind me - long ago an’ fur away An’ there ain’t no ’busses runnin’ from the Bank to Mandalay; An’ I'm learnin’ ’ere in London what the ten-year soldier tells: “If you've ’eard the East a-callin’, you won’t never ’eed naught else.”” It felt so resonant for me, as I combine my first ... read more
Kyaikthanian Paya
orchids for sale, Myine Yadanar Zei
colourful bananas, Myine Yadanar Zei

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine February 22nd 2015

Hpa-An (Sprich: Panan) Dieses kleine Städtchen im Südlichen Teil Burmas, im Staat "Kayin", ist bekannt für seine vielen Höhlen in den Karsthügeln, die alle mit Buddha-Statuen befüllt sind. Nach einem Moped-Ausflug zu ein paar dieser Höhlen, und in die abseits gelegenen kleinen Dörfer, gabs das größte Spektakel aber am Abend. Aus einer der Höhlen schwärmen nach Sonnenuntergang hunderttausende Fledermäuse heraus. Das Spektakel dauert 10 Minuten, und es sieht nicht so aus, als würde die Fledermausdichte jemals geringer werden. count the buddhas :-) scary bridge on a motorbike Bats Out of Hell ... read more
am Than Lwin River
Mt. Hpa-Pu mit Pagoda
Mt. Hpa-Pu

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine July 15th 2014

A typical Burmese meal consisting of rice, an entree (pork, chicken, lamb or fish) and an assortment of side dishes and sauces. Side dishes may vary from one state to another. Fresh vegetables also accompanies every meal as you can see from both of these pictures. ... read more

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine July 14th 2014

The entrance to the meditation hall of Au Pak Monastery. My visit to Mawlamyine ended with a side trip to Au Pak Monastery. Au Pak Monastery is located on a mountain range 10 miles outside of Mawlamyine. I spent four day there living the life of a Buddhist monks. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. Below is a daily schedule at Au Pak monastery: 3:30 am Wake up. 4:00 am - 5:30 am Group mediation in the meditation hall. 5:30 am - 7:00 am Breakfast. 7:00 am - 7:30 am Clean living quarter. 7:30 am - 9:00 am Group meditation in the meditation hall. 9:00 am - 10:00 am Questions ... read more

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine July 10th 2014

Thanlyin River. Panoramic view of Mawlamyine from Kyaikthanlan Pagoda. Real men wears Longyi. caption id="attachment_1160" align="ali... read more
Surtee Sunni Jamae Mosque

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine February 9th 2014

Southern Myanmar We were all excited to be back in this fascinating country, and relieved to find that tourism has not yet made its mark. The only noticeable changes in Yangon were the odd ATM (including one within the Shwedogan Pagoda Complex!) and a half empty shopping mall in the city centre. But outside of Yangon we found the same friendly faces going about their way of life and unique culture (and the same battered vehicles) as if preserved in a time capsule. We were heading south on this second visit to Myanmar, away from the more popular tourist destinations of the north, into the previously off limits States of Mon and Kayin, close to the borders with a Thailand and Cambodia. With the exception of Mount Kyaiktiyo or Golden Rock there are no other specific ... read more
Golden Rock
Hpa An Jetty
Saddar Cave

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine February 9th 2013

I decided that motorcycle taxis are not that bad, I just need to relax and "go with the flow." So I found my faithful driver, Mario (he did tell me his name, but at the moment I've forgotten), and his velvet covered motorcycle seat, and off we went to Kyaikmaraw, a small town about 15 miles from Mawlamyine. This time I could watch the scenery, as the helmet was a bit smaller and didn't slip over my eyes as happened on the first ride. I enjoyed the palm tree lined road, the paddy fields--now mostly brown, patches of green where farmers tended cabbage or beans, and the beautiful Mon houses. Everything zipped by, and I hesitated to ask him to stop so I could take a photograph because it felt as if the rhythm of the ... read more
Sitting Buddha
Window in Mon House
Deep Fried Somethings for Tea

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine February 7th 2013

Friend Jenny and I set out for Khai Yon Cave, a short distance from Mawlamyine. I thought we'd see the usual Buddha filled alcove, maybe smell some bat guano, and make a hasty retreat. We ended up staying far longer than we anticipated. Part of the complex is being developed, which means a lot of cement is being poured. But what delighted us was the opportunity to see a real artist at work. He was creating an elaborate set of life size figures in cement. They were coming to life before our very eyes. Even though the figures were all grey from their cement surface, they already had eyelashes, as though this was one of the most important things to do first. Most were handless, and one female figure was emerging from the ground. Another figure ... read more
Nat Work
Man with Cigar
The Cement People

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