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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River December 18th 2018

Having see the sunrise from land on Sunday and from the air Monday today (Tuesday) we saw it from the water. Our alarm clock has been set earlier and earlier this week and we are both looking forward to a lie in tomorrow. This morning we were up at 0400, checked out and ready to leave the hostel by 0430. The hostel had arranged a taxi for us and this arrived on time. The driver was kind enough to wait patiently whilst the staff checked our room and I had a quick cup of tea. As we left we were provided with a little packed breakfast of a jam sandwich, boiled egg and banana. Perfect. The boat jetty is just over 4km from the hostel so the drive didn’t take long. Our friendly driver soon got ... read more
Sunrise from the boat
Boat selfie
Our seats

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River January 11th 2018

A tour of the west bank of the Irrawaddy from Mandalay has to be one of the most amazing day trips you can do. For just 40,000 kyat (US$30) our wonderful lady driver helped us move hotel, and then took us out to various places on an excursion that lasted the entire day. The Irawaddy is also confusingly known as the Ayerarwaddy. Not to worry, we stopped at the bridge to have a good look at the river and its surroundings. There are two bridges - one built by the British in 1934 and the new one completed in 2005 which we were crossing. The views across the river are spectacular and seeing the myriad temples, pagodas and stupas on the hillsides of Sagaing was quite spectacular. It would take several day trips to try to ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River October 16th 2017

Up early 5.30am to see the sun rise but too cloudy and could not get a decent one. Cold shower which they could not fix but we can use one down stairs, then breakfast, with Scrambled eggs, toast, jam, fruit really good. We stopped at 9am and went to a pottering village Yandabo were able to watch how they made the pots very from the beginning to the finished product. Back on the boat and we were all given fresh watermelon juice, really nice and must try it at home. After Tea we were entertained by the crew with singing and guitar playing for my birthday, they were really good and we had a great night topped off a great day. Went to bed and out of rose petal's they wrote happy brithday with love hearts, ... read more
Physical work
Putting a pattern on the Pots
The Crew's concert for my birthday

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River October 15th 2017

Up early packed and had breakfast then at 9.45am Lym picked us up after check out. I changed $100 USD for $134,000 Kyat to use on the boat we will be on for three days and 2 nights. 10am embarked on our cruise boat and met up with four other passengers from Albany WA. We had a 3 course lunch and at 3pm we moored and went for a walk in a village which had a big pile of coal that the woman were carrying baskets of on their heads and tipping into a truck for transport to cities in Myanmar for fuel. We also visited a village were they made clay pots by hand and there were heaps of pots all at different stages as you went from one hut to another. We then embarked ... read more
The Plank
The Men hard at work
Bit like Mr. Whippy Only

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River December 16th 2016

We'll when I say still took 9 1/2 hours but that was fast as we arrived an hour early! We set off from our hotel at 6.15 am and the boat left at 7. After the 'walking the plank' between boats routine, we were lucky enough to get a couple of bamboo deckchairs on the top deck and a blanket - which was only really needed to sit on. The sun was up before we set off and Howard put on his sunglasses, I did a double take and asked him where he got them from, he looked puzzled but said he had luckily found them on the backseat of the taxi as they must have fallen out of the back pack. He had only gone an acquired a pair of bloody Raybans' by accident. ... read more
Leaving Mandalay
Goodbye Mandalay
The Fast Boat to Bagan

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River December 6th 2016

Tuesday pulled into Salay a 7,000 resident village founded in 13thCentury with very British colonial feel with lovely preserved old buildings and in fact our tour director has renovated a beautiful building and it now houses a museum, restaurant and shop. Had a great feel to the place with lots of young novice monks around town. There was procession of all decorated vehicles and everyone dressed in beautiful dress, a ceremony for the new novice monks and also for the young girls ear piercing. We visited a beautiful old wooden monastery designed as a copy of the Crown Prince House of Mandalay. Great to see a slightly different town. Afternoon sailing the Irrawaddy. Wednesday Magway by trishaw to local market. This is quite a big city 500,000 people. Great way to see around Magway in the ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River December 5th 2016

Monday sailed downstream and across river to another little village on the river at Tan Kyi and were driven up a big hill to where another huge pagoda is perched overlooking the river and the plains of Bagan. This pagoda had recently been re done with gold leaf…it just amazes us so much how much money is spent on these pagodas. Tan Kyi is very rich in petroleum and oil, saw lots of women carrying big drums of oil on their heads, illegal oil wells done by hand by the locals to make some extra cash, if there is a raid they can close up their tents in 1/2hr and cover with rock….this area is where Burmese Petroleum, BP, originated when the British ruled.... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River January 29th 2016

Day 19-Friday-January 29 We arrived in Pyay this morning and set off on our final excursion. Present day Pyay is located at the confluence of the Ayeyarwaddy and Nawin Rivers. The British Irrawaddy Flotilla Company established the current town in the late 19thcentury on the Ayeyarwaddy River as a trans-shipment point for cargo between upper and lower Burma. Pyay is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Myanmar and is home to more than 80 gilded pagodas, including the Payagyi Pagoda which we will see this morning. Our first stop after leaving the boat and boarding the bus was the ancient Sri Ksetra Pyu City Gate and wall built between the 4-7th century that encompassed Pyu City, an area of over 5 square miles. We then went onto the Sri Ksetra Museum which held many ... read more
Ancient city wall
Ancient wall
Annette on the wall

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River January 27th 2016

Day 17-January 27-Wednesday- This morning we got up early to serve Alms for the monks in Magwe at 8:15. They were given cooked rice and we gave them each a covered plate that included a variety of items. At 9:00 we each had a ride in a trishaw that caravanned around town. It was a blast with 50 trishaws in a row and our peddlers all wearing the same orange T-shirt. We got lots of looks from the locals! After we spent about 40 minutes on our ride, they dropped all of us off in the central market area and gave us plenty of time to shop and take photos. In areas like this, we are the ones getting attention from the locals. We walked back to the ship by 11:00 for the sail away to ... read more
Victoria, Annette & Doug
Monks arriving

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River January 26th 2016

Day 16-January 26-Tuesday-This morning we set sail for Magwe. The Magwe Region is Myanmar’s 2nd largest of its seven regions located in the central part of the country. It is bordered by the Sagaing Region to the north, the Mandalay Region to the east, the Bago Region to the south, and the Rakhine and Chin States to the west. The capital is the city of Magwe. The majority of the population is Bamar, with very small numbers of other ethnicities. This region produces most of Myanmar’s natural gas and petroleum. Agriculture is also important, with the principal crops being rice, millet, maize, sunflowers, beans, tobacco, onions and potatoes. At 3:15 this afternoon we took a bus tour that included a brief stop at General Aung San “Bogyoke” Statue for photos. He was very instrumental in Burma’s ... read more
Mud volcano
Dragon image

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