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Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan June 18th 2016

Day 149 Wednesday 15th June 2016 – Yerevan to Tatev Early start today as we are off on a long organised tour to South Eastern Armenia. Like a lot of places in this corner of the world, breakfast doesn’t start till 8.30, and we needed to be out of there by then, but we went down to the kitchen anyway where we can get tea and coffee 24 hours a day. The woman working the kitchen saw us and at least was able to put out some cupcakes for us so we got a small feed. Walked the 15 minutes up the road and got settled into our bus for the tour today. Unlike the last tour this one was on a minibus and there were 15 others with us. When we got underway ... read more
Holy Treasury - Echmiadzin
Zvartnots Cathedral

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan June 14th 2016

Day 144 Friday 10th June 2016 – Tbilisi to Yerevan A new morning, a new country and a new adventure. Before getting to the new country we needed to exit the old one, and today was to be one of the fastest exits we have ever had. The alarm went off at 6.30 and we did our now very professional and fast pack and check out and were out the front of our hotel hailing a taxi by 7.15. The taxi driver couldn’t speak English but we had the bus terminal written down in Georgian so he knew where to take us and quoted us a reasonable 5 Lari to get there. As always we prepare ourselves for the inevitable argument at the other end about the price but today the guy was happy ... read more
Outside Yerevan
Garni Temple

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 9th 2015

July 9, 2015 – Today went pretty well. I woke up feeling much better. No stomach ache, no gastrointestinal problems. Amazing! I took a couple more charcoal tablets and kept drinking that hideous liter of rehydration salts…so disgusting. But it worked. I had some crackers for breakfast and waited to see if it would be ok. Seemed to be. Then I took a walk in town and still seemed ok. So I decided to go for a half day trip to see Garni temple and Geghard monastery, the two main sights I wanted to see from yesterday’s missed day trip. It took some effort, but it was worth it. First I had to walk over to the KFC, and catch a bus to a place called Masivi Market. So I told the driver where I was ... read more
Entrance to Garni
View from Garni temple
First look at Garni

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 7th 2015

July 7, 2015 – *Disclaimer – be warned that this entry has disgusting bodily functions mentioned* The train ride to Yerevan from Batumi went quite well, actually. I left the guesthouse at 2:30pm, giving myself an hour to get to the train station before my train left. It is about 25-30 mins, so it should be fine, right? Well, the traffic was crazy on my street and I had to wait about 10 minutes for the right number minivan to come by, and then we barely moved for a while. I was getting a little nervous, but of course it worked out fine. I gave my ticket and passport to the ladies checking and they studied it and studied it. I think one was learning the job, but not sure. Either way, we didn’t speak the ... read more
My seat/bed
View from train
View from train

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan February 21st 2015

These holidays are only a week long, and I have the feeling that it is impressive to see how much we could discover in a single week. So next stop, new country, we are for two days in Armenia. The train ride from Tbilisi to Yerevan takes 11 hours...for 280km only. There are only 4 cars, and in winter, it runs only one day out of two. I paid 30usd per person, so it is not the cheapest way to join the two capitals....but let's admit it, we love train rides! The train left and arrived on time, and we spent something like 2 or 3 hours just to cross the border in the middle of the night! The train was old, but it was pretty clean and comfortable...and we had the feeling there was close ... read more
Garni temple, on a gorgeous winter day...
It's testing time....10 years, 20 years a Dvin....rather nice!
BBQ...lamb, chicken and mushrooms...

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan August 10th 2014

Niedzielę zaczęliśmy od wizyty w meczecie. W Erewaniu działa tylko jeden; odbudowany i zarządzany przez Irańczykow. Nazywa się Blue Mosque i miałam nadzieję, że będzie przypominał choć trochę struktury z Esfahanu. ale choć leży na cichym dziedzińcu z (suchą) fontanną, to brak w jego wykonaniu delikatności i finezji spotykanych w Iranie. Bardziej wygląda na wersje soc-real. Po drugiej stronie ulicy jest centrum handlowe, które kiedyś było lokalnym bazarem i ono juz ma bardziej dystyngowana konstrukcje. W ogóle z bazarami w Erewaniu jest średnio, w centrum tylko sklepy spożywcze albo ewentualnie duże warzywniaki, czasami zdarza sie na rogu babcia sprzedająca jabłka z wiadra, ale nie zaobserwowalam nic z naszej kultury straganu zieleniaka. Z meczetu pojechaliśmy na weekendowy pchli targ o dumnej nazwie Vernissage. Mam jeszcze w pamięci taki targ (i kupione... read more
Zakupy! Obrus ma 3,20m!
Bardzo pchli targ.

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan August 8th 2014

Pilot w Locie ponurym głosem ostrzegł nas na wstępie, że nad Ukrainą będą turbulencje. Idiota, nie wiem po co geolokalizowal te wstrząsy, chyba chcąc, aby sie wszystkim przez ponad 3h lotu śniły koszmary. Ale faktycznie ze snu wyrwały mnie rzuty jak na rodeo - cos jak na "Dallas buyers' club". Była burza. Prawdopodobnie nie wywołali jej prorosyjscy separatyści, ale spokojnie mogę te podróż zaliczyć do jednej z gorszych w mojej karierze. Na miejscu w Erewaniu czekało na nas niespodziewanie nowoczesne lotnisko, duty free z koniakiem i zabawkami Fisher Price (rodzina z Ameryki zapomniała kupić prezentu), uśmiechnięta obsługa mimo 4 rano i natłok szyldów z tymi śmiesznymi tutejszymi literkami, które nie przypominają absolutnie niczego - wyglądają dla mnie bardziej abstrakcyjnie niż arabskie robaczki. Armeńczycy są z nich bardzo dumni, bo powstały na począ... read more
irańskie bakalie
miasto martwych fontann
tzw. amy

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan January 30th 2014

So onto the Armenian capital, courtesy of a combination of one short taxi ride, and one longer marshrutka (minibus) ride, and hey presto, I'm smack ban in the middle of Yerevan, the official capital city of Armenia. The choice of hotel, Yerevan Deluxe hotel, scored points for being conveniently-located and sufficiently equipped to make a 3-night stay here feel wholly fulfilling, and with the delights of Yerevan to sample, the Armenian chapter was on the brink of being fully realized. Oddly enough, the first port of call was the outlying leisure complex that is the Aquatek indoor waterpark, and the range of attractions therein made it worth a short trek out of the city centre. Stopping off at the Yerevan city mall on the way back was a mighty fine way of becoming acquainted with the ... read more
Mount Ararat over the city (Yerevan; Armenia)
Opera House (Yerevan; Armenia)
Local mosque (Yerevan; Armenia)

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 21st 2013

I left the hostel early and travelled to the bus station to get a shared taxi to Yerevan when I arrived I secured the front seat and waited for other passengers to arrive, an hour later none had and the driver suggested I get a mini bus, there was no way I was doing that again so I just paid for the whole car. No sooner did we leave the city then I saw the results of a horror road crash one vehicle was smashed up on the side of the road the other was on its side and the windscreen was spider webbed where two heads had hit, this caused my driver to slow down for a few minutes. About thirty minutes later we crossed the border into Armenia, initially we were met with forested ... read more
Lake Sevan
Hay check out the truck
Train station

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan August 11th 2013

Since Turkey the bus trips have been quite daunting, fast drivers over taking purely on luck. We hope our bus ride to Yerevan will be a bit smoother but it turns out to be the worst one yet. We wait three hours in the marshutka before it departs (they have no time schedule, they only leave when the bus is full) Two hours before we are meant to arrive the bus suddenly stops. We look out of the window to see the aftermath of a terrible accident, another marshutka has crashed with a large truck. People come towards us covered in blood; we quickly try to gather up the bottles of water from our marshutka to bring to the wounded and we start making our way to the accident to see if there is anything we ... read more

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