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Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan June 21st 2018

It's a long journey on an uncomfortable minibus with no air-con with a driver who is ken to get to his destination as quickly as possible,a a total of 6 hours including a border crossing that took one and a half hours, we arrived just behind a big tour bus. Immediate impressions of Yerevan are positive, a quiet city that’s easy to walk around. Staying quite close to Republic Square Walked in the centre of the city. From here it's easy to walk to the main sights, our first afternoon that included to the Cascades park which is a big staircase with art installations set up by the philanthropist Cafesjian. From the staircase we could just see Mt Ararat in the background on the Turkish border. The next day we did walking tour around the city ... read more
View from part way up the Cascades
GUM market
Republic Square fountain display

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan June 14th 2018

Armenien - 16. – 26. Juni 2018 Im Herzen des Kaukasus Travelblog: copyright by Bernhard Sonnleitner Sa, 16.06.18 Flug Wien – Jerewan via Kiew Anreise nach Jerevan: Flug mit Ukraine International. Abflug um 15:40. . Wir werden zum Hotel gebracht und beziehen Quartier für die ersten fünf Nächte. Was wir nicht wussten: Jerewan ist die Stadt die niemals schläft. So gehen wir um 2 Uhr Nachts in ein Restaurant auf ein Bier. Daraus werden 2 mit einem kleinen landestypischen Imbiss. Ins Bett kommen wir nach netten Gesprächen, auch mit Einheimischen (Englisch sprechend, da in Amerika arbeitend) um ½ 4 Uhr Früh…Armenien 16. – 26. Juni 2018 Sa, 16.06.18 Flug Wien – Jerewan via Kiew Anreise nach Jerevan: Flug mit Ukraine Interna... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan October 21st 2017

FACES OF ARMENIA...The Most Beautiful Women in the World. I am so embarrassed...I can't stop shaking my head in a snail hiding from the sun under a a chameleon afraid to show his true colours. What made me like this? Is it too much sun? Past my used by date? Silly due to the oppressive heat? Politeness overcoming common sense? An over abundance of self-conscious hormones in my jeans...or is it in my genes? The measure of a man is how he deals with disappointment. OK I'll fess up...missed opportunity after opportunity...not wanting to look like an Ugly Tourist...Yeh that's it. Others would say gutless I reckon. I visit Armenia voted by reliable sources as having the most beautiful women in the World...and I'm too timid to ask if I may take their photo. ... read more
Taco Me
"I Do"

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan August 27th 2017

After an amazing experience lead by the Travel Camel, it was time for another adventure…..this time just in the exclusive company of Dancing Dave and Denise. We’d decided long ago that after spending a couple of weeks in the wonderfully beautiful but rustic environs of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan that a jaunt to a nearby nation was in order to try and shake off the dust and take a good look around at another Asian nation…..Armenia. The Dancing One and Denise had made all the necessary arrangements, so when we landed in Yerevan, we were whisked off to the Grand Hotel to sort of clean up our act……and also some of our clothing. It was simply grand to be basking it a bit of luxury and we took full advantage of the situation by pampering ourselves in ... read more
The Singing Fountains
David feasting on the fish sauce
Rocks with meaning?

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan May 11th 2017

Vormittag Stadtführung. Ich notiere nur kurze Stichpunkte, die vielleicht interessant sind. Seit 1993 kein Grenzuebergang in die Türkei offen. Offene Übergaenge: zwei nach Georgien, einer in den Iran. Freedom Square: am 9. Mai war Nationalfeiertag, deshalb die vielen Blumen. 45 % des Stroms in Armenien kommt von einem Atomkraftwerk, das noch die Russen in der Sowjetära gebaut haben. Es ist also uralt!! Deutsch ist in Armenien eine anerkannte Minderheitensprache. Nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg sind deutsche Soldaten in Armenien geblieben und haben sich hier niedergelassen. Genozid: Die Türken geben als Zahl 800.000 Tote an und behaupten, sie seien einfach im Zusammenhang mit Kriegsgeschehnissen im 1. Weltkrieg umgekommen. Die Armenier sprechen von 1,5 Mio. Wir Deutsche sind auch involviert: Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg schrieb am 7.12.1915 auf eine Depesche: Our o... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan October 14th 2016

Douce Arménie, La chaleur Irannienne sous toutes ses formes est maintenant derrière nous. Le Caucase nous laisse entrevoir les prémices de son immensité et nous laisse pénétrer au coeur d'un peuple vieux de plusieurs milliers d'année. Nous découvrons un peuple fort, triste et fière. Sous la protection du mont Ararat qui avait veillé sur Alexandre Le Grand 2000 ans auparavant, nous vivons au ryhtme de sa capitale Erevan. Le contact est difficile, surtout après un séjour en Iran, mais il reste vrai est sincère. Tout au long de ce dernier mois, nous découvrons la culture arménienne, que ce soit au fond des villages, à l'opéra ou encore en plein centre de la ville, la danse et la musique sont omniprésent pour notre plus grand bonheur. Nous voilà maintenant en route pour la Georgie. Sweet Armenia, The ... read more
Chuch Shadow
Sepan Lake
Wine Festival

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 14th 2016

Geo: 40.1596, 44.509Paul heard Keegan leave at 2:41am. I slept through that. I didn't sleep through someone knocking on our door at 3:30am and demanding to know if we wanted to go to the airport. There was much confusion about when we were leaving, but it all worked out (foreshadowing). We said good-bye to Sue after brekkies. Then Paul, Kyla, and I walked in search of a place to print and coffee. We found coffee. We sat on the (quiet) walking street in a café and had some good coffee. We had to check out at noon, but that wasn't a problem. Our car arrived shortly after that, and we had an easy trip to the airport. Easy check in and easy security, too. We also managed to find a place for Kyla to print a ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 13th 2016

Geo: 40.1596, 44.509Hot all dayAfter brekkies, we got in the van and drove to the hill behind Yerevan, where stands Victory Park, with a giant statue of the Mother of Armenia … she has a sword and shield and is facing Turkey with a "if you want it, try to take it" expression. There is an abandoned amusement park at the top as well. Crossing the major street, we came to another large square with a very tall stellae shaped a bit like a sword. From here, we had the view all across Yerevan.We then walked down the "cascade" which is part art museum and part way to get from upper Yerevan to the main city. While the very top layer was halted in the middle of construction, and so looks a little sad, the other ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 12th 2016

Geo: 40.1596, 44.509The other people at table for brekkies were three American men who had been climbing on Mt. Aragats. We chatted with them for a bit, then went to get ready for our day.Our first stop was Khor-Virap ("Deep Dungeon") – one of the holiest sites in Armenia, the site of the underground pit where Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned before converting King Tiridat III to Christianity. Its location, near the closest point to Mount Ararat within Armenian borders, offers a spectacular view of the mountain, the national symbol of Armenia. While the church was nice, the main purpose of the visit are two-fold: enjoy an amazing view of Mt. Ararat (which we did … a little hazy but clear view to the top) and visit the dungeon where Gregory was imprisoned for 13 years. ... read more
Mt. Ararat and Khor-Virap
Mt. Ararat and Khor-Virap
Mt. Ararat and Khor-Virap

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 11th 2016

Geo: 40.1596, 44.509We had our brekkies upstairs, consisting of coffee and omelets and homemade jams. Very tasty.We drove up to Haghartsin monastery up in the hills, which has been recently renovated with money from a sheikh from Sharjah, UAE. The complex consists of several churches and chapels. We learned about the triangular niches in the walls, which help make the churches more resistant to earthquakes (which are common in this region). One of the churches is designed to resemble a peasant house … except huge and made of stone. Another has a large narthex. Unlike in Georgia, we seem to be allowed to enter the church without a scarf or skirt. (We learned that the scarf symbolizes that the husband is above our head, with God above him. We women cannot, apparently, be exposed directly to ... read more

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