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Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 29th 2023

Day 23 Yerevan Armenia It’s our last full day in Armenia. Our objective today is to get inside the National Museum of Art and National History Museum, both within the same building on Republic Square. Last time we went on a Monday when it was closed, but on a Thursday we should have success. We arrive on foot and enter the front door. First ticket seller, ‘The museum is closed’. ‘No flash please’. We don’t understand, we lazily expect to have more information (in English) having acquired little or no Armenian language. She turns to her colleague who says ‘The museum is closed’. ‘No flash today’. We still haven’t understood........... but there are no lights on ............ ‘flash’ is meaning lighting / electricity. It’s the same problem we had at our first visit to the Saryan ... read more
Seascape Storm
Red Sail at Brittany
Baguette a d Co bread display

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 28th 2023

Day 22 Road Trip Udabno to Yerevan. Georgia v Armenia Today we successfully returned our hire car after a hassle tree trip from Udabno to Tblisi. We found a big challenge in finding a way off the central dual carriage-way into Kote Afkhazi St, where the car compound was. We completed three circuits of tunnels and bridges with the sat nav talking gobbledegook most of the time. A simple 5 minute procedure turned into 25 minutes of exasperation. But we got there in the end. The Hertz man behind the desk was particularly charming, calm and helpful. He reminded me of friend Paul Susans in looks and temperament. The minibus back to Yerevan tackled the hairpins of Debed Canyon with an automatic gearbox: a fourteen seater Mercedes with seat belts and a driver who took only ... read more
Yaras Wine
Graffiti Tblisi

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 11th 2023

So today we went to the Armenian Genocide Monument and Museum In Yerevan. It remembers a series of massacres an deportations of Armenian Christians by Ottoman Turks particularly in the period from 1890 - 1919. At least 664,000 and possibly as many as 1.2 million died during the genocide. Pistachio croissant for breakfast. It was decorated with green glazed stripes and filled with green pistachio custard. We had waited for good while for a No 46 on Mashtots Street, but this Rough Guide recommended transport to the museum seemed unlikely to materialise. Numbers and services change. We walk a bit and taxi driver who was on hand agreed 2000 AMD (about £4 like a ride for two on the No 1 at home, if you’re twirly for the old gadgies’ pass). So, in minutes we were ... read more
Pistachio surprise
Genocide Monument
Flame in Monument Heart

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 11th 2023

Yerevan is a city filled with arches. Throughout the façades of the buildings of Republic Square, the same Roman simple arch is see again and again in its architecture. e.g. The façade of the National Museum is a set of arches, and the new building attached designed for the museum’s collection features a modernistic Roman arch. And theme continues around the Square, eg. a new Marriott hotel boasts fine stone facing and beautiful carving around ....... arches. We visited the formerly mentioned National Museum today ....... to find it closed on a Monday. So we adopted a new plan and continued east on to Buzand Street. Here was a ‘local modernist’ building from Soviet times, the 3rd Government Building, made up of very stylish tall arches, reminiscent of many modern arched façades...... a touch of Bauhaus. ... read more
Armenian Nation Museum
Old versus new

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 10th 2023

Day 4 Saturday 9th September I’m writing in the past tense today. Which do you prefer, past or present tense? After a night of disruption we woke at 8.45am feeling refreshed. Into a new day, Saturday, with hope and a rested head. We pottered with crosswords and blogs in our room until it felt time to set off and find breakfast around 10am. We shunned the cinema café opting for an exploration to find a baker’s shop. It was raining, but no sooner than you can get the words ‘Danish Pastries’ out of your mouth and we we’re upon the best bun shop in town. Baguette and Co. The place smelled great, there were trays of croissants coming out of the oven as we queued and the glass display cabinets were brimming with freshly baked bread, ... read more
St Astvatsatsin
Celtic? No, Armenian.
Fat Cat.

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 10th 2023

Here we are in Yerevan, staying in a hotel which used to be, and still is, partially at least, a cinema. According to Wikipedia it was built in the 1930s on the site of a church which had been demolished by the Soviets. It is an extraordinary place. We enter up a sweeping flight of stone stairs from a square with a huge fountain and a giant Louise Bourgeois style metal spider. There is a phalanx of glass doors, only one pair of which opens. Inside is a large semicircular foyer with a reception desk and a substantial bar and a coffee shop. According to Wiki there are 4 cinema halls, as yet unseen by us. Above the doors there are 2 tiers of balconies with large posters of cinema stars covering the spaces. We access ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 9th 2023

Aviatic Hotel Paris. I had put the alarm on on for 6am but didn’t need it. We both woke up at intervals through the night and were only half under at best. It must be fear of not hearing the alarm and general excitement. At 5.30am we agree that we both had had enough of trying and Marion took the first shower. We are on a very full, bouncy and rackety Orlybus by 6.05am. It was full. Mostly with airport workers, we suspect. Off the bus and into the huge terminal (3). After a visit to ‘paul’ for the restorative powers of pain au raisins and coffee, we approach departure gate D. I pass through the metal detector and case X-ray test, but Marion is very closely examined by staff from both departments. Her titanium hips ... read more
Departure Gate

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 7th 2019

Dnesny den opat zobraty len oddychovo. Ono ma neako uz nebavi sa furt presuvat aby som videl daky kostolik ci budovu. Po ranajkach a dorobenych dalsich suhrnov vybehnutie na pesiu kde je retazec tashir pizza. Tu davam pastu, samozrejme s pivom a samozrejme jediny clovek s alkoholom. Dnes zadne cs stretko (opat ani po 10hod nezobrazene spravy na whatsapp). Poobede vybehnutie k opere k jazierku. Tu sedenie na lavicke a reku dopisem zapisky, no prisadol si ku mne domaci odron. Reku ci mu dam neake dengy, nedam, tak aspon kavu nech mu kupim. Picu s ryzu. Do toho zacalo poprchat tak rychlo presun k budove opere. Dosol som len tak tak a spustil sa silny dazd. Po dazdi smer kaskady. Sedenie na vlhkej lavicke, pisanie zapiskov a sledovanie peknych prsnatych a nosatych armeniek. Niektore ciste zlatokopky. ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 6th 2019

Po ranajkach nazad do postele, neskor lobby kde som sfinalizoval suhrny za posledne krajiny mimo iranu. Cs zo vcera sa nehlasi tak pesibusom k pomniku 1915 genocida armenov. Zastavka v dalsej prevadzke karas na ul mashtots. Tato menej luxusnejsia ako vcerajsia. V restike ako servirka bola i plasticka barbina co uz ma najvacsu slavu za sebu. Nestihla si ulovit toho svojho ruskeho mecenasa a skoncila prakticky vo fastfoode kam sa vobec nehodi. Po jedle pokracujem dole ulicou, sem tam fontanka na pitie, to potesi v tomto teple. Prichadzam ku kanonu, dole mini riecka, trava vypalena. Z kostola prave vychadzaju zenich s nevestu. Klasika ako u nas, biele saty, hadzanie lupenov ruzi nad hlavu. Zahajujem zostup do kanonu, chodnik ma co to za sebou. Vynaram sa pri stadione hrazdan. Ten obrovsky ale najlepsie roky uz ma za ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 5th 2019

Na ranajky si prisadam k cinanke z goris. Ta ide dnes do tbilisi na 3dni a potom leti domov. Jedlo mam ryzu, cestovinu, vajco na tvrdo a zeleninu. Vsetko naklada obsluha vo velkej kuchyni. Cinanka bere zo stola misky s jahodami a ceresnami. Skoda, ze nevi ang, vyzera na dost scestovaneho cloveka. Nazad do postele a nic nerobenie. Nakonec mam o 1300 stretko s jednou cs ale ta od rana nereaguje na spravy. Ani tesne pred 1300, nuz o polhodinu neskor sa vyberam do mesta na vlastnu past. Na prizemi mi vsak blika sprava, cs je uz na mieste stretnutia, pred historickym muzeom. Nuz teda sa tam nahlim. Vonku dost pecie. Pekna pesia zona co sa postupne zaplnuje. Prichádzam k muzeu a cakam. Pred muzeum velka fontana a v polkruhu pekne budovy. Uplne super to vyzera. ... read more

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