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Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan August 13th 2011

From August 13th to August 15th... read more
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Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 23rd 2011

June 2011 Armenia doesn't get along with Azerbaijan to its right or Turkey to its left -borders closed. With Iran to the south, that leaves a US passport holder with Georgia to the north. Moscow–Yerevan, Armavia Airlines I felt like the only non-Armenian on a plane full of super-sized families. At the airport in Yerevan, as the ONLY person at the visa window, it was fact. Yerevan had lots of character. Kind of rough, but nice architecture characterized by reddish-brownish stone construction on most buildings. Nice parks, good restaurants, Cafesjian Center-Hanging Gardens very nice with great view. Found a great place to sit on the street and sip beer on a perfect evening. Watched Armenians walk by for a couple of hours. Yerevan Hotel Villa Delenda was very cool, an old residence, in an ally in ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan October 15th 2010

Wir hatten viel von Armenien erwartet und unsere Erwartungen sind nicht enttäuscht worden. Auf den ersten Blick wirkt Jerewan recht russisch, doch bald stellt man fest, dass sich armenisch und russisch doch stark unterscheiden. In der Stadt wird viel gebaut, die schwierigsten Zeiten, in denen die Armenier isoliert und mit Kerzenlicht auskommen mussten, sind definitiv vorbei. Aber es könnte besser sein. Die Blockierte Situation mit der Türkei und Aserbaidschan ist stark beeinträchtigend für die Wirtschaft (alle Grenzposten geschlossen), Armenien könnte unserer Meinung nach ein oder das Handelszentrum auf dem Kaukasus sein. Seit in Georgien die Mafia nicht mehr am Ruder ist, kommen die Transporte aus Russland wieder bis auf Armenien. Der Handel mit dem strategisch wichtigsten direkten Handelspartner Iran blüht und ist unverzichtbar. Wir fühlten uns wohl in Jerewan, obwohl z... read more
Park mit gesponserten Laternen
Unser Abteil mit Ararat-Foto
...und viele gemütliche Kaffees rund um die Oper

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 20th 2010

Arrived 6am in Yerevan, the airport is busy with a few early arrivals along with us, I took the Air Baltic from Riga.The airport was surprisingly modern and for most, we have to queue to the visa counter, fill up forms then queue for the visa counter, almost halfway through when I realized I have to pay in local money so got out and looked for ATM, there was none in the area and so I have to change $10 which was the exact amount for a 21 day visa. Took almost an hour waiting in line, then at the immigration counter had a chat with a fellow American also from Boston, this dude works here for the American University, after immigration that was the last I saw of him as I gather my belongings and ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 10th 2010

My options of getting to Armenia from Iran were somewhat limited. I could either take an overnight bus from Tabriz which would involve the extended bureaucratic bollocks at the border and twenty seven hours without sleep. The alternative in my head was to cross into Turkey and then quickly into Armenia - but their borders are closed (what with the rather silly argument over the Armenian Genocide 100 years ago). The only other viable option was to take a bus back down to Tehran and get on a plane to the Armenian capital - that also might be my last (the previous summer a flight on the Tehran-Yerevan route had fallen out of the sky killing everyone on board). I opted for the coach which I knew would be a test of endurance. In Tabriz, the ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan October 7th 2009

Hi guys, As you can see we got carried away heading East!......... I also have a correction to make - on the last blog I was spelling Bizaar wrong so I stand corrected - I realised as I looged out. Since my last update we carried on in Turkey. We did a section of the black sea coast and it was amazing (The western half, the eastern half was shit). Mountains, private bays, little villages and forests. The sea looked lovely (although we didnt swim). We stopped at a little town and stayed in a hotel as the campsites are few and far between. We went out for a lovely fish supper and tried the Raki (I love the stuff!). From there we headed along to a place called Boyabat and found a great castle with ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan October 2nd 2009

I finally found a computer that would allow me to actually see the pictures before posting. I am sorry if you got this message twice. Today, I had a problem in that the language was in Georgian. It took me awhile to figure out what to do. Everette... read more
Limes cut like Ukranian Easter Eggs
Marshrutka - minivan

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan September 30th 2009

Hi Everybody! Wow! We are having a great adventure. If the rest of the trip goes sour, Armenia and Georgia will make it worth while. We left Tibilisi, Georgia yesterday by marshrutka, a privately owned minibus. This is the way that people in many countries of the world travel. We used them in Central America and found that they are the main form of transportation in this part of Eastern Europe. To catch one between towns, you go to the Central Bus Station. You will see men standing around by a bunch of vans. Each van holds about 15 people and has a sign in the window with the destination. When the driver has enough passengers, he leaves. There is no timetable. It costs us $18 US each to ride from Tibilisi to Yerevan and it ... read more
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Yerevan 3

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan August 8th 2009

We took a shared taxi with from Tbilisi all the way to Armenia’s capital, Yerevan. The route took us along nicely paved roads to the border, where crossing took about an hour, and then continued on the other side on not-so-nicely paved roads! After a year in Azerbaijan it felt a little like tasting forbidden fruit as we queued for our visas which, incidentally, are now available on the border for just US$10 for 12 days. The road wound its way through the green mountain gorges in Northern Armenia where we saw such sights as the derelict industrial factories, smoke-belching chimneys from those still functioning, the rebuilt village which was the epicentre of the dreadful 1988 earthquake and the town of Spitak with its curious boat standing before the earthquake memorial. Apparently the boat was built ... read more
Yerevan Cathedral
Riverside Cafe

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan April 10th 2009

Public transport: The Marshrutka I'd been working on Russian; I had a few dozen words maybe, but no grammar because I'd been doing it myself from a book and a CD in the car. But my tutor in Aberdeen, Anya, gave me a couple of hundred more words plus some basic grammar so I should now be able to hold survival-level conversations about buying tickets, asking directions and ordering food. But that was last Summer and since then I've been a little slack about practising, as well as having a confused head with trying to get some Japanese in there too. Anyway, 4 weeks in the former soviet union countries of Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine should bring much of it back. Last entry I mentioned something called a Marshrutka minibus and I think it'll be ... read more
The Marshrootnoye Taksi (Marshrutka)
Yerevan Viewpoint
Yerevan, the Opera House (left) and Mount Ararat

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