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Antarctica » Temp June 18th 2014

Cuban Blog Day 4 Don’t Speak the Language and Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover I decided I didn’t need more than one more day in the city as the guide had suggested. I was ready to get to the beach, but as I needed to reserve a bus for the journey on, I had one more day in Santiago. I woke early and ate my pizza from the dinner the night before and wrote in the morning. I then went walking in the direction of the cemetery. I found a bicitaxi who took me the rest of the way, which was good because I was lost and it turned out to me much farther than I’d thought. It’d been threatening to rain all morning. I walked around the cemetery, found the mausoleum ... read more

Antarctica » Temp July 7th 2013

Lisbon may not have the allure of Paris for romantics, Milan for fashionistas, or Vienna for musicians, but it's the oldest city in western Europe and that alone warrants attention from any traveler. Our decision to visit this city on the sea was somewhat accidental. Kristina was on a 3-week mission trip to Ghana and we didn't want to waste her long trek across the Pond, so I chose to meet her in Europe and make a vacation of it. Unfortunately, July is peak season for tourism on this continent, which entails high prices. To cut costs, we looked for the cheapest city to fly into Europe and behold, Lisbon was the answer. Little did we know this would prove to be an excellent choice. My 10-hour flight across the lake found me at a pitstop ... read more
Rossio Square
Pasteis da nata
Praca Luis do Camoes

Antarctica » Temp April 16th 2013

It's been a while since my last blog and I'm afraid this one won't be too exciting. I've been taking it easy, haven't done much since January! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. I spent Easter sunday cooking a roast lunch with Jackie, Aunty Denise and Uncle Leon. It was really lovely to spend the day with some family and see a few who I haven't seen for a while! Recently I went and spent the day in Stratford-upon-Avon, better known as the birthplace of Shakespeare. It is about a 2hour train ride from London so it was quite a long day but well worth it. The weather is starting to warm up so we had a cool day, with a little bit of rain in the late afternoon which I guess wasn't too ... read more
Anne Hathaway's house
Me :)

Antarctica » Temp » Cham May 14th 2012

Come ogni donna, mi piace lo shopping, i vestiti di shopping, scarpe, soprattutto il cibo, i serpenti, il mio preferito. A mio parere, la cosa più bella del mondo per due cose, uno dorme, l'altro sta mangiando. Naturalmente, sonno non avrà alcuna difficoltà, ma esigenze di shopping. Devo camminare così a lungo a prendere quello che voglio. E 'davvero un compito problematico per me. Mentre, non possiamo negarlo. Chi mi permetta di essere una donna? Shopping è la natura delle donne. Inoltre, con l'età cresce, gli occhi per le cose che sono esigente, il che significa che abbiamo una lunga strada da percorrere. hah, a volte, ci piace. Tuttavia, a volte, siamo stanchi di questo. La cosa più importante è che, ogni volta che abbiamo bisogno di trovare una scarpa adatta per confortare i nostri piedi ... read more

Antarctica » Temp May 7th 2012

Just testing to see if this is working.... read more

Antarctica » Temp February 21st 2012

here are all the pictures that don't go with a specific date.... read more

Antarctica » Temp December 14th 2011

this stupid website has messed up for the last time. while trying to submit my latest blog i found it nearly impossible to load the pictures I wanted to post. i immediately decided to move sites. so since you all have been following me I thought I should at least let you know where you can find my blogs. there should be a welcome note on that page to help you out with the layout, if need be. I am unsure if you can subscribe (aka follow) without creating a tumblr account but of course I could always post on here that there is a new blog up on my tumblr site. send me some feedback and we will get this figured out. thanks!... read more

Antarctica » Temp September 9th 2010

This morning, I received a contact from a source who reported to me that the University of Georgia has received word from the NCAA that A.J. Green will be suspended for four games. Last Saturday's season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette reportedly will count as the first game of the suspension, the remaining three games of which will be served during the Georgia Bulldogs' upcoming contests against South Carolina, Arkansas, and Mississippi State. I am informed that Green is scheduled to return for the Bulldogs' game against Colorado on October 2. I am told that the University will appeal, although it is unlikely that the suspension will be reduced, and, obviously, no reduction could come in time for this weekend's game in Columbia. Admittedly not knowing all the facts in the case, a few things immediately come to ... read more

Antarctica » Temp July 10th 2010

Israel placed the final box down in the corner and mopped his brow ''Finished master'' he announced letting out a tired sigh. God stood in the storeroom and nodded assessing all of the boxes stacked in neat tidy piles, work that only a strict,orderly housewife could achieve.He was satisfied. ''Take this,youve earnt it'' he said to Israel, tossing him a box containing the dead sea.Outside he could hear the restless shuffling,occasional shouts and incessant chatter of his pupils.Today was an important day for all outside.God smiled to himself and leaned back against a box of mountains.In a few minutes he would open the storeroom hatch and hand out geography to his countries.He lit a cigarette ''I'll open in a while'' he mused,always one for a bit of drama. Meanwhile,outside the crowd were growing restless.China and ... read more
More world

Antarctica » Temp December 1st 2009

Stratford-upon-Avon was my childhood home town and I have many fond memories particularly in the 1960s when it was still a small market town. Today the town appears to be in an economic decline and it no longer has that market town character. The centre of the town is a depressing sight in parts with empty shops dominating the street scene. What has brought about this decline? It is not just the difficult economic situation but, in my opinion, the rapid expansion of the out of town shopping centre on the outskirts of the town. It is called the Maybird Centre and has all the main stores one finds in a town together with lots of free parking. Why bother to struggle into the town centre, have difficulty parking and then pay through the nose once ... read more
RSC Theatre

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