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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Knysna March 14th 2015

We were invited by two friends of Alison, Sally and Henry, to come to their home for informal braai dinner. Their home is perilously perched on a hillside overlooking the pounding surf. We arrived after riding along rough bumpy gravel roads with names which sound a warning and say it all like "Turn Again Lane", "Turn Back Alley" and "Lands End Road." Phew. But once there, what a beautiful sight at sunset! The home was designed by Henry and is an architects dream, lovely open-plan concept, beautiful timber, designed for minimalist living. We sat around the balcony, seven of us in friendly conversation, enjoying the view while the braai cooked on an open grill. Then we moved inside .... For on the spot rum punches, great tasting food by Sally and Henry and more conversation. At ... read more
Turn Again Lane
Fabulous location for a hideaway home

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach March 14th 2015

I'm in the lounge of another airport, so I guess it's time to write a new blog before heading on 3 different planes back home, for a total of 16 hours in planes in the coming hours. I just spent two very nice weeks in Congo...and lucky me, after the demonstrations back end of January, the country is nearly back to much as we could consider a normal situation in Congo! They had simply no access to internet for few days...and no skype or social medias for more than two weeks. Try to operate a business these day without internet...and no SMS either! So after Congo...I go South twice a year for some diving, golfing...and yes, some pretty nice wine, food, and more importantly, friends! This time, as you could read the title, it was ... read more
Wild Coast first hole....always an amazing view!
Diving with me, on Travelblog...she is the one who has dived...nearly everywhere...
Some you drink...some you bring back share...

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg March 13th 2015

March 13, 2015 (Johannesburg, RSA) Flight DL200 landed safely in Joburg 14:39 minutes after takeoff from Atlanta. With some good tailwinds early in the flight, we made good time, though the middle third of the trip was a bit rough including the last 20 minutes of approach into the airport. The flight wasn't 100% full - I had one of the few empty seats next to me, so that made the trip a little easier. Watched a couple of movies, TV shows and listened to some new albums and dozed the rest of the time. Feeling pretty good once we landed. After clearing Passport Control, getting our bags, clearing customs, we met with the welcoming team and moved over to the City Lodge Hotel about 10 minutes from O.R. Tambo Airport. A quick dinner and now ... read more

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach March 12th 2015

Voilà quelques années que je lorgne sur des plongées en Afrique du Sud. En grande partie grâce à Pierre-Alexandre que j'ai « virtuellement » rencontré sur ce blog et avec qui on s'échange des conseils de destination de plongée. Par hasard, il est aussi dans le coin quelques jours, alors c'est grâce à lui et avec lui que je découvre Protea Banks. Mais pas seulement, parce Catherine, ma copine rencontrée en Egypte et avec qui j'ai voyagé en Indonésie est aussi de la partie. Toutes les deux on est parties pour 3 semaines de vacances entre l'Afrique du Sud et le Mozambique. Notre « road-trip », avec notre petite Ford Figo démarre à Shelly Beach, petit bled au sud de Durban, pour des plongées plutôt sportives dans le bleu. Le courant est fort dans ces eaux, ... read more
Allez on pousse !
Catherine et moi, pretes a se mettre a l'eau
2 requins bouledogues ensemble, juste sous nous !

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg March 12th 2015

This is my last day in Africa and my last day in Johannesburg – and it’s a very special one. The early part of my adventure was all part of the Give Movement Journey 2015 – the activities of the past few days are a result of my master networking skills and abilities, and I mean that in all sincerety. Most of my colleagues continued on to various safari trips after the Give Movement 2015 project. Prior to coming to Africa, I asked my colleague Sandy Salle ( to connect me with some of her contacts in Zimbabwe (this is her native home and she is a very generous soul!). She made the initial introductions and I took it from there – resulting in the start of new relationship with Hema Vallabh, B... read more
Night out with the girls!
Vanessa's pool
Thanks to Vanessa Perumal for hosting us!

Africa » Morocco » Meknès-Tafilalet March 12th 2015

That's all for now! More later. ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane March 11th 2015

Tonight is our second night in this fantastic Riad, an old (and I mean old in centuries) house that up till 1989 had 31 members of the same family housed here. As the children left to have their own homes, the last 8 relatives decided to turn it into a "Riad" a guest house, small hotel or most like a bed and breakfast. It is huge and and incredibly beautiful. The biggest change was to add a bathroom for every bedroom. I have lots of photos of the intricate handiwork, the mosaics, the carved ivory, etc. Today we went inside the Fes palace walls but not the doors. The king isn't here. When he is there are lots of flags and more guards. Then we went to the old medina. The biggest medina in Morocco, I ... read more
Roadside stand
Our guide's family
The Riad

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn March 10th 2015

Last week's visit to the poort, the pass and Prince Albert included a visit into the belly of the earth, to the Cango Caves near Oudtshoorn (the ostrich farm region) That was quite a visit. First because I had to rush to catch the start of the guided tour.... it's not a DIY kind of place. That meant I had 2 minutes flat upon arrival at the reception area, to buy a ticket then run up three levels of long sloping inclines to the start point at the entrance to the caves. I was out of breath and barely breathing but I got there just as the young woman, our guide, started her introduction. It was a well thought out tour..... It begins with all lights being switched off leaving you in a pitch black hole ... read more
Downflow formations are formed directly off the cave walls
Columns form when water drips freely from the cave roof, and deposits  sediment on the cave floor, the two points eventually meet to form a column, after millennia.

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route March 10th 2015

Leaving the Reed Bed soon to make the long journey back to Cape Town. Where did the time go??? Almost four weeks gone already. In three days I'll be on a flight back to my island! Two very different worlds. What a great experience this trip has been. And you know I still have experiences that I want to blog about to share with you but haven't done so yet.... From the earliest visit, to the Nyanga and Gugulethu townships and the wonderful elder MADOSINI who played her music for us. To the VegTable and other eating experiences. Food here has been a big part of the memories . Here are .... The neighborhood in Wilderness, with its waters and the pounding surf at the beach. The Cango Caves and Map of Africa still to come ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi March 9th 2015

You really have to hand it to the monster corporations sometimes. I have been to places without internet, washing machines or even proper toilets, but never have I yet been more than a few miles away from a Snickers bar and a bottle of Coca-Cola. You could be forgiven for believing that Pringles were the staple food of Zanzibar from a glance around the shops and hotels here. In the supermarkets of Stonetown you can occasionally stumble across a packet of crisps which aren’t presented in the famous tube, but Nungwi Village and the many hotels in the area are stocked from floor to ceiling with Pringles. In my clearly sheltered experience of Pringle flavours, I can only recall coming across Sour Cream and Onion, Original, and perhaps the odd foray into Barbeque. Here, they make ... read more

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