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June 13th 2019
Published: June 13th 2019
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Today was our only full day in Victoria Falls so we started off with an adrenaline rush. We did a 25 minute helicopter ride over the falls and the national park. The views were spectacular of the falls and it was fascinating to see the herds of elephants, giraffes, buffalo and hippos from above. They really do move like on national geographic.

After that we went to the historic Victoria Falls hotel and wandered the grounds. It had a bunch of old posters about the British empire and trade that were fascinating.

After that, we walked over to the market and did the little bit of shopping we’re doing on the trip. We have to keep outlet bags light do we’re not doing much shopping but we saw some beautiful works from local artisans.

We had a quick beer at a local brewery before walking through the main shopping district just to see. From there, we got s cab to the safari lodge where we were just in time for the vulture feeding. There were 50-100 vultures that all came where they throw out some bones and meat for them. It was fascinating to see them patiently wait for the human to get out of the way and then rush to descend on the meat. They clearly could tell time because the feeding is at 1:00 every day and we watched them arrive for the feeding. A few storks joined in the fray and literally just walked over the smaller vultures.

We had a nice lunch there watching the waterhole. While we only saw impala and another kind of antelope, we heard what sounded like a kill in the distance. It was a very interesting lunch.

After lunch we came back to our resort so we both could get s bit of work done before our big cultural dinner. We had dinner At a place called Boma - it was a buffet of a combination of African and English dishes. It also has s drum and dance show. The food was great and the service fantastic. We’d recommend it to anyone visiting Victoria Falls

On the way to dinner, we had to stop. Exhausted there was an elephant in the road. He wasn’t happy about the traffic. We watched him charge at the car in front of us so our driver tried turning off the lights, making noise and anything he could think of to get the elephant out of the way. Finally he moved off to the dude a bit but he turned towards the car, ears flapping and clearly agitated as we passed. After dropping us off, our driver had to go past him again and he had throw big branches in the road and the driver saw the eke rip out the stop sign and throw it around. We can’t really complain about deer anymore.

Off to bed as we have an early start tomorrow

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