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Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa May 14th 2023

Next it’s off to South Luangwa National Park by way of a long travel day – long in time more than distance. The state of the roads, the countless haulage trucks to overtake, some speed limited at 80 on a 120 road, the military/police checkpoints at nearly every ‘council’ area, some of whom try to extract a cold drink to speed things along as well as ‘elevate themselves’ quipped Eva & the millions of speed bumps – many in rows of 3 to slow traffic coming into town, all add to extend travel time. (Ed note: Need a sports bra when travelling here.) We passed thru the Zambian capital Lukasa where we stopped at a local shopping centre to pick up food supplies as well as a camera battery charger for me. In Jo’burg, I thought ... read more
2023-05-12 Tent view South Luangwa
2023-05-13 Afternoon game drive
2023-05-13 Future king

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa October 13th 2019

It is getting close to dusk when we see the leopard in the tree. Half asleep, it ignores us completely. We drive off to watch the sun set across the river and then quietly return. With the aid of our lights we find the young leopard again. He is slowly walking in dense vegetation, carefully approaching a group of impala. Closer and closer but an impala suddenly barks, it has sensed his presence. Now they are all alert, looking and listening in the dark. The leopard moves away, these will not be his dinner tonight. We drove in to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, from Malawi. It was a warm drive along a good road, with a chaotic but friendly border post at halfway. We passed many clusters of brick huts, basic villages where families live ... read more
Our transport
Cape buffalo
Southern carmine beeeaters

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa April 28th 2018

Our next part of the trip would take us from Malawi's capital, across the border at Mchinji and into Zambia. We set off from Lilongwe at 6.30am (a lie in compared to previous days!). The border crossing was straight forward. As a lucky holder of an Irish passport, I didn't have to pay for a Zambian visa, much to the British passport holders' annoyance. Joe (also an Irish passport holder) and I sniggered in a corner heeheeheeee. From the border we headed for South Luangwa National Park. South Luangwa is so named because of the river that runs through it: the Luangwa river. It rises in north eastern Zambia and flows south for 800km through the Luangwa valley. It was now at the end of rainy season, so the river was full to the brim. Ox-bow ... read more
Posing, crocs in sight
Selfie at Luangwa
Sunset over Luangwa

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa May 27th 2017

Our week started exploring the beautiful Victoria Falls that borders Zimbabwe and Zambia (one of the world's seven natural wonders). The Falls are created by the mighty Zambezi river (Africa's 4th longest) and the power of the water pouring over its edge was evident as we got soaked from its mist! Even in the campsite, which was a couple of kilometers away, the constant drum of the Falls could be heard. Having previously whitewater rafted in Iceland and New Zealand (Donal) we were very excited to tackle the Zambezi river. It is renowned for its Grade 5 rapids...... "extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas". Not concerned we signed up but after our first Grade 5 rapid we were ready to go home! Completely overturned, fighting against the subsequent rapids, ... read more
Just setting off on our rafting
Hitting our first grade 5 rapid - "The Terminator"
Knocked straight into the wild water of the Zambezi

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa July 3rd 2016

The work is complete and now all but one of our team members will experience something Africa is known for. A photo safari. We organized a non-Habitat sponsored safari extension to Zambia. We arranged group transport to neighboring Zambia. Presenting paperwork and exchanging money for visas in both directions is part of the formalities of crossing the border from Malawi to Zambia. Once in Zambia, it was noticeable to me that the economic conditions in Zambia are somewhat better than in Malawi. The roads are better, there appears to be more shops, the people you see alongside the road are is less ragged attire than in Malawi. We saw more ‘decent’ housing, but there was no shortage of substandard, traditional mud & thatch huts as well. Six hours after starting out, we arrived at the Marula ... read more
A Dazzle of Zebras
Group shot
Sunset on the Savannah

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa December 24th 2015

23 December 2015 We left Malawi (The Warm Heart of Africa) yesterday to enter Zambia ( The Real Africa). Our fellow Canadian, New Zealand and Australian travellers were once again annoyed that the Irish got away without splashing out $50 for a visa. We on the other had were very smug, not only did we save money the visa stickers would have wasted a whole page on our passport which has an ever increasing number of stamps. We have spent two nights at Croc Valley campsite which had a massive orange river right beside it. We were surprised by how much noise the many hippos that lived there made all day and especially all night. It was quite an experience. I was a little apprehensive when Chris told us it wasn't unusual for hippos to graze ... read more

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa December 11th 2015

Day 5 started dark and early as we had 720 kilometers to drive. That’s really only 7 hours, but the driver took his time and with a quick stop for lunch we arrived at the South Luangwe National Park to see a family of elephants enjoying some grass quite close to our tents! That’s all from day 5. There was internet available, but both my phone and computer couldn’t find the network. Blurg. Day 6 we got up for a game drive and didn’t immediately have to take down our tents. Im used to the routine by now. Get up, brush teeth and pee, pack bag, take down tent, eat brekky, and jump in the truck for a ride to a town for grocery shopping that most people don’t need to do. But today we got ... read more

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa September 2nd 2015

Kiboko safari at Track and Trail Camp in South Luangwa Park. Monday 31st August. Within half an hour of arriving at the Track and Trail camp we saw several kudu, elephants, baboons, an impala, a hippo and a crocodile. The main park, the best in Zambia, and the most majestic in Africa, according to my guide book, is on the other side of the river from where we are sipping cold beers. Tomorrow we'll start at 6am and go on a game drive into the park, but for now we're relaxing after the six hour drive from Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, into Zambia. The terrain on the way here is much the same as in Malawi, perhaps a little more affluent. The houses are built the same way, but more of them here have been ... read more

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa February 9th 2014

At the border BAM! Zambia is on and poppin! Efficient and correct, not overly nice...we were all done in half an hour. Money collected, passports stamped...Next! This is definitely another country. Auto parts shops, bicycles for sale....they want to keep moving forward And are hustling for it. Driving deep into the countryside: high school boys and girls make their way home from school, crisp white shirts, pleated skirts, ties flying in the wind. Packs of little children run long distances barefoot to and from school ...they race against all odds to make it... This is the bright side... Many of these are the children with sponsors.... Zambia has the worlds 3rd highest death rate with life expectancy of only 38 years. 86% of Zambians live below the accepted poverty line of $1 per day Only 57% ... read more
Working women
Well tended village
Children get football

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa December 23rd 2013

A while ago we discovered that many of the posh, all inclusive luxury safari lodges allow less financially well endowed customers (such as ourselves) to bring their own tents and camp for a small fee. This means you can stay somewhere absolutely beautiful, in a fantastic location complete with swimming pools and lovely things, for about $7. It also means you won’t be able to afford to eat in the restaurant, so will have to live on peanut butter and smuggle your own wine into the tastefully appointed riverside bar. This doesn’t bother us at all, because we have no shame. We took this approach in South Luangwa National Park, a few days before Christmas. The place we chose, Track and Trail Safari Lodge, had a beautiful curvy swimming pool placed high on a wooden platform ... read more
? Crane

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