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We got married on the 7th of November 2015 and started our world adventure the week after. Keep up with us as we explore!!

Oceania » Australia February 15th 2017

So we’ve been here for 8 months now and the time couldn’t have gone quicker! We came in through Sydney and got a shock! Staying in a hostel for a night that cost us the price of three nights stay in Malaysia!! We were staying in a place called Kings Cross which has the reputation of being a bit rough but we didn’t see any problems. Our plan was to get a campervan so we could get on our road trip as soon as possible. That’s how we ended up paying way too much to rent a 1992 Trivago Toyota that some Bristolian con-carman originally from the U.K tried to sell us for $10,000. If it wasn’t for our trusted Ozzy friends we would have probably made the worst decision on our travels so far (yes ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Tao September 16th 2016

Our second time in Thailand was very different to the first but It also started with a few days in Bangkok. This was like a familiar friend after a slightly negative feel to Cambodia. We stayed in a lovely new Hostel called Good One Hostel and Café. The owners were so friendly. We even got a few free drinks when the power went off on our floor. We didn't mind as we had stayed in a lot worse places that had electric. We spent a few days exploring parks, massive malls and picking up our rail tickets. We were generally buying time until we got to travel to Koh Samui and start our ‘holiday’ with Sarah, a welsh girl we met in Africa who wanted to meet up with us again when we got to Thailand. ... read more

Asia » Cambodia July 2nd 2016

Right then...Cambodia. We made our way from phuc coq island on a ferry and bus that were booked so that we could cross the boarder into Cambodia with no problems. Little did we know that they attempt to scam you at every turn! Wanting us to pay extra for the privilege of them taking our passports to get stamped and then extra for a visa that cost $30. Some people may be reading this and thinking we're being stingy, why didn't we hand over the extra $10 to get us safely into Cambodia? Well I'll answer. firstly we are stingy! 😀 we've been travelling the world so it's not like we can afford an extra $10 when that's the price of a room over our heads and a meal! Secondly we were fed up of people ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Phú Quốc May 18th 2016

Vietnam - we arrived in Vietnam after a long sleeper bus from Laos. We didn't know sleeper buses existed up until that point and after 27hours in a horizontal position we wish they didn't! To top this travelling off we both overdosed a little on sleeping tablets which did not do what they were supposed to and left us spaced out and groggy. I also decided my phone would be much happier without me and left it on the bus for it to travel back to Laos. I hope it's happy there! Once in Vietnam we got hounded by taxi men to take us into the centre. We wanted to start walking and hail one down as they turn out to be a lot cheaper but an American pair had asked to share a taxi with ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang May 10th 2016

We arrived at Bangkok Airport at 4am in the morning, too late to use the metro system. We anticipated being ripped off by a dodgy taxi man outside the airport like I was 10 years previous. We found the taxi rank with no trouble and to our surprise found a touch screen which dispensed a ticket number, the taxi lane, taxi registration plate and driver name on it. This was the first of many surprises we found in the highly advanced city. We stayed in Happy Hugs Hostel which was great and near the metro system (that we didn't use). The Staff were really helpful until Jodi tried to use the washing machine and got told off by the cleaner. Jodi got evil looks the rest of our stay. We were honestly told we could use ... read more
Bangkok Garden
Ice, syrup and condensed milk!?
Jodi tickling

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Rishikesh April 12th 2016

I can't believe Jodi has let me write part 3 of the India blog. It will be really difficult not to swear and get angry over every little difficult situation but I'll give it a go. There has been some epic moments but it has been a spirit breaking challenge to stay in India for a month. We’re now back in New Delhi (not my favorite city in the world) after a whistle-stop tour of North India. We returned to our original hotel, Hotel Perfect, (which should be renamed Hotel Adequate to be accurate) for the final night with the 13 other travels we spent the last 10 days with. We had a lovely curry in a nearby restaurant and some fairwell drinks on the rooftop bar. Jodi and I had to make our excuses fairly ... read more
One of the two bridges crossing the Ganges
Cheeky monkey on the bridge
Yoga session on the beach, very cold

Asia » India April 11th 2016

I'm starting this blog with a few unpleasant facts about India. This is not to condemn and judge the whole of India but just to highlight some issues they have here. Firstly beggars and the soundless babies they carry. Many are not there babies. They have usually been stolen from deprived area hospitals where security is none existent. These babies don't cry, many of them hardly look like they're breathing. This is because they are drugged or given alcohol to keep them subdued. You should be asking yourself how can they get away with this? Why is nothing done about it? This brings me on to my second point. Many of these beggars and the homeless are called the 'untouchables' or 'outcastes' .They have no place in a caste system which dictates a hierarchy in India. ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh March 8th 2016

India, India, India.....I currently write this blog in my bed, its 4.30 in the afternoon but after a long day of continuously sharting myself (Something I haven't done since I was 5 years old) it's the most appropriate place for me to be right now. You may think it must be the Dehli belly but it skipped me there and waited til we're in the colourful town of Varanasi. Let's rewind back to New Dehli though to explore our first few days in India. We arrived after a long, long journey of travelling from Sri Lanka. We were trying to save money and as a result spent 28hours awake. We got out of the airport and on to the metro system. A man got on and got very close to me even though the rest of ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Wadduwa March 2nd 2016

We arrived in Colombo airport a bit worse for wear. Our traveling had left us without proper sleep for 35hours. We managed to find a taxi desk and easily got transport sorted to Cinnamon Red ,our hotel, in the city centre. This hotel was proper fancy. We had tea and coffee in the rooms and an infinity pool on the 26th floor overlooking the city. We even treated ourselves to a buffet breakfast which was amazing. We spent the first full day on the roof sunbathing, relaxing, recovering and mainly waiting for Jodi’s parents , Jayne and Paul, to arrive from their flight from London. We did have a few walks around the city but we found it quite expensive in my standards. On the Sunday before we left colombo we took a lovely stroll down ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-East February 10th 2016

Near Grootfontein is were we met our first San Bushman in nothing but a leather G-string. We followed him into his village were we met the most extordinary group of semi naked people with their clicks for words. These people were traditionally nomads and travelled year round to where they could find food. They could find water in most unusual places and would have the upmost curtesy for their fellow bushmen by only drinking enough to survive and not enough to empty the scarce resources by quenching their thirst. They would also leave straws in the trees for the next bushman to drink. The bushmen would find the most amazing roots at the end of a potato looking plant to drink and wash themselves with it. They wouldn’t eat the whole root but replace it back ... read more

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