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Africa » Tanzania » West » Mbeya January 7th 2019

The bus ride to Mbeya was uneventful once we got going. Having eventually been put on the correct bus, our seats were occupied and the man sat there refused to move. The conductor remonstrated with him but to no avail. Instead we were put in the row in front of our stubborn friend, hoping than nobody wanted to oust us from our new-found seats. We nearly got off the bus on the outskirts of Mbeya because a fellow passenger told Trish we had arrived. The journey from there to the central bus station took another 25 minutes through heavy traffic. Getting off the bus we were charged to get our luggage back. Then we managed to negotiate a reasonable taxi fare to get to our hotel. We opted to stay in the Desderia Hotel because it ... read more
The best food in Tanzania
Learning about Tanzanian coffee at the Ridge Cafe

Africa » Tanzania » West » Gombe Stream National Park September 11th 2018

Tanzania day 2 Chimpanzee trekking in the jungle in Gombe, Tanzania, Africa. Sometimes I may have a little moan and often it’s about people but today, despite confusion later....was one of the best days of my life. Usually when we set off to do things we set off with low expectations so when we set off seaching for chimpanzees I expected to maybe see one...probably covered in scaffolding....about a mile away....with trees in the way and it be raining so hard we can’t get our cameras out. Amazingly though, this was not the case. After a breakfast of savoury pancakes, fruit, bread and jam and omelette it was time to head out with our guide. We had paid extra (2x£9) for two trekkers to head out before us, at 4am supposedly, to find out where the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West » Gombe Stream National Park September 10th 2018

Today has been one of the best of my life, I've been lucky and privileged to have seen around 25 wild chimps in the wild and was with them for 2.5 hours. I walked out of the jungle a hot, sweaty mess with twigs in my hair and covered in dirt, but totally exhilarated. Just amazing. Breakfast was at 7.30 and was a bit odd: some savoury pancakes, bread and fried egg that came after we'd eaten the rest as Duma had forgotten them. Ahadi, our chimp guide met us just after 8am and off we went. He had just the clothes he wore and a small bottle of water in his hand - no backpack, no first aid kit, no namby-pamby tourist health and safety shit, this was the real deal. He had warned us ... read more
Wild chimp in Gombe.
Wild chimp in Gombe
attempt of selfie with chimps

Africa » Tanzania » West » Gombe Stream National Park September 9th 2018

Tanzania day 1 Feom Brum to Dar es Salaam to Kigoma to Gombe Tanzania I’m in shock. We have arrived at our destination without mishap. No flight delays, no lost luggage, no Qatar Airways, no being asked to get off the plane while they restart it, no airline going bump, no being asked to get off the plane to identify your hold baggage.... Yes all these have happened to us...and more! But this time with KLM it was quite the opposite-left on time, arrived on time, no problem with connections, good food and service and regular drinks, friendly staff, ice cream and even a stroopwaffel which made my day. Kudos Dutch people. When we stopped at Kilimanjaro airport on the way they even told us where we were so we didn’t get off at the wrong ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West » Kigoma September 9th 2018

If a place is only accessible by boat and the people at the town of the port are staring, you know you've managed to get away from most other tourists, which is awesome, but who will my hubby moan about in his blogs? We are at the edge of Lake Tanganyika, in the Gombe Nature Park in East Tanzania and we practically have the place to ourselves, except for a few staff and many potentially thieving baboons. It took some getting to and we started at 4.30am, in Dar Es Salaam. My first thought of the day was no one can helped but be wowed by an all-in-one shower and squat loo, how eco is that?!! AND not only does the loo act as the drain for shower water, you can also take a dump whilst ... read more
Dr Livingstone Glyn presumes
fishing boat on lake Tanganyika
recreating Livingstone moment

Africa » Tanzania » West January 24th 2016

First morning in Kayanga. Early church for our team. All from different time zones but all awake during the three hour service. It is a joy to be part of the music and to see so many women involved in the service. None of our team knew what the Swahili sermon was saying but Brighton was good at translating. We were introduced and spoke at the service, saw old friends and received gifts from the auction (maize, mangos). After a rest we headed to a tour of KARUCO. What a highlight! KARUCO Updates: Water pump and water flowing at KARUCO. (Internet is spotty so pics later.) 4 beautiful water tanks built with piping from each building except Administration. Water harvesting system and security all established. A new girls dorm funded by a European partner. A new ... read more
Walter & Jan
Church Auction

Africa » Tanzania » West June 1st 2015

KARUCO Needs Water! Educate Tanzania is working feverishly to provide a water harvesting system so that KARUCO will have enough water to open in October 2016. Here is what we know: 1. KARUCO needs 5 (200,000 liter) water storage tanks. 2. These 5 tanks will store enough water for KARUCO to open in October 2016. 3. These 5 tanks must be built by September, 2015 in order to capture enough rain. 4. We must start NOW to construct the tanks and the water harvesting system. 5. ETI donors have funded 4 of the 5 tanks! (The 5th Annual Fundraiser raised $42,000. for this purpose!) 6. Tank 5 will be funded by Tanzanian and European Partners. 7. Water harvest will begin in September, 2015. 8. With the water harvesting system, KARUCO will have enough water to open ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West » Sumbawanga July 19th 2014

So what happened next, Laura and I settled down in Budapest and never went travelling again. Well as much as it would be a nice idea to have appeased the travel parasite that lives within us that was not the case. I took on a job - and it's with this wacky new age thinking that I find myself sitting in the Acropole Hotel in Khartoum thinking blimey I have been to a few countries since Hungary and yet I haven't written about any of them! So here is a bit about a few trips I have made to Tanzania. The first time I came here was way back in 2005, living in the foothills of Kilimanjaro in a village called Moshi. I came back to the village and they were happy to see me if ... read more
Meanders, OTZ
Extra relatives, ZZB
Tim and the Giant Banana, ZZB

Africa » Tanzania » West » Kipili November 26th 2013

The road to the Tanzanian border was a rutted, hilly affair, filled as in the rest of Burundi with locals carrying produce or pushing laden bicycles. The Tanzanian border post seemed organised and well resourced compared to the Burundi one, but unfortunately, despite the assurances of the officials at the Kenya/Tanzania border, our $50 visa didn’t cover re-entry into the country. There was no swaying them, so after waiting around for a while pretending we didn’t have the money, we begrudgingly forked out another $50 each for entry into a country we had only left a couple of days before. We had better luck at customs, where we managed to talk our way out of paying the various customs charges again. That night we had planned to stop at Kigoma, so after a trip to an ... read more
Jane Goodall Education Centre campsite
What a ride
Hippos in Africa, hippos for Africa.

Africa » Tanzania » West March 13th 2013

The focus of this final photo journal entry for the "Karagwe Unplugged Trip" is "Building KARUCO". Building KARUCO means many things - building the campus; developing the program; establishing the infrastructure needed; building financial capacity through ETI - to name a few. This entry however focuses on the actual bricks and mortar. Speaking of which, take a good look at the rock foundation. All hand- cut rock- I can still hear the hammer. It looks beautiful. This set of blog entries - Karagwe Unplugged- is Educate Tanzania's attempt to provide a virtual tour of Karagwe using the beautiful images of Ashley Miller of AshMill Photography. Http:/... read more
ETI Helps Build KARUCO Classroom
KARUCO Students Learn in Hands-On Ways
From Classroom to College Farm Plots

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