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Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam September 8th 2019

Ich übernachte seit Donnerstag in Dar bei den Benediktinern, die ein Gästehaus haben. Ich hatte nicht angerufen, in der Annahme, dass da eh keiner hingeht, aber mir wurde dann mitgeteilt, dass sie voll sind. Ich war entsetzt, denn es war grauenhaft gewesen, durch Dar zu fahren. Laut Karte ganz einfach, aber in der Praxis ein Alptraum: Einbahnsstraßen, Fußgängerzonen, und Baustellen, als ob sie die ganze Stadt gleichzeitig um- und ausbauen wollten. Und natürlich Stau, immer und überall. Dazu 30 °.Als mir der Bruder Sowieso also mitteilte, dass sie keinen Platz für mich hätten, war ich verzweifelt. Nochmal rumfahren? Welch ein schrecklicher Gedanke. Dann sagte er plötzich, sie hätten schon noch Zimmer, aber ohne eigenes Bad. War mir egal, her damit. Und dann führte er mich in ein kleines Haus mit vier separaten Gästezimmern, alle mit eigenem ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam July 1st 2019

"Karibu!", greeted the Emirates flight attendants as we got off the long, but comfortable 18-hour plane ride. The Swahili word, meaning "Welcome", was emblazened on the roof of the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, and it concisely captures the warmth and hospitality we repeatedly came to expect of the Tanzanian people. The sterile airport entrance, coated with Western-style excessive security, begat a disorderly stampede reminiscent of an Indian temple or train station at the visa office. This was the location of the first snafu of the trip - we had been told adamantly by our program directors to ask for an ORDINARY visa, yet the officers insisted we obtain a STUDENT visa, which was $50 less expensive. After ~10 minutes of pleading our case to a guard who spoke little English, another kindly ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam January 1st 2019

So, Dar Es Salaam is not the capital city of Tanzania? Well, you learn something every day. It sure looks like a capital! It turns out that Dodoma is the actual capital but Dar is where everything happens. We opted for a bit of comfort for our stay in the city. The Tanzanite Executive Suiteswas certainly that. We had a MASSIVE suite complete with its own kitchen - not that we used it other than for washing our clothes and utilising the fridge! It was a very good choice ahead of some of the backpacking hardships we were anticipating in the weeks to come. The hotel is located very close to the city's main mosque. Although the country is not specifically Muslim, this area is. Several other mosques were in close proximity but we were never ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam December 2nd 2017

African proverb: To the child, a mother gives her blood, (heart). The father his spirit, (soul). We spent three days in Dar es Salaam and this gave us the opportunity to adapt to the climate, the culture, the time change, and simply to being on the road again. Starting with the time, we left Vancouver early Tuesday morning and arrived in Dar late Wednesday night. Total flight time - 28 hours. Plus, flying east we lost another 11 hours. We slept from midnight Wednesday, right through all of Thursday, staggering up only for our free breakfast in our hotel, the Iris, and to stagger out for dinner. The former included a Spanish omelette, a bowl of fruit, glass of passion fruit juice and some very dark, strong, excellent, African coffee. Dinner we ate at a street ... read more
Our First Dinner in Dar - BBQ
Muslim Holiday Dec 1st
Skyline of Dar

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam November 4th 2017

A lizard runs by with his tail cut off. I wonder whether it hurt. Was it a mean man with a machete, or an attempted bird attack? He scurries under a tropical bush, lush with brightly colored flowers. Perspective. My own tail, often between my legs, but sometimes cut off entirely, is irrelevant when there’s a safe space to which I return. For the last two weeks, I have been stuck in Dar es Salaam at Peace Corps discretion because of the continued security incidences in my village. Even after having two girls occupy my outdoor kitchen area when I’ve been away, thieves managed to break through my bedroom windows. They cut the locks on my valuables case, and somehow scaled the walls to unlock various doors after finding my hidden keys. Solar panels, jewelry, and ... read more
This guy got to know us, we came so much
Our Tanzanian Counterparts in Community Theater
All I wanted for my birthday was to eat unlimited ice cream!

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam May 16th 2016

Ok...for my family who everyday ask if I heard about the new dinosaur find in Alberta....I study humans. We may follow the same parameters of natural selection and evolution but in the grand scheme of things, we are slightly more complex in our own right. So what is it I do? Because as it stands now, I do all this work for no pay and its not a "real job". For anyone who has ever followed the path of archaeological 'enlightenment', you know that the hell we go through to obtain a degree is exhaustive. The work we do is labourous. The time spent haunched over a microscope, computer, or assemblage is why we wear glasses, have a chiropractor on speed dial, and have a main line of Timmies coffee streaming into our veins. Then why ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam December 16th 2015

Onward and upward we rose early to hit the border of Tanzania with much trouble! That’s right! The American couple who is on this trip seemed 200% sure that the visa was only $50 for all people and that’s what our amazing guide said too. Well when we got to the office the workers demanded $100 only for Americans and that sent the dude into a tirade. Lots of arguing and about an hour wasted he finally decided to pay the full amount so we wouldn’t hold up the bus, but the workers couldn’t produce any documentation of a price list based on countries. Their three computers didn’t work and the file cabinet that held the papers was locked with the one guy who had the key busy in a meeting. Lolol…I don’t really know the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam November 11th 2015

La 1ère journée à Dar-es-Salaam (jeudi) se déroule bien : dès le matin, nous prenons la direction de notre 2epoint de chute en empruntant un des transports locaux, le « tuk-tuk ». Pour ceux à qui ce terme n’inspire rien, il s’agit d’un véhicule de petit gabarit à 3 roues (1 à l’avant et 2 à l’arrière). L’intérieur du triporteur prévoit 1 siège pour le conducteur et 1 banquette à l’arrière pour les passagers. Ayant quitté l’hôtel sous une pluie battante et pas encore aguerris à la négociation, nous n’avons pas discuté le prix du transport. Nous détectons également l’ombre d’une difficulté prochaine : l’anglais semble peu parlé, au contraire du swahili. Arrivés à destination, nous faisons la rencontre de notre hôte, déposons nos affaires et allons déjeuner dans le café/restaurant Park Café situé en face. ... read more
Sea view Road, Dar es Salaam
Sea View Road
Sea View Road, près de Barrack Obama Road

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam November 4th 2015

Nous sommes en Tanzanie pour 3 semaines. Le séjour se compose d’1 semaine à Dar-es-Salaam, 6 jours près du Kilimanjaro et 8 jours à Zanzibar. Le nom du pays fait généralement penser aux Massaï (peuple d'éleveurs nomades et réputés guerriers), aux multiples parcs nationaux réputés pour les safaris (Tarangire, Serengeti, ...) et bien sûr à l'ascension du mont Kilimanjaro, le sommet enneigé d'Afrique. Pour nous, le 1er contact avec la Tanzanie est brutal : à 18h, il fait encore très chaud. Nous récupérons nos bagages et sortons de l’aéroport un peu paumés. Nous sommes accueillis par une foule de chauffeurs de taxis proposant leurs services ; ayant réservé une nuit au Conway Hotel et demandé à bénéficier de leur navette nous guettons notre chauffeur tout en essayant de trouver nos repères. Première mauvaise surprise : aucun ... read more
Drapeau du parti politique au pouvoir (CCM)
Souvenir 1
Souvenir 2

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam September 6th 2015

Weil 600 km auf afrikanischen Landstraßen sehr viel ist - Abfahrt 6.30. Ich machte eine kurze Pause bei km 450, aß etwas Gemüse und Fladenbrot und war dann um 16.00 am Hotel. Blick auf den Kilimanjaro - ganz frei! Viele Vulkankegel. Vorbei an den Usambara Bergen (die gleichnamigen Veilchen lassen grüßen). Viele Köhler, die Holzkohle herstellen, in riesige Säcke verpacken und verkaufen. Es werden auch drei solche Säcke auf einem Moped transportiert..... Einfahrt nach Dar - alles easy, trotz 4,5 Mio E und entsprechendem Verkehr. John hat kein Navi und er ist erst um 19.00 angekommen, weil er das Hotel einfach nicht gefunden hat. Ich finde ja immer, dass ich problemlos von A nach B komme, aber dann das Hotel in B zu finden - dafür ist ein Navi prima. Hätte er sich auch überlegen sollen. ... read more

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