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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay September 4th 2015

Holy matrimony!!!!! Cage diving with great white sharks!!!!! I didn’t feed them my own chum so I was pretty happy about that. But being in the cage while they thrash about going after a tuna head on a rope definitely got the adrenalin flowing! These beasts were huge and scary and the visibility was terrible under water so that added to the excitement. 4.5 meters was the big one here and man when it just popped out of the water unexpected from the depths I really felt the power of this creature and respected the shit out of it. I have done shark dives on a weekly basis working on a scuba diving boat in the Bahamas and I have had hundreds of sharks in my hands working on a fishing boat in Australia, but this ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg September 3rd 2015

Johannesburg, South Africa (Sept 3, 2015) I got up early this morning to repack all my things and head to the operating room early. Dr. Cohen had a challenging case this morning, which went very well. He then followed it up with another slate of cataract cases and things were flowing smoothly. Post-operative eye patch removal was bedlam! There were people dancing, singing and carrying on - a really festive celebration of eyesight restored. Was fun to see. I then visited with a 15 year old young lady that had been severely burned at age 8 months and now has SEVERE eyelid and other facial contractures. Her upper and lower lids were turned inside out from the scars on her lids. Her eyes were so uncomfortable. I didn't have time to do the work this trip, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay September 3rd 2015

Jonas and Felix (the two German guys) were kind enough to give me a lift to Mossel Bay. Awesome! But first on our way out of Knysna we went to visit “the Heads.” It was a lovely view point where the sea met the lagoon where the town of Knysna rested. We also went through the town of Wilderness with the aim of enjoying the best pizza on the Garden Route! Well that wasn’t open til 1 and it was only noon so we kept on. Arriving in Mossel Bay the weather was gorgeous. Being on the sea we had a lunch of fresh seafood while looking over the bay at one of those little restaurants in the harbor. Yuuuuuuum…and then we found a sweet backpackers called Mile Crunchers. Seems appropriate for us! So there we ... read more
looking out to the ocean...great quality
very far away

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » De Waterkant September 2nd 2015

Hi luitjes, Na een vlucht van 11,5 uur aangekomen op Cape Town airport. Sta je dan, op zoek naar je naambordje of een bordje met ‘4exchange’. Uiteindelijk een mannetje gevonden, die vervolgens z’n auto moest verplaatsen terwijl er nog ene Tessa moet komen. Dus heb ik zijn taak keurig overkomen. Het is wel even wennen, ze rijden hier nogal heftig. Iedereen rijdt links en het stuur zit rechts. Uiteindelijk wel in keurige staat aangekomen bij mijn verblijf, waar mini struggle 2 zich aandient. ‘Well, you shouldn’t arrive today right?’ Waarop ik natuurlijk zei, oh zeker wel. Maar het was allemaal ‘fine’. Na een minuut of 60 kon ik doorlopen naar boven, zonder sleutel want die hadden ze nog niet. Eenmaal in het huisje ontvangen door twee super leuke Nederlandse meiden, Doris en Roos. Heerlijk geslapen de ... read more
Deur zonder deurklink
Bi ba borrel

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Jeffreys Bay August 29th 2015

Another long bus ride I arrived for some camping in Jeffreys Bay. A famous surf town, seemingly too quiet to be called famous, but Im told famous enough as the constant waves called supertubes are a haven for South African surfers. Well it rained here for a million days so I didn’t get to do much. But there was a live act at the bar/food area one night and these dudes were kind enough to give me a lift to a place on the Bloukrans River. Whats here you ask? Well none other than the World’s Highest Bungy Bridge!!!!!!! 216 meters = 709 feet. WOA! Those of you in Fargo must know that the Raddisson is a mere 206 feet. Hahahahahahahahaha…I did it! Too fun. So awesome. I would recommend it to anyone J Had enough ... read more
sorghum beeeeeeer

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » KIrstenbosch August 28th 2015

One of the things Lindsey and I were really keen to do since we came to Cape Town was to climb Table Mountain. We have been to the top in the cable car before but that doesn't give the same sense of satisfaction as dragging yourself up. We have been busy with so many things and had so many people to catch up with that we had to postpone our hike four or five times. We decided we just had to do it on our next available day. The day dawned with fog - the "Table Cloth" covering the mountain. This was not ideal since the mountain is dangerous in inclement weather and the views would be rubbish if we were stuck in the cloud. It looked like the fog deck was lifting though so we ... read more
The Start of Skeleton Gorge
Castle Rock - Nursery Ravine and Skeleton Gorge
Skeleton Gorge Warning Sign

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen August 27th 2015

Hi all, We arrived safely in the Kruger on Sunday. Many apologies for not having blogged this week. Although we were having lots of fun this is not the reason for our lack of contact. We had no internet would you believe! After arriving at the park gates, we made our way to the first camp we were booked into, Letaba. On the way we spotted: Elephants, Fish Eagles, Vultures, Hornbill, Bats, Buffalo and Hippos. When we had unpacked the cars, we made our way to the restaurant for dinner. All feeling tired and the sky being pitch black we debated turning into bed until we realised it wasn't even 9pm! This is the problem with the sun setting so quickly here. Monday we enjoyed breakfast looking at the deer like creatures that were grazing on ... read more

You may have noticed that we've not spent much time in Cape Town during the weeks we've been here. We have spent a lot of time driving around suburbs but very little actually in the centre. We decided to remedy this by taking a few half and full days wandering around the Central Business District and seeing the sights. Rather than give a blow by blow account of these trips I just want to share the highlights and give my general impressions. There are several main roads into Cape Town which converge close to the centre. This can cause severe traffic, especially at rush-hour. The road we tend to take into town is called Nelson Mandella Boulevard. This route goes up a steep hill which slows the traffic down. The road then sweeps down around the ... read more
Table Mountain
Long Street
The Waterfront Foodhall

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town August 25th 2015

Another summer, another trip, it's a thankless task but a cross I bear without complaint, you're welcome. This year I returned to Africa to take in 5 countries: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Some were new to me, whilst I had flirted with some in the past so I was keen to get back and take them for a proper ride-only I'd be sure to wear protection in this region. I embraced the old age I have reached and used the same overland truck as last time (Africa Travel Company) and headed off. South Africa The trip began and ended in South Africa 35 days apart, however for the sake of continuity I'll blog them at the same time. I flew into Johannesburg but having seen it on a previous visit I wasn't bothered ... read more
Fish River Canyon
Chobe National Park
Okavanago delta

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town August 25th 2015

It's penguin time! Lou has now joined me for our 6 weeks in Cape Town with SANCCOB, the South African national centre for conservation of birds. SANCCOB is a seabird hospital in Table View, an area outside of Cape Town with stunning views over table mountain. The hospital is a rehabilitation centre, which at the moment has 103 penguins, a gannet, lots of hartlaub gulls and some cormorants, but takes in all seabirds that are injured, including flamingos, pelicans and albatrosses. There are staff, interns and volunteers on site, and admin staff and fundraisers who work there in the week. People come from all over the world to volunteer, and most of the time people are biology, marine biology or veterinary students, but there are also plenty of people like Lou who are volunteering because they ... read more
Chicks in the nursery
Home pen, for the permanent residents
Michelle and I at Stony Point, weighing the Penguins

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