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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg March 9th 2015

And another beautiful, sunny morning in Johannesburg – hello, everyone! Today is a special day and one that is so near and dear to my heart. It is International Women’s Day and I am participating in the Global Mentoring Walk. What an honor. What a thrill – and, again, another activity so in alignment with my WHY! Let me share the story of how this came about – because I want my clients and other entrepreneurs to understand the power of relationships, networking and asking for what you want – skills I have mastered and which I use for the greater good. When I was invited to join Suzanne Evans and Sandy Salle on the Give Movement Journey 2015, I was more than happy to return for the 2nd time. I know that one of the ... read more
daily news under hotel door
yummy breakfast
on our way to the Mentoring Walk

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay March 9th 2015

Ok, this is not Addo or Kruger or any of the wild natural spaces where animals roam. Plettenberg Bay game reserve provides a definitely controlled element to the spaces where the lions, cheetahs and wild dogs roam. This is because the reserve is small, just 2,200 Ha and there are dairy farms close by. Bad idea to mix lions and cows. For the cows that is. Also there are imported species with some of the animals being indigenous and some are importations from other African countries. Having said that, if you want to be sure that you WILL see a huge variety of wild life living in open plains, within 2.5 hours on a guided drive.... This place is for you. Even with free roaming Addo under my belt, this place worked magic. Even without elephants ... read more
All the herds mix and mingle

On our way out of Addo Elephant Park, we saw an amazing congregation of elephants at one of the watering holes--maybe 100! Some came within feet of our car--rather a daunting spectacle. It was entertaining to watch the interaction among them as more herds of elephants kept arriving at the watering hole. Warthogs and water buffalo were also present. We drove to Hogsback, a tiny community tucked in the mountains north west of East London (itself in the shape of a hog's back). Although we arrived in extreme heat, the weather quickly changed. Clouds moved in; hail fell on us in the night. Today, it has been cool and foggy. We did some hiking in the local area. Saw 5 California Redwoods that are more than 100 years old. Walked an outdoor labyrinth -- very meditative. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert March 6th 2015

1). The first link is to video footage of the drive atop the SWARTBERG mountains .... THE PASS that rises 1,585 meters into the skies. (Sorry about my finger and the tip of the iPad cover showing in one corner. A hazard of using the iPad is that exactly such little slip ups will happen. ) The first part of the video is at the base of the pass, driving on the dirt road through the rough rocks beside the river bed. The second part was taken near the top of the pass, with the wind howling around as you can hear! The third part is on the descent when we encountered the troop of baboons in the road. ( 2). The OLIVE TASTING experience, that is ...... before I tasted the olive :) ( 3). ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert March 6th 2015

There were just too many photos from the journey to the Karo. I posted the first set of them last night with the blog report and here are the others. I've also got a couple video clips but that could take forever, since I have to put them on my YouTube channel first before I can post the link. Taking up in the photos from where I left off which was in Prince Albert, the town. We went to an olive grove outside of town then continued the journey back home this time taking the highland pass over the Swartberg mountain. Hold on to your seats. We had lunch in Oudtshoorn at Jemimas cafe before I did another tour descending into the Cango Caves, which will be a separate short blog. Here we go........ read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Prince Albert March 5th 2015

A "poort" is a way through the mountains at the bottom of the valley. A "pass" is a way across the mountains over the top. Prince Albert is our destination. It's Saturday. We plan to journey from Sedgefield after the Farmer's Market via Meiringspoort with a lunch stop at the quaint little town of De Rust, for an overnight stay at the old town of Prince Albert, returning on Sunday via the Swartberg pass with a lunch stop at Oudtshoorn in the ostrich region. This is the Karoo region, dry, barren, mountainous..There is the promise of hot dry days, nights filled with clear starry skies, and olive farms. What more could anyone ask? The drive through the Meiringspoort was spectacular, endless mile after mile after mile of rugged, rocky overhangs that looked as if they would ... read more
Kinda close and kinda loose

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay March 4th 2015

At the Point of Human Origins. Mossel Bay, South Africa. One more day engaged in one more truly spell binding activity. I never knew that South Africa was so chock full of wonders, but I'm certainly finding this out. I won't even have scratched the surface when my visit here ends. Today we drove to Mossel Bay (Mossel means the same as mussel or shell fish, like oysters) just over an hour away from our town, along the rugged, sprawling Indian Ocean coastline. We were at a hideous golf course on the cliffs of Pinnacle Point where caves were discovered to contain the earliest relics of antiquity of human activity. We are talking here not about earlier hominids pre-cursors to Homo sapiens, but the oldest location known to have been inhabited by species we would recognize ... read more
Dr. Peter Nilssen archaeologist
A travesty... golf course and casino atop the oldest place of human activity
The caves at Pinnacle Point below the golf course

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape March 4th 2015

Port Elizabeth; It's been a pleasant 2 days in this port town, staying with our friend's brother. I made time to have a manicure and massage, amidst shopping, visiting friends and relatives of our travelling companions. We try to taste the local specialties when we eat out. My latest food adventure was a trio of carpaccios-- springbok, crocodile, and warthog. Interesting tastes and textures, richer than carpaccio I've have before. My husband had ostrich as a main course--very dark, rich, and filling, but a lovely lean and tender meat. I enjoyed a rack of lamb made with the famous lamb from the Karoo. Today we will provision for the next 6 days when we will be self catering in Addo Elephant Park and Hogsback.... read more

I Still can't post my video clips directly to the travelblog. I must first upload them to YouTube on my channel, then post the link below Which will take you to the videos on YouTube when you click on it. So here they are, my 3 Addo videos. Sorry, but the Quality of sound is a disaster, can't be helped. I have no audio editing capability but some of the conversations especially in the car were hilarious. So eavesdrop if you like lol. And the Quality of picture for first and third videos were quite good originally, when recorded, but somehow seems to have gone fuzzy in the transfer. I have no idea why or what to do to correct it. 1). Four minutes of pure Ellies ... A parade of elephants romping ( 2). 2 ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape March 3rd 2015

Afgelopen week begonnen we maandag met een vrije dag waarop we terug kwamen van ons weekendje Addo’s hebben we onze belevenissen verwerkt en zijn we nog even voor school bezig gegaan. Het begin van de week bestaat hier meestal uit huiswerk maken en vanalles voorbereiden voor onze lessen en onze projecten. En aan het eind van de week en halverwege ookal gaan we leuke dingen doen zoals naar het strand en de kroegjes. Dinsdag zijn we dan ook langs gegaan bij ons project met de mensen die een wasserette (Delight) willen beginnen. We hebben ze punten gegeven hoe een business plan eruit zou moeten zien zodat ze dit kunnen vergelijken met het business plan dat ze tot nu toe hebben. Dan kunnen we dat deze week met ze bespreken. Wij gaan dan voor hun langs bij ... read more
Rondleiding bij The Ubunye Foundation
The Ubunye Foundation
Ontbijt in de shopping mall

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