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Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach November 6th 2016

Shall we blog about the place that we call home? I think so, there is something beautiful about sharing the place where you live with the world. But wait a minute....we are not living yet in Shelly Beach, you'll have to wait my next blog about Shelly Beach, coming sometime in April. Till, as Tiffany has been in school till January just over two hours drive from here since January....and as the end of the school year is fast approaching, we already nearly call this place home. I spent in Shelly Beach 12 days with my two ladies end of September. Tiffany had some holidays to celebrate the end of the Third school term. I was back few weeks later, end of October to smooth few details about our move here in early 2017. What do ... read more
I always find dolphins on scuba pretty amazing!
This is the definition of a wall of hammerheads...
Sun fish, also call Mola Mola...pretty rare here....truly rare here!

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga November 3rd 2016

When on safari, the ultimate thing to see is a big cat "kill." I know it sounds bad, but just like most sports/hobbies, the more you do it, the more you need to keep it interesting. At this stage in our trip, a month and a half into our African safari, it's all about the cats for us. And they can't just be cats far away seen through binoculars, they need to be close to the road or preferably on it. While it's always fun to watch a lion at close quarters, it's so much better if they are active, especially if they are hunting. With these criteria in mind, I'll tell you about the past three amazing cat-filled and action-filled days. Day 1: The Ultimate Safari Experience...a kill, almost! We got out of the gate ... read more
Jock males
In their pajamas watching a movie after we leave the jock males
Looks like he's snarling, but actually just yawning! This is the lion we startled at the side of the road.

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park October 29th 2016

When you stay somewhere like the Kruger park for a long time, you definitely get to see some out-of-the-ordinary animal experiences. This includes the really cool stuff like the lion chases or baby jackals, or seeing a bush baby with its tiny baby. Unfortunately it also includes things you might have preferred not to see. One such experience was a giraffe that we saw lying by the river on its side as if dead, but every so often it would struggle and try to stand up but fail. If it failed to get up, it was obvious that the lions or hyenas would find it. Very sad to see. Jake and Kyla were very concerned for him so when we got back to camp we mentioned it to the ranger. He said he'd go to check ... read more
Baby jackals
A bush baby and her tiny baby!
Male lion feasting on the giraffe

Africa » South Africa October 28th 2016

Still in South Africa. Went on game dri yesterday evening saw nothing we had not already seen. Went this morning and saw cheetah brothers romping around! What a sight to see ! Almost worth the trip! Driver thiNks well see a lioness and her cubs this evening. Again almost worth the trip!... read more

Africa » South Africa October 27th 2016

At the Shishangeni Lodge in South Africa. It is a lodge so the amenities are what you would expect. No tv Or wi if in your room! The trip to t lodge was a mess up but we got here. They had a game hunt when we got here but was too tired to go. Had one at 5:30 this morning went on that one. Pics will show animals seen. Food is good, remember I eat nothing wilder than chicken. Africa is drier than I remembe.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park October 24th 2016

It seems like some days you can head out on safari and barely travel any distance because you keep seeing interesting things along the way to stop at, and other days it feels as if the animals have all gone into hibernation! Today started out as a hibernation type day. Everyone else we spoke to along the way said the same thing too. Discouraged, we decided to cross the bridge and take a new dirt road home as opposed to our usual tarmac way. At least it would be new scenery. After heading only a few hundred meters along it we came across a car coming from the opposite direction. He said he'd seen nothing much. Dirt roads are very slow going, and given this report, we decided to just take the fast tarmac road home ... read more
Waiting for the kids to wake up
Lions surveying the river bed
On the hunt

Africa » South Africa October 23rd 2016

This traveler of tomorrow another full day! leaves her pooped. In Cape Town. Went to table top mountain and that shows what God can do. Just give him a world to mess with. Also did a tour of the city. It's been over 20 years since I've been here so I don't remember that much. Went to Robbins island where Mandala was imprisoned..That has not changed.. spoke with the guide who was a prisoner there for 5 years. Asked who decided to make the island a museum. He said the prisoners did. Also shared with him what the guide told us 20 years ago. Was the reason prisoner were guides was because it was the only place they could get jobs. He said that was true then and is still the same. Things change but remains ... read more

Africa » South Africa October 22nd 2016

Now in Cape Town. Dubai was Dubai. Did get a non tourist view of Dubai. I chose not to go to the tallest building in the world after having a fantastic lunch at the hotel I stayed at before. The bus driver took me back to the hotel. I did my counselor thing and asked him a lot of questions: like about the cost of living for the regular guy, contracts to work and where did the laborers live? Living in Dubai is real expense most workers live outside the city. All the luxury apartments are for the big wheels, when you come into Dubai to work you sign a two year contract the firest year and then three year contracts, your passport is taken and if you decide you don't like it you have to ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg October 20th 2016

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg October 16th 2016

Here are some photos of my trip that I couldn't post before because of poor or non existent internet connection.... read more

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