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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay August 26th 2019

This morning we said goodbye to Cape Town. We didn’t see much of the inner city, just the coast and the area we stayed in. As we drove out two things struck me; 1- how beautiful the modern city buildings looked with a mountain backdrop, and 2- how disturbing the difference in economic class is. The kids (and adults) were oohing and ahhing over the Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porches they saw. And on the same road, homeless people, beggars, and men selling stuff at red lights were abound. On our way out of the city we passed what looked like a refugee camp that continued for miles. Our whale boat tour was cancelled due to the weather so we decided to try and see some for ourselves in Hermanus, a one and a half hour drive. ... read more
The living room in our suite where we ate our Shabbat meals Japanese style
Miles of tin huts with crazy electrical wires all over
More of the tin huts and electric poles

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay July 16th 2019

I just finished my 5 weeks of volunteering for Orca in Plett. Time went by so fast and can't believe it is time to leave already. I really enjoyed being part of this research program. Most days we went out on the boats in the bay with Ocean Blue Adventures where we had to record marine life and I got to use a proper camera for the first time ( so please don't judge my pictures lol ). We got the chance to watch the local bird life, different species of dolphins and whales and saw seals playing in the water. Once or twice a week our group had to help observing seals and white sharks from the cliffs of Robberg. Also these activities meant a short, but hectic hike and sitting by myself for 3 ... read more
Humback going for a deep dive
Humback breaching
When you get to count seals at one of the largest seal colonies in SA

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay January 24th 2018

The key word is keys, mucho keys, in Cape Town I had six in my RBN'B in Hermanus only 3 and in Mossel Bay 3 and a remote, here you lock yourself in and the bastards out. Signs of "Armed response" is on basically every door and house, a very strange feeling for a Swede, but we'll probably end up that way sooner or later. Anyway I got my bike, my little red BMW, slightly bigger than my Vietnamese moped and got out of CT to Hermanus, I was in Hermanus some 20 years ago and nothing's the same, big surprise huh? A lovely couple helped me find an overpriced B&B, next to a restaurant with not vey good food, not my lucky day. Driving on the left side of the road takes some concentration, and ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay May 16th 2016

Leider heißt es für uns bald "Goodbye Plett", es war sehr schön, es hat uns sehr gefreut... Schön ist eine reine Untertreibung für die wunderschöne Küstenlandschaft und die atemberaubenden Strände hier in der Umgebung. Man kann hier so viele Dinge unternehmen, dass man schon viel länger bleiben müsste, um einen Großteil des Angebots auszuprobieren. Und nein, wir haben ihn nicht gewagt, den Bungee Jump von der höchsten Brücke der Welt (216m)!, Stattdessen haben wir tolle Wanderungen entlang der Küste im Robberg Nature Reserve und im Tsitsikamma National Park unternommen, haben die Elefanten im Knysna Elefantpark gestreichelt und gefüttert, waren zu Gast bei den "Birds of Eden" in einer riesigen Freitluftvoliere, shoppten am Saturday Market in Harkerville, statteten der netten Stadt Knysna einen Besuch ab und genossen die Aussicht auf die tolle Bucht. Vor allem aber ve ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay May 12th 2016

Hallihallo! Mittlerweile haben wir die wilden Tiere hinter uns gelassen - leider - denn der Aufenthalt im Gondwana Game Reserve war das absolute Highlight (und der absolute Verwöhn-Luxus) unserer Reise bisher. So nah waren wir Giraffen, Zebras und Co noch nie und seit heute Abend wissen wir auch, dass Kudus nicht nur lieb aussehen sondern auch lecker schmecken ;) Zwei der Big 5 fehlen uns allerdings noch: die Katzerln haben sich leider noch nicht von ihrer besten Seite gezeigt... Jetzt haben wir unsere Zelte in der Plettenberg Bay aufgeschlagen: sehr nett, mit super vielen Moeglichkeiten, tolle Dinge zu erleben! Von Elefanten streicheln über Affen besuchen, am Catwalk mit Löwen defilieren, Delfine suchen, wandern, bis hin zu Canopy und Bungee Jumping von der höchsten Brücke der Welt wird hier alles geboten. Und, hier haben wir IHN gefunden, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay July 13th 2015

They call it the Garden Route, all the way from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. I did this drive nearly 10 years ago missing few fun places on the way! This time, we first drive from Addo to Pletenberg in just short of three hours. We would base ourselves in Plettenberg for two nights. I went for a drink at "The Plet" hoping to get some oysters, but they were out of stock. So it would only be a nice Sauvignon Blanc. No "Plet" for us this time, we stay for our two nights in a B&B slash Backpacker with a nice kitchen. I have to admit, so far on this trip, we have raid the supermarkets for pretty amazing food. And yes, the "Plet" didn't qualify, because on this trip...I want a kitchen next to ... read more
Little sauvignon blanc at the Plettenberg....they had run out of oysters....not good!
But we found the oysters in Knysna!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay April 30th 2015

I peered out the window as we drove past the impoverished townships on the Cape Flats. Smoke was billowing out of a cluster of corrugated iron shacks, adding to the brown haze sitting directly above the slums. The haze was almost symbolic – a ceiling of pollution trapping the inhabitants below in their poverty. What greeted me in Stellenbosch was almost the complete opposite. Here was a leafy suburbia of manicured, tree-lined avenues dripping with wealth. It was like what you’d imagine if the golf club at Augusta was extrapolated into a town. Stellenbosch is famous chiefly for two things; the vineyards that surround it, and the university that makes up half the town. I felt like I had been dropped into an American college campus town, the sort that you’d might see on American Pie. ... read more
Stark Conde Estate
Lookout Beach, Plettenberg Bay

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay March 9th 2015

I'm speechless .... Today's experience with three African elephants rescued from traps and my girl Tandy who was cast out from her parade as they could not protect her due to poaching of the adults..... Here the ellies are being taught to overcome the traumas and with success, will one day return to life in the wilderness. Here is the video of that experience which I had at The Crags, in Plettenberg Bay, at the Elephant Sanctuary. Just look. There are no words. read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay March 9th 2015

Ok, this is not Addo or Kruger or any of the wild natural spaces where animals roam. Plettenberg Bay game reserve provides a definitely controlled element to the spaces where the lions, cheetahs and wild dogs roam. This is because the reserve is small, just 2,200 Ha and there are dairy farms close by. Bad idea to mix lions and cows. For the cows that is. Also there are imported species with some of the animals being indigenous and some are importations from other African countries. Having said that, if you want to be sure that you WILL see a huge variety of wild life living in open plains, within 2.5 hours on a guided drive.... This place is for you. Even with free roaming Addo under my belt, this place worked magic. Even without elephants ... read more
All the herds mix and mingle

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay November 16th 2014

Plettenberg Bay is as our Knokke from Belgium, clearly the richer part of South Africa, a well organised/clean town with their snobs. But again such a different beautiful landscape. A place we loved for the most beautiful beach we saw till now, the little shops and sofisticated restaurants for a nice croissant with a cappucino for breakfast or grilled calamari as dinner. Also a time for change where Florence took a quite calculated risk to let her hair being cut by an enthousiastic africain lady. Unfortunately, also the place where the easy communication through whatsapp ended, as her phone got stolen out of her sweater. Moreover, Plettenberg Bay offered us the second laundry done by the hostel of our trip in stead of washing it by hand.. An amazing feeling to get the whole clothing content ... read more
Coffee and croissant at Le Fournil
Le Fournil
Plettenberg Bay Beach

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