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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay July 8th 2010

The Art of Travel is, well, just that, an art, some have made it a fine art. But how far does one have to travel to find that exact spot? Do you travel far and wide, or do you find it on your front doorstep? It's wonderful that people do travel the world to find those outlandish places, learn about old and interesting things and it's wonderful that they come to my part of the world. My home is in The Crags, a semi-rural area just 20km East of the popular coastal town of Plettenberg Bay. Plett is in the Garden Route which is the southern part of the Western Cape in South Africa. Travel for me is a few minutes from home! At the kitchen window each morning, I look out across the Buffels River ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 30th 2010

I can not believe my month at the primate project has come to an end, I am really sorry to be leaving. Anyone who has spent time with primates can have any doubts where man originates, the similarities between primate and man is uncanny, they have the same social structures and interactions as human societies, and I swear I recognize some peoples in some of the monkeys, but no names mentioned. How anyone can harm these beautiful creatures is beyond my understanding. What Karen is doing with so little money and resources is amazing, I intent to support the project in some way in the future. This is Leanne & Mollys first visit to Africa, they came directly to the project for a month and are due to fly directly back to the UK from George ... read more
leanne 106
leanne 091
On top of Table Moutain

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 26th 2010

Today was a pretty awesome day for most of the day. I woke up excited for the HIGHEST BUNGY JUMP IN THE WORLD! We left the hostel at 8 am in order to get to our 10:30 reservations at Bloukrans Bridge which was about 2 hours away. However, with Hal’s driving we reached relatively quickly. The Bungy Jumping was AMAZING!!!!! Definitely worth every penny and I am so glad I did it. I can now say that I’ve bungy jumped the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. Ask me for more details when I get home. With some more crazy fast driving from Hal we made it in time for our round of 16 game (Uruguay vs. South Korea) despite the problems we had at the Bungy jump site. My seat was pretty far up, ... read more
World's Highest
Gettin Ready

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 24th 2010

We had a very exciting weekend; Karen got a call to say someone had found a baby baboon and would she take him, so we jumped in the car and drove th 2 hours to George to collect him. apparently you never know what to expect as some babies are very traumatized, but when we met him he was very calm. Leanne was going to act as a suragate mother for the next week and it was hoped that he would bond with Gombo in that time. On the drive home he just sat on Liannes knee sucking on jelly beans (you would not normally feed primates lolly's, but it was the only thing he would eat and we needed to keep him calm and happy for the journey), so we ended up naming him Bean. ... read more
Needs a cuddle
Meeting the monkeys
We can still see you

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 22nd 2010

Every couple of days or so, we have wild baboons visit, the property is part of their range and they come looking to pinch some of the monkeys food. The baboons are usually lead in by a female juvanial we call Aphrodite, she is very confident and sometimes comes alone to check things out. Amazingly the monkeys and the baboons seem to get on well. We just sit in the clearing observing them while they observe us. A Couple of days ago Molly and I were sitting at the far end of the clearing bordering the forest as it is the sunniest spot. We were reading and it took a while for us to realist the baboons had arrived. We were in a real good spot to watch them as they emerged from the forest into ... read more
I can see you!
Mr No Hands sharing is food

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 20th 2010

John took us to the local township called Kurland Village, we took lolly s for the children. For some reason all the kids call John Mr Kennedy, he thinks there is an American wrestler by that name, and because John has an Canadian accent the kids associate him, anyway as we were driving into the village and all the kids start shouting “Mr Kennedy have you got anything today”, he makes them line up and then we gave out the lolly's The township has all dirt roads, it has an old section, it is rows of old corrugated iron, packing cases, cardboard etc knocked together to make shelters. The newer section is the houses that the government is building that are given to the Africans. The houses are all small, simple, single level rectangular houses on ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 19th 2010

One or two of the moneys are a bit of the problems for us, maybe the see us as intruders or new females into their troop that need putting in place, we are not sure. Monki is one of them and is always threatening us, and as soon as she starts Coco is instantly there backing her up, so we have reverted to arming ourselves; molly carry's a mop, Lianne has a stick, and I have a length of plastic piping, and if all that fails we move to be near the dogs. Karen decided to put all the top monkeys in cages while she let 2 new monkeys out to explore and bond with some of the lower status monkeys. We thought it was haven as no more Monki & Coco chasing us. The 2 ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 17th 2010

It does not take long to get into a new way of life and routine; washing the food bowls, preparing the food, and feeding the monkeys. We usually walk the dogs, then may run some errands, then spend a couple of hours just sitting in the sun observing the monkeys. Its like a soap opera; who's playing with whom, who's fighting, who's having sex, who's grooming whom etc, and there is always a naughty group who love nothing better then jumping on us, undoing our laces, trying to pinch our stuff etc. Some days we go out sight seeing, we walked the Robberg Nature Trail, and went to Storms River Reserve, and we will often go for a walk on the beach at Natures Valley. In the evening its feeding the monkeys again, then cook our ... read more
Natures Valley
Walking the dogs
Robberg Reserve

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 12th 2010

Its amazing how soon you can tell the monkeys apart, they all have their own distinct look and personality. I will introduce the top monkeys in the troop and some of the other characters, and of course my favorites. The top two males: Mr No Hands - was rescued by Karen in area of Knysna, he was the alpha male of a wild troop, but had both hands chopped off by a trap, he healed & recovered (without human intervention), but had lost his position and so left the troop. He ended up alone and was surviving by raiding residential properties, and was in danger of being shot. After he settled at the farm, he became the alpha male of Karen's troop. Jack - was rescued from a township where he was kept as a pet ... read more
Mr No Hands

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay June 6th 2010

Karin Saks has been involved rescuing, raising, rehabilitating, and releasing primates most of her life originally with baboons. When Karen moved to this area about 2 years ago, she got orphan vervets to her and that is when she set up the charity. The farm is situated on approx. 27 hectares of native forest, at the back it borders a deep gorge with a stream at the bottom, that if you could follow would lead to the sea at Nature Valley. On all other sides of the land is farm land. The accommodation is a squat ugly ramshackled house, with no electricity and only cold running water, cooking is done on calor gas. There are 4 bedrooms, (my room is basic but comfortable) a bathroom, a large kitchen/living room, and feed room. When I first arrived ... read more

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