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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George March 16th 2018

Here we are, the second leg of this amazing golf trip. Once again, if golf is not your thing, this is clearly not for you. South Africa, I may repeat myself is today golf wise the best country in the world. You have over 500 courses, most of them open their courses warmly to outside visitors. This is also a bargain to play around the country. Around home, I have 7 courses, costing me way below 20usd per green fee on average. The closer you drive to Cape Town, the more the price raise, but this is still pretty reasonable. Imagine, I paid 150usd to pay the Links, ranked by Golf Digest first in South Africa, and 34th in the world if you exclude the US courses. Over these few days, its was each day one ... read more
Beautiful beach out of Plettenberg...
Montagu course,  Fancourt
Truly nice meal in Gorge...

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George May 6th 2014

It occurred to me when we woke up this morning facing a trip to George Airport that perhaps someone might see that as a trip in the travelblog sense of the word; and that it would be another good practise run before our travels DownUnder kick in again in June. I am really trying to get the hang of matching photographs to the best spots in the narration. I must say it would be so much easier if one could do the whole thing on Publisher and then paste it into the blogpost. It’s back to Singapore and Djakarta time for Lizziluv. Was great having her here for just over a week and we more than usual spent some really quality time together. It’s a 200km schlep to the George Airport but I still say I’d ... read more
George Airport

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George March 28th 2013

Geo: -33.9739, 22.4669... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George January 21st 2012

Mit hungrigem Magen machten wir uns uns am Morgen auf Richtung George. Auf dem Weg wollten wir zum Frühstück auf einen Markt gehen. Leider machte uns das schlechte Wetter einen Strich durch die Rechnung - wer hat schon Lust bei Regen draußen zu Essen.? Also Planänderung und ein ausgiebiges Frühstück in Knysna - einem schönem, kleinen Ort direkt am Meer. Auf dem Weg zum Cafe wurden wir noch von ein paar netten Shops aufgehalten, wo wir zwangsweise etwas Geld lassen mussten. Das Frühstück war herrlich und kugelrund fuhren wir weiter nach George, wo wir Dank Bettinas Punkten 2 Tage Luxus im Hyatt einlegen dürfen. Unser Zimmer mit risengroßen Betten und Blick aufs Meer ist ein Traum. Da das Wetter leider nicht besser wurde, "mussten" wir einen Wellness Tag einschieben und gönnten uns jeder eine Stunde Massage. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George June 2nd 2010

What a difference a 2 hour flight south makes, I landed in the morning in George, a town situated on a route that runs from Port Elizabeth along the coast to Cape Town. It is a stunning coastline with multimillion dollar properties jostling for the best positions overlooking endless golden beaches, estuaries and bays with a backdrop of mountains. The small towns dotted along the route are pretty with small cafes & shops. The atmosphere is relaxed and majority of areas are clean & tidy. Unemployment is a lot less here, but there is an obvious difference between wealthy & poor. There is still crime here, but it is nothing like Jo'burg, and people outwardly feel safer here. You can understand why a lot of people from Jo'burg are moving to this area. I was met ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George December 28th 2008

After leaving Cape Town we hopped on the Baz Bus (the way backpackers travel around South Africa) and went along the Garden Route to George. A very leafy green town. It is on the east coast and the place people from, Jo berg or Pretoria come for holidays. Many people have weekenders here and with such lovely coastline and lush national forests you can see why. The first night we got here the backpackers were having a braai (pronounced bra) which is a local version of a barbeque (just don't call it that in front of them). Cooking the meat over hot coals seems to bring out more flavour and we enjoyed a yummy meal expertly cooked by Pete and listened to a two piece band playing. Yesterday we drove down to Knysna (pronounced Nize-na) another ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George June 19th 2008

yesterday from graham's town there was a very strong headwind for everyone traveling west through frontier land towards george and cape town. with an overcast sky and a good chill the conditions were unfavorable for motorcycling. the road itself is three lanes wide and divided, pitch black pavement with fresh shining yellow and white stripes with long beautiful cars speeding along. i spend my time in the shoulder. for the past three days the bike has been good to me, i figure it must be the fresh road, there is at least one major complication related to the bike per day. these three delayed complications yesterday combined and produced the singular event of an explosion and a white cloud of smoke as i was buzzing at a hundred kilometers an hour downhill on the freeway. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George January 4th 2008

Visting friends who have moved to a Protea farm near George. ... read more
House on road to Farm
Andrew on farm
Touring the farm

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George May 22nd 2007

God morgon! Kallaste natten hittills i natt. Hade fyra täcken och underställ, har även införskaffat ett par rosa pälsliknande innetofflor a la moonboots som är helt klart det bästa köpet här i afrika vem kunde ha anat? Ska lägga upp bilder så fort tillfälle bjuds!!! Var nästan i tid till jobbet idag, har kom bara tio minuter sent, jag tror att det var den piskande kylan som gjorde att man inte kunde gå annat än snabbt till jobbet. Vi bor 15 minuter ifrån kontoret i ett "vitt" och väldigt fint område. Vi är de enda vita som går på mornarna. Alla som bor i området har stora landrovers som rullar ut på caledonstreet. Varje hus har höga murar med diverse taggar eller vassa saker som taggtråd upptill. de har även en högst övervakad och låst ingång. ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » George May 21st 2007

En regnig Måndag i George Jag trodde det var varmt i Afrikat men tji fick jag, sitter i vår lägenhet och allt är ganska misär just nu. Det är riktigt kallt. Jag kan se min andedräkt framför mig när jag andas ut. Man brydde sig inte riktigt om att isolera när man byggde vårt lilla hus och element är det inte tal om. Ändå kommer vintern en gång om året även hit till george. Imorse hade det kommit snö på bergen runt george. Eftersom vi bor i ett litet hus precis brevid chefens stora villa funderar jag på om det är så att tjänstefolken bodde här förr. (förr läs:1994!) Alltså de som såg till att det stora huset bredvid vårat fungerade var städat och hade en prunkande trädgård. Mina tankar söker sig allt för ofta ... read more

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