Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa

Published: May 14th 2010
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Buckle up...this is a lot of photos! In the couple days prior to our arrival in Richard’s Bay, the arrangements for our safari were finalized. Once we docked in Richard’s Bay, South Africa, our group of eight was taken to the Richard’s Bay Airport where we boarded a 10-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan for our 90-minute charter flight to the Mala Mala Camp private airstrip. We were met by Ryan,... Read Full Entry

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Stops to Wash UpStops to Wash Up
Stops to Wash Up

As all cats do, he stops to clean himself as we watch.
Stops for a DrinkStops for a Drink
Stops for a Drink

He stops to get some water at a small pond.
Stops Again to PreenStops Again to Preen
Stops Again to Preen

Wants to be sure he's clean before hunting for dinner.
Gives Us a PoseGives Us a Pose
Gives Us a Pose

Turn to the right please. He just sits there and poses for us.
And He is Off!And He is Off!
And He is Off!

After the pose, away he goes.
Down the RoadDown the Road
Down the Road

We enjoyed watching our leopard and left him in peace as he strolled down the road into the dark. Greg's Rover is in front of us.

After the leopard left we saw a water thick-knee wassertriel on the road.
Female LionFemale Lion
Female Lion

Not long after our leopard experience, a female lion is spotted walking along the road. Unfortunately, our time with her was not long.
I See YouI See You
I See You

Just after we headed out for our first early morning game drive, we spotted this impala who gives us that stare look.

The sun is coming up on this mornings' drive.
Rhino PitRhino Pit
Rhino Pit

The male rhino will dig out a territory by creating these pits where he will deficate. The female will place her scent in areas around the pit if she is interested. The male will leave his scent as he goes from pit-to-pit. If all is right, they will get together.
Rhino in the RoadRhino in the Road
Rhino in the Road

Oh boy...where do we go now?
Picked Up a Few RidersPicked Up a Few Riders
Picked Up a Few Riders

The rhino has picked up a few bodyguards.
Ryan the TrackerRyan the Tracker
Ryan the Tracker

Ryan is checking some of the recent tracks. Anytime he leaves the vehicle he has to take the rifle with him...just in case.
Cool SpiderCool Spider
Cool Spider

We saw several of these in webs.

Ryan spotted this millipede on the road.
Check Out Those Legs!Check Out Those Legs!
Check Out Those Legs!

He stopped and showed us the incredible number of legs they have.
Burchell's StarlingBurchell's Starling
Burchell's Starling

We saw quite a few of these beautiful blue birds.
Red-billed HornbillRed-billed Hornbill
Red-billed Hornbill

Same family as the yellow-billed
African Green PigeonAfrican Green Pigeon
African Green Pigeon

Another pretty bird.
Hi ThereHi There
Hi There

This elephant appears interested in us.

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