Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa

Published: May 14th 2010
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Buckle up...this is a lot of photos! In the couple days prior to our arrival in Richard’s Bay, the arrangements for our safari were finalized. Once we docked in Richard’s Bay, South Africa, our group of eight was taken to the Richard’s Bay Airport where we boarded a 10-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan for our 90-minute charter flight to the Mala Mala Camp private airstrip. We were met by Ryan,... Read Full Entry

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These spotted hyaenas can be pretty hyper when they're feeling any danger.
A Cute FaceA Cute Face
A Cute Face

These wild carnivores do have a cute face.
Gotta Go!Gotta Go!
Gotta Go!

He's got that look on his face.
Pretty FurPretty Fur
Pretty Fur

These hyaenas do have a pretty pelt.

Near the two hyaenas, a sidestriped jackal watches closely.
Termite MoundTermite Mound
Termite Mound

We saw many of these mounds in the bush. Ryan told us a termite mound was an indication of where water was located.
Yellow-billed HornbillYellow-billed Hornbill
Yellow-billed Hornbill

These are very interesting birds that we saw periodically.

We saw quite a few of these beautiful creatures. Caught this one munching on a tree with his tail in motion.
Everyone SurvivesEveryone Survives
Everyone Survives

This giraffe eats from this thorny tree and the birds eat bugs on his fur. The giraffe are able to eat from these trees and have a way of digesting the thorns.
Who Me?Who Me?
Who Me?

This one peeks his head up to see what's going on.
Watching the GiraffesWatching the Giraffes
Watching the Giraffes

The other group took us watching the giraffes.
Grace in MotionGrace in Motion
Grace in Motion

These giraffes glide stage right.
Elephant FamilyElephant Family
Elephant Family

This family of elephants ranges in various sizes from huge to baby.
Break That RefreshesBreak That Refreshes
Break That Refreshes

This big guy just had to go.
Our First SundownerOur First Sundowner
Our First Sundowner

The rangers talk just before sundown and we meet to have drinks and snacks and watch the sunset.
We MeetWe Meet
We Meet

The other Rover arrives at the same time.
A ToastA Toast
A Toast

Annette raises her glass to our first game drive. Ryan was sure to tell us not to stray far from the site.
Oh My a LeopardOh My a Leopard
Oh My a Leopard

After the sun has set, we continue the drive. The rangers use a powerful hand-held spot light as they drive. Lo and behold Ryan sees our first leopard in the distance and we watch him closely.
He ApproachesHe Approaches
He Approaches

The leopard gracefully walks toward us.
Not IntimidatedNot Intimidated
Not Intimidated

The cat pays no attention to us.
He Walks Past Our VehicleHe Walks Past Our Vehicle
He Walks Past Our Vehicle

Even with the spotlight on him, he walks right past us.

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