Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa

Published: May 14th 2010
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Buckle up...this is a lot of photos! In the couple days prior to our arrival in Richard’s Bay, the arrangements for our safari were finalized. Once we docked in Richard’s Bay, South Africa, our group of eight was taken to the Richard’s Bay Airport where we boarded a 10-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan for our 90-minute charter flight to the Mala Mala Camp private airstrip. We were met by Ryan,... Read Full Entry

Photos are below
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Look at His HornsLook at His Horns
Look at His Horns

They have an interesting blue and rust tone in them. He just keeps grazing as we watch.
No Class!No Class!
No Class!

Don't you think you forgot to wipe? How would you like to be one of those birds? This buffalo doesn't seem to care.

He's had enough of us and ambles away. This is the only one we saw, but sure glad we did. He checked off the last box for our Big Five.
Grey-Headed KingfisherGrey-Headed Kingfisher
Grey-Headed Kingfisher

A real pretty bird with great colors.
Give Me a KissGive Me a Kiss
Give Me a Kiss

These two Southern black flycatchers are getting a bit chummy.
Four Southern Black FlycatchersFour Southern Black Flycatchers
Four Southern Black Flycatchers

It's like a gang thing...or maybe they're talking about politics.
Lilac-Breasted RollerLilac-Breasted Roller
Lilac-Breasted Roller

Another beautiful bird with many colors.

A pretty animal.
The Camp From Across the RiverThe Camp From Across the River
The Camp From Across the River

A view of the camp with an elephant in the foreground.
An Interesting GroupingAn Interesting Grouping
An Interesting Grouping

Impalas and baboons. It's like, who's neighborhood is this.
Baboons on the RunBaboons on the Run
Baboons on the Run

They're running away from us.
Saddle-Billed StorkSaddle-Billed Stork
Saddle-Billed Stork

An amazing bird! We were driving along the road and Doug spotted the red color out of the corner of his eye and we went back.
Look at Those Legs!Look at Those Legs!
Look at Those Legs!

He was not intimidated by our presence.
Talk to Us Talk to Us
Talk to Us

He made a bunch of noise. A beautiful reflection.
What a Beek!What a Beek!
What a Beek!

Look at the color in the beek...and a long beek at that.
Nice Pose!Nice Pose!
Nice Pose!

He gives us one more great reflection shot.
Impala PracticingImpala Practicing
Impala Practicing

These impalas are practicing as mating season is coming up and the males will fight for the females.

On his own today.
Some Fun SparringSome Fun Sparring
Some Fun Sparring

These two elephants are having some playful wrestling.
Time to Cool OffTime to Cool Off
Time to Cool Off

These two elephants are headed into the river.
Pay Attention!Pay Attention!
Pay Attention!

Looks like one is trying to get the others attention or have a private conversation.

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