Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa

Published: May 14th 2010
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Buckle up...this is a lot of photos! In the couple days prior to our arrival in Richard’s Bay, the arrangements for our safari were finalized. Once we docked in Richard’s Bay, South Africa, our group of eight was taken to the Richard’s Bay Airport where we boarded a 10-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan for our 90-minute charter flight to the Mala Mala Camp private airstrip. We were met by Ryan,... Read Full Entry

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Look into My EyesLook into My Eyes
Look into My Eyes

His hypnotic eyes looked right through us.

He stopped right in front of us, layed down...and suddenly exploded with a series roars.
State of Bliss!State of Bliss!
State of Bliss!

He appears to be making a wish...maybe that we would go away.
Yoo Hoo!Yoo Hoo!
Yoo Hoo!

Not paying a bit of attention to us.
Nice Pose!Nice Pose!
Nice Pose!

Like he's trying to get on the cover of National Geographic.
Let Us See Those TeethLet Us See Those Teeth
Let Us See Those Teeth

After a few more bellowing roars, he settles down.
Stay With UsStay With Us
Stay With Us

Your eyes are getting heavy...
Pleasant DreamsPleasant Dreams
Pleasant Dreams

Not worried about us at all, he lays down for 40 winks. At that point we decided to leave him in peace. It was an amazing 30-minutes watching him.
Our RangersOur Rangers
Our Rangers

Just before our last game drive, Greg and Ryan give us their best ranger pose.
Just Gotta Go!Just Gotta Go!
Just Gotta Go!

This rhino just couldn't hold it till we left.

Just missed the huge dung that left his body. Looks like he's taking our picture.
Hi ShortyHi Shorty
Hi Shorty

A giraffe came to see us before going home.
A Little NibbleA Little Nibble
A Little Nibble

Hard to believe they get so big on a few leaves.
Lone HyaenaLone Hyaena
Lone Hyaena

We came upon this lone hyaena at this water hole.

He's coming toward us to get a closer look.
Cute PuppyCute Puppy
Cute Puppy

If you didn't know better, you might think this was anyones pet.
Crest GuineafowlCrest Guineafowl
Crest Guineafowl

A flock of guineafowl meander up the road.
Puff AdderPuff Adder
Puff Adder

Very poisonous!!! He makes his way across the road.

They have pretty antlers.
Hippos in the RiverHippos in the River
Hippos in the River

Four or five of them keeping cool.
Hippos at PlayHippos at Play
Hippos at Play

One of them is having a great time.

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