Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa

Published: May 14th 2010
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Buckle up...this is a lot of photos! In the couple days prior to our arrival in Richard’s Bay, the arrangements for our safari were finalized. Once we docked in Richard’s Bay, South Africa, our group of eight was taken to the Richard’s Bay Airport where we boarded a 10-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan for our 90-minute charter flight to the Mala Mala Camp private airstrip. We were met by Ryan,... Read Full Entry

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View From the Deck to the LeftView From the Deck to the Left
View From the Deck to the Left

The camp is extremely well maintained.

We enjoyed our first lunch on the deck with Ryan and Greg.
The PoolThe Pool
The Pool

They have a small work-out room and an infinity pool.

Great flowers everywhere.
More ColorMore Color
More Color

Another pretty flower.
Our First Game Drive!Our First Game Drive!
Our First Game Drive!

At 4:00 o'clock we met Ryan and Greg and climbed in the Land Rovers for our first drive...exciting. We were four to a vehicle which was great.
Nils Briefs UsNils Briefs Us
Nils Briefs Us

Nils, the general manager, gives us a few of the rules like no getting out of the vehicle and no standing up. Enjoy!

Our first view were Nyalas. The males are larger and have horns. The females are in the foreground.

These cute creatures are everywhere. When we weren't seeing any of the big game animals, they were always around. Unfortunately for them, they are prey for a number of the other animals.
A Group of WildebeestA Group of Wildebeest
A Group of Wildebeest

These are blue wildebeest.

These creatures are very stately and look very powerful.
See Ya LaterSee Ya Later
See Ya Later

He's not impressed.
Road BlockRoad Block
Road Block

A few rhinos in the road blocking traffic.
White RhinocerosWhite Rhinoceros
White Rhinoceros

These huge creatures are strictly grass eaters. Can you imagine how they get this large on a grass diet?

These three rhinos are just grazing.
Who is Your Friend?Who is Your Friend?
Who is Your Friend?

Many of the animals attract these little birds that eat the bugs and parasites off their skin.
Whisper it to MeWhisper it to Me
Whisper it to Me

The bird is now checking out the menu in his ear.
Red-Billed Ox PeckerRed-Billed Ox Pecker
Red-Billed Ox Pecker

This little bird that likes to feed on this rhino is a red-billed ox pecker.
Not Quite RoadblocksNot Quite Roadblocks
Not Quite Roadblocks

These spotted hyaenas are in the middle of the road.
Hope We are Not Bothering You?Hope We are Not Bothering You?
Hope We are Not Bothering You?

This guy isn't real motivated to move.

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