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Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali December 5th 2016

It is coming to 12:00am, and we have been climbing up and down of this steep volcano for over 1 and half hours. As we continued with the rest of the group passing through the stinging nettles, the bamboo as well as the mud, my eyes quietly glanced at these beautiful primates. I hurriedly called my friend Tom and then whispered saying there they are……. It was always my pleasure to do something special on my birthday and here I was trekking the mountain gorillas on the day of my birthday. Tom and I wanted to do something special and so chose to visit these unique primates. I became 29 years old today and this has been the most precious gift in my life. Tracking these mountain gorillas has been the most precious gift to me ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali March 22nd 2016

Today was our last day for some of us, as the trip officially ended tomorrow, but I had to leave early so Alison could go on her vacation, and a couple others were in the same boat. Our breakfast at 7, left the hotel by 8 and our drive to Kigali from Musanze was just over 2 hours and we got to the Genocide Museum in a decent amount of time. A very sobering experience and I was looking forward to going while at the same time dreading the after effects of it. I’ve been to a few memorials now, and they are never a positive experience but we as a society can hopefully learn and grow from it and one day somehow, find a way to end all the hatred that is out there. We ... read more
Genocide Museum
Wall of Names
Genocide Museum

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali February 18th 2016

A few overland trucks stopped by while I was around and I had a good time reminiscing how the long organized tours could be. Other than that there was a few characters that would show up on the regular such as Jean D’Amore. This cat was amazeballs….He was one of the best politician personality types that I have ever met…if that makes sense…he was soooo funny and had something to say in such a correct but funny way that I always laughed and supported whatever weird nonsense he was spouting. LOVED IT. Not only was he a funny man, but finishing up his PhD and running all kinds of charity things and UN work, etc etc etc. This guy also had a flock of turkeys in his city center home as well as a bunch of ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali February 7th 2016

Rwanda 1-29-16 Rwanda $1Us=747 Rwandan Franc Toi thuc day luc 5PM. Toi nghe chim bat dau hot. 6AM toi buoc ra bo ho de xem canh binh minh trten bo ho lon nhay Phi Chau. Toi rat ngac nhien canh tri ben bo ho rat tho mong voi nhung con Crane to lon di tim moi ben bo ho tr4ong veo kjhong gon song voi tung chiec thuyen nho cheo ngoai khoi ytao nen phong canh ra5t tinhy tu. Hon nua 15 phut sau mat troi bat dau lo dang pgan chieu tren mat ho tao nen mot canh tuong tuyet dep. Oi say me chup hinh va buoc tung buoc mot den gan cac con chim lon de chup hinh . Toi chup tat ca cac loai hinh ma toi co the ngi ra luc ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali August 1st 2015

Every year many of the VWB interns make a weekend trip to Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, and this year Brit and I were joined by Sue, Janaya, and Chantara from the LCP program, as well as Anna, for the weekend trip. The genocide occurred in 1994 and since then the country has undergone an incredible transformation making it a night and day difference from Uganda. But before I go into all that let me just talk a bit about the journey to get there using good ol’ Ugandan public transport. Well before you can take the bus, you have to figure which bus to take and get tickets. Back home this would be a simple endeavour but like most things here, it is far more challenging than it needs to be. We start asking ... read more
Mass grave at Nyamata Church
Nyamata Church
Mass grave at Nyamata Church

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali June 30th 2015

We crossed the border into Uganda 10 days ago and were greeted by a very "friendly" man at Uganda customs who did not like the looks of our $20 bills - we had to pay for our visas in US $ - he told us to go back to Kenya. We persuaded him to take 5 of our finest bills and after the line grew to 10 people he grudgingly accepted. Welcome to Uganda! Our first stop was Jinja, a town famed for housing the source of the Nile River. While the sight of the source was not super impressive, in concept we found it pretty cool. We spent a day getting used to things in Uganda, rode a boda-boda, ate delicious local food and did what we do best - wander aimlessly. We ended up ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali April 17th 2015

As mentioned in another blog, following our successful mountain gorilla expedition, it left us with a free day with which we headed into Rwanda for a day trip. The border crossing was a bit of a mission but we made it in and I was surprised at how green and vibrant the road was into Kigala, the capital of Rwanda. The roads were also in fantastic condition – in complete contrast to the rest of Africa! We made it into the capital and our first stop was the Genocide museum for some ‘tourism of tears’. I had visited a few of these type of places in my travel – Buchenwald in Germany, Auschwitz in Poland, the Killing Fields in Cambodia and various other war memorials but it is still horrific to read about what people do ... read more
On the way to Kigali #2
On the way to Kigali #3
On the way to Kigali #4

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali October 29th 2014

This very disturbing but true and must be shared. It's the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Francine and I can remember the reporting on the television. It was suppose to be a civil war of the warring ethnic groups. However being here we learned it was 100 days of killing the minority who were also the richest and most educated, the Tutsi. This was a systematic plan that had been constructed to take place. The government In power, the Hutu was the majority of people who represented the lower class, it had nothing to do with ethic classes as Rwandan people were of one language, same heritage and one country. It was a division started by the colonization by the German's and then the Belgium's, Who perpetuated the idea of ethnic groups. ... read more
Mass graves
Wall of rememberance

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali September 30th 2014

Welcome everyone to 2 Blondes on holiday travel this is Angie and I started out the day ahead of Francine so I traveled from Columbus to Philadelphia and then from Philadelphia I traveled to Doho, Qatar. Traveling here was very interesting because we went south of Greenland,Iceland came down between Norway and Denmark proceeded through Germany,Poland other Eastern European countries all the way to Istanbul Turkey where we turn due south traveling over some very questionable Middle Eastern countries to Doho. Then flew on to Entebbe then arrived in Kigali, Rwanda. Smooth flying all the way. Francine up at 5am for one last cycle training ride. Off to work For the day. Then depart Broome Western Australia for 10pm arrival at Perth International. ugh doesnt depart Perth until 6am. First time I have slept on ... read more
A King Kong Moment
Diane fosey's hotel and ours

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali July 11th 2014

Leandra and I took one Friday off from Kihefo so we could meet up with the rest of the U of S girls and go to Rwanda for the weekend. The girls, Gena, Thea, Heather and Lindsay made their way to Kabale early in the afternoon where we hired a driver to take us to Kigali, the capital city. The Rwanda border is only a short drive away from where Leandra and I stay so we made it there in less than 45 minutes. At the border, they took all our passports, visas and paperwork at the same time while we waited off to the side. While we were waiting, people behind us in line would come and go, as they were still processing our information. Eventually, after about 45 minutes they started to hand back ... read more
Paved roads and traffic lights!
Genocide memorial
Mass burial

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