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Africa » Reunion August 2nd 2017

Okay, so when we realized our bikes would be arriving late, if ever, we decided to buy a plane ticket to a beach for the last week of our trip. The original plan was to bike to Tamatave (Madagascar) and then go a little further north to get a ferry to Ile aux Nattes. But, given the delay that would not be possible. So we looked for plane tickets and the 30 minute domestic flight was over $500 round trip - holy cow! So we looked at other nearby destinations, Reunion and Mauritius. The cheapest flights were to Reunion and the dates and times worked out. So, click, the decision was made. We've spent just over a week here and this is what we've done: -sat on beaches -read -consumed tap water! -consumed champagne at sunset ... read more
Boucan Canot beach

Africa » Madagascar » Antsirabe July 23rd 2017

Wow, so a lot has happened since the last update... 7/15/17 We decided we were well enough to head out on the bikes. We had asked a local guy who reportedly knew the roads very well and he assured us that our selected route could be done in a day by bikes. So feeling confident and ready to ride, we headed out of Morondava in the direction of Belo sur Mer around 6:30am. We caught the sunrise outside of town and really enjoyed the first 15 miles. Some of it on the highway with lots of other bikes and zebu carts, some of it dirt road through local villages and farms and a supersweet 'this is biking in Madagascar' river crossing. After the river crossing the next 10 miles or so were okay. Mostly rideable with ... read more
First 5 miles of dirt road were passable
River crossing
Each village produced a parade

Africa » Madagascar July 14th 2017

We made it to the town of Morondava, first stop Chez Maggie to meet Gary (owner/trip coordinator for Renote River Expeditions). We had a beverage, chatted and he helped us find accommodation in town. Not only did he help us arrange our river trip, while we were on the river he did some foot work in locating our bikes. Surprise, surprise, they arrived in Madagascar on July 3rd. So a few emails later, with the help of Gary and the owner of a hotel in Antananarivo, our bikes were on our way to us! It would be a couple days, so we headed to Kirindy National Park hoping to see some wildlife. Oh man, we were so pleasantly surprised. We stayed in a bungalow right in the park and were greeted within an hour of arrival ... read more
Allee des baobaobs
Allee des baobaobs

So we figured out how to get to the middle of nowhere and guess what, there are villages there. So we traveled via taxi-brousse, without bikes, to a fork in the road, got off and then walked 10 kilometers to the town of Ampefy on Lake Itasy. We spent 2 nights in very basic accommodation and went for a long walk around the lake through villages and lush farm land. Lots of local people, children and zebu carts. The guide for the next part of our journey found us using vaziha (pronounced waza) radar. Vaziha means white person, so basically he asked around town until we were tracked down. We were picked up early in the morning on July 2nd by our guide from Remote River Expeditions, then we proceeded to travel to the middle of ... read more
Lake Itasy at dusk
Village living - near Ampefy
Lake Itasy

We decided to take a trip to see some wildlife to get our minds off waiting for the bikes. It was chilly and drizzly, but the wildlife was amazing! Check out the pictures and stay tuned for the next post to see whether or not our bikes arrived. Animals seen so far: Leaf tailed gecko Parsons chameleon Brown lemur Indrindri Short horned chameleon Nose horn (rhinoceros) chameleon Wooly lemur malagasy scops owl... read more
Excellent camouflage
Tiny chameleon

Africa » Madagascar » Antananarivo June 26th 2017

43 hours after leaving our apartment, we walked into Tana-Jacaranda Hotel. The good news, we made it. The bad news, our bikes didn't. Not quite sure where they are, but hopeful they'll be catching up with us soon. We had a lovely lay over in Dublin, took the bus into town, walked around a bit, and had a Guinness and some pub food before heading back to the airport. We landed on the day of the pride parade, so the city was draped in rainbow flags and the streets were full of colorful (literally) folks. We continued our journey via Addis Ababa, and eventually boarded our flight and took off for Antananarivo. Upon arrival, we endured the 2 hour process of getting our visa stamps and waiting to pass through the one and only customs clerk ... read more
Dublin cathedral
Temple bar
The first supper

Well, in about 75 minutes we will be heading to the airport for our 2nd bike trip. Everything is packed and ready to go! I will feel much better after we have checked our bags and cleared security as traveling with bikes is also a little extra stressful. We will try to update the blog when we can, but not sure what sort of internet we can expect. Until next time, Alyssa and Andrew... read more
our tiny tent
test ride

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 5th 2016

After a long day of travel, we arrived in Surat Thani, Thailand. We found a place to stay found some pad thai from a street vendor, washed it down with a beer and called it a night. Phew! Next day we boarded a bus, then boat, then songthaew (think bus/truck with seats in the pickup part) and arrived at our first beach destination. We spent the next 5 nights at Treehouse Silent Bungalow on Mae Nam beach on Koh Samui. It was lovely, days spent roaming beaches, reading, swimming and sitting in the sun. What's not to like? Andrew went scuba diving while I stayed back and got a massage - life there was pretty good. We found a quiet, small get away on an island jam-packed with so many tourists and so much development. While ... read more
Koh Samui - Mae Nam beach
Koh Samui - Mae Nam beach
Koh Samui - Mae Nam beach

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town July 25th 2016

Oh Mandalay, you're so hot and hectic, and we really tried to embrace you, but alas we had to leave you... The heat, the crazy busy streets we navigated on bikes dodging semis and motorbikes (no helmets), and lack of sidewalks or abundance of busted/sewer exposing sidewalks all added to the experience. We really did enjoy our time in Mandalay, but it wasn't our favorite place in Myanmar. On the first evening we arrived, we wandered around a bit and did my favorite thing, explored a huge supermarket. We decided to have a night in, our hotel room was quite nice and the market had wine that looked drinkable, convenience noodles (think giant cup of noodles one can buy in China or Chinatown), and chips! Success! The next day we rented bikes and headed to the ... read more
So sweaty - Mandalay
Reality - Mandalay
Happy cow - Mandalay

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake July 19th 2016

Well some time has passed and we are still loving Myanmar! One thing I don't love, however, is the tech take over... There are literally no Internet cafes and one is expected to have a wifi operating device and well I just don't want to be that connected while traveling. So I complain, but here I am typing a travel blog on my phone, to the sound of a monk chanting at a nearby monastery. Back to the good stuff - so we spent some time in a lovely little mountain town called Kalaw. We walked around the town, through the local market, up the surrounding hills to viewpoints and to the nearby temples and monasteries. It rained off and on for the two days we spent there, but we still really enjoyed the clean, crisp ... read more
Market - Kalaw
Market - Kalaw
City view - Kalaw

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