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Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora April 14th 2019

A small date stone props up the water jar ~ Moroccan Proverb HE SAID... Today we were travelling southeast from Ait Benhaddou to Zagora (via Ouarzazate). After a quick visit to a women’s carpet weaving cooperative down the road from our hotel, we piled into a minibus and left the quiet dusty village of Ait Benhaddou at 9:30am. We were travelling to the city of Ouarzazate (a mere 30km away), but a last minute change of plan saw us detour into the Atlas Film Studios, which are located on the outskirts of Ouarzazate. We were given the option of a guided tour of the studios, but we declined. We opted instead to relax in the internal courtyard of Hotel Oscar while we waited for our film-buff travellers to complete their tour. The hotel was conveniently located ... read more
mint tea and biscuits
kasbah de taourirt
kasbah de taourirt

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora April 5th 2015

SUNDAY 5TH APRIL 2015 - We are so relieved that all three teams have been reunited and have rested up in Zagora overnight. They were planning on heading off around 10 this morning after a hearty breakfast for the start of their homeward journey. It has been quite an adventure with plenty of ups and downs, but they are still in good spirits and feeling very accomplished at having reached Mhamid together! They hope to get as far as Marrakech this evening. A HUGE thank you to Sally for uploading so many wonderful photos for us all to enjoy. I have attached a selection of some of the scenery over the last few days as they travelled through the Atlas to down to Mhamid (pay no attention to the date stamp - oops!)... read more
breakfast zagora1

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora March 31st 2015

Geo: 30.33, -5.86"Holy Hell I look like Shrek!" was my response on waking with the jarring Call to Prayer and stumbling into the bathroom. My eyelids had swollen to twice their normal size - I had woken several times during the night, coughing and sneezing, but assumed that this was the remnants of the cold that had been plaguing me for the entire trip. It would now appear that there had been some form of allergen in the room - animal hair would be my first culprit, followed closely by feathers - both guaranteed to leave me looking like David Guest after 8 rounds with Tyson. I prised my eyes open long enough to stagger out of the door and appreciate the sun rising majestically over Ait Ben Haddou from our terrace before heading to the ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora May 19th 2013

Today we had an excursion booked to go to the Zagora desert. Early start of 6.30am we had breakfast (consisting of many bread products) and of course Moroccan tea. The mini bus ride was a long ass drive, around 10 hours, but we had many stops and it was beautiful as we drove through the Atlas Mountains. We also visited the kasbah, Ait Benhaddou in which some families still live today (Wiki it if you fancy). Once we finally arrived to the desert, we were met by the Berbers and a bunch of camels who led us to our site. The camel trek was a fun experience. We sat down on the sand and drank tea and got to know the others in the group and the Berbers. By this time the sun was setting and ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora April 23rd 2013

Geo: 30.33, -5.86Salut tout le monde,Quelle journée, du paradis à un autre paradis tout en passant par l'enfer.Commencons par notre soirée d'hier. La famille que nous pensions dérangante ont été super le fun. Papa et ses 3 enfants (des francais), ont bavardé avec nous puis le frère de la proprio est venue nous jouer de la musique berbère. Nous avons jouer aussi, dansé. Nous avons eu droit à un costume (enfin des jellabas, des robes pour les femmes avec le foulard sur la tête, Bien la je ressemblait vraiment a Fatima (comme on m'avait déjà appelé avec Réjean.)Ils nous ont préparé un repas digne d'un maharadja. Un couscous incroyable et franchement trop gros pour deux.Les jeunes ont eu vraiment du plaisirs avec nos niaseries que nous avons f... read more
En attendant notre taxis
Notre lift
En route de Agdz

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora March 20th 2013

Zagora Extreme Marathon (and half marathon) In the last couple of years we have attended a few half marathon races abroad. We have run races in Berlin, Bratislava, Barcelona and San Jose. When we were making plans for this journey we found out that there was a race in the town Zagora in the days we were in Morocco. We decided to go to Zagora and make this race a part of our trip. The race is called Zagora Extreme Marathon and is different from all other races we have run because it is off road or trail. We had the option of running either a full marathon or a half marathon. We decided to run the shorter distance and that was good choice because the full marathon really owns up to its name extreme marathon. ... read more
The start of the race
Dirt road
Rocks and loose sand

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora October 3rd 2012

Well after finally managing to tear ourselves away from the pool, we picked a route to Merzouga in Erg Chebbi via Afroud in the Saharra. I plugged the co-ordinates for the dessert stop another overlander, Mac had given us and it recognised the route we had looked at on the map so off we went. The route to Afroud was really good as the views were different again with the road dipping down and across a river bed, where the river had erroded the sides to look like a mini grand canyon. At the end of the road it joined a main road which was interesting as we saw our first dunes, and Afroud was nothing special, just another town that has a main road run through it. Just ouside of Merzouga the Sat nav didn't ... read more
Morocco 026
Morocco 043
Morocco 088

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora September 12th 2007

September 11, 2007 - Marrekech We scheduled a bus for Zagora, an overnight trip through a private company called SATA. The Moraccan bus system is crazy. We arrived an hour early and there was barely standing room. The tickets were handwritten, therefor barely legible even by the other Moraccans. We were lucky enough to be the first ones to load the luggage and the first ones on the bus, well, we shoved a bit. After finding our assigned seats, mind you we dont speak French, Berber, Arabic, another pissed off Moraccan wanted our seats and tried convincing us we werent supossed to sit there. In the mean time, friends and family load up on the bus to say goodbye to passengers making it confusing and a mess for other passengers trying to find their seats. It ... read more
Sunrise Over the Dune
Tombouctou 52 Jours
At the Berber Bivouac

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora January 10th 2007

Shortly after we left Ouarzazate, I started to get a chilling feeling in my gut. My head began to spin and the road was bumpy. I started to think that a late night trek into the Sahara might not be the best idea ever conceived. I open the window, clawing for fresh air. I was nauseated and weak, but not wanting to be a baby, sat in the back seat staring out at the darkness and wondering where the sand dunes were. I didn't see any and I worried about how long we would drive into the night. We passed Zagora and veered away from civilization. I kept quiet, with my eyes out the window looking for a nice, quiet, dark place to die alone. I started to think, what have we done? I am dying ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora April 3rd 2006

Up early in the morning I took yet another bus to Zagora where I had promised my mudir (director of my Dar Chebab) I would look up his sister and her sons who worked with tourists before I went on to M’Hamid, where the road ends in the desert near the Algerian border. After a couple phone calls and talking to some of the guys who approached me on the street, a man came up to me and said he would take me to one of the nephews. He led me to a new, black SUV which had a couple French tourists in the back. I introduced myself to the driver, who turned out to be one of the nephews, Hamid. Not having any idea where we were going, but not wanting to be left out ... read more
The Desert
Home for the night

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