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Made it to Morocco. Morocco? Thats not in Europe. Ya i know but t was so close i had to come and check it out. This place is so hectic. First i took an overnight train from Tanger to Marrakesh. I didnt book a couchette (only 9 euro xtra) and so i got a couch, figuring i could try it to see what it was like. Big mistake. First thing off group of people next to me were singing and bangin away for about an hour. Next this kid comes in and hides under the couch. Obviously he didnt have a ticket. That right there made me feel like i was in morocco. then two guys were kickin the door to open it in the other room. i didnt sleep. oh ya and then the kid ... read more

Rather excited as I've just set up my profile on to document and share my impending journey to become an EFL teacher in Asia and all other traveling. Just feel though it would be a shame to not share some of my more recent past trips with others. Only really going to post photos of these trips and perhaps add some more text at a later date. Morocco: Having already enjoyed a five-week trip in February to Malaysia, Borneo, and Singapore, my trip to Morocco in June was my second time away this year, and my first with a digital camera. For years I refused to purchase a digital camera, as a former student of photography I enjoyed the 'real' thing. Since my purchase however I have not looked back. Morocco was my first real ... read more
Food stalls in Djemaa el-Fna
View over the square at night

Geo: 31.4126, -7.55943Spectacular scenery. Very chilled place, like a Moroccan Carribbean. Absolutely beautiful :)... read more
Cascades close up
Main Cascades

Geo: 31.8857, -7.55943Disappearing off to Morrocco was one of my ideas on impulse and definitely a very good one! I was studying for a term in Lille, France at the time. It was one of the many 'jours feries' and I thought why not!! I wasn't particuarly popular with the uni but a pot of pure saffron soon remedied that! I am prone to getting lost, so putting myself on my own in the maze of a Marrakech souk was a recipe for disaster. I definitely regretted my impulsive nature as I wandered around, completely and utterly lost, far too hot and burdened by my huge rucksack. However, as always it all worked out just wonderfully. I bumped into Hicham, who offered me a cup of coffee and for some reason I accepted, perfectly aware that ... read more
Waterfall in The Atlas Mountains

They may not be the Morocco you wanna see, but still, at some point, you'll have to come over here. In my case, I needed visas to Mauritania. Invaluable 'Africa on a Shoestring' told me to swap Fes for Rabat on a Sunday afternoon and make it to the Mauritanian Embassy as early as Monday 9am. So did I. It was 8 something when I got off the bus and saw the big sign for the Souissi II University. It didn't look at all like an embassy! No problems! I hailed a cab and reached the CORRECT address in time to be directed to 'Casa' (Casablanca) where the visas were actually issued. Again, no problems! I gladly went back to the city centre. There was some interesting sightseeing to be done. Impressive Tour Hassan, built to ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech March 13th 2005

Hello faithful readers! So, we somehow (after taking two buses, a beautiful ferry and an overnight train) made it to Marrakesh, which is right in the centre of Morocco. We found an Australian couple and clung to them, and eventually we were all dropped off in the main medina. Believe it or not, the very first thing we saw was a snake charmer...we knew right then that this place was made for us. After doing a bit of hotel shopping, we ended up at a very clean, very safe hotel where I proceeded to embarass myself deeply with my extremely limited French. We wasted no time in heading out to the market, and seriously? I do not have the adjectives to describe the utter chaos. Although a little overwhelming at first, OH MAN...I AM ON AN ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech December 17th 2004

I am now in Marrakesh. I am not spending long here because I've got my Mauritanian Visa. The Visa is for one month from the day that it is issued. So, I need to make for the border. The Visa was issued yesterday. I was at the consulate at 8.30am. They said to come back at 3pm. I did, but they kept everyone waiting outside the Consulate for 1.5 hours! After getting the visa I did a bit of shopping including buying a new pair of Chino's for 100 Dirhams, from a shop which had everything for a 100 Dh offer on. I needed to replace my only pair of trousers as I had noticed they were developing an embarrassing hole! This morning I caught the 9.30 train from the Casa Voyageurs Station, which is about ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech November 15th 2004

Hello I'm in Marakesh! Its the 2nd day of Eid, a three day celebration at the end of Ramadaan. The strets are alive here, everyone is doing their last minute shopping and the men and women are dressed in their best. Its kind of like Christmas except without Santa Claus and christmas trees and snowmen and carols and pork products. Not only that, I can actually eat lunch now that the fasting is over (thank god). Marakesh is absolutely beautiful. The buildings are all red, the gardens are all green, and one can see the snow-capped Atlas mountains in the background. We don't have school for most of this week because of Eid, which ends tomorrow, and Independence Day which is Thursday. I came down Saturday from Casablanca (yuck) where I had a decadent French dinner ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech November 24th 2002

All I can say about Morocco is that the weather this time of year sucks. On the coastal side of the Atlas mountains it is very wet; we have had some amazing thunder storms. The desert side has been hot and sunny during the day, but cold at night. Morocco has been interesting though, Colin has found it better than he thought (based on a previous trip), not as much hassle from touts etc. We have mostly been round cities so far, Rabat, Meknes, Casablanca, Fes and now Marrakesh. We stopped at the Roman ruins of Volubilis, walked around Todra Gorge, had a camel ride in the desert staying overnight in a Berber tent, and seen plenty of souks, kasbahs and mosques. The main square here in Marrakesh is meant to come alive after 5.30pm when ... read more
Mosque entrance, Fes
Tannery, Fes
Crossing the Atlas mountains

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech November 10th 2002

Got to Marrakech on a very hot Sunday. Went straight to the Hotel, showered in a huge marble tub and went out to the souk. Walk through all the alleys and narrow streets breathing those wonderful scents, colors and sounds. Got some hash from a local vendor, smoked it in a miniature narguile and kept walking in a wonderful daze... couldn't believe my eyes. Bought some strange, colorful pastries that tasted like a slice of heaven (maybe because of the hash?) and kept walking forever... I felt observed, maybe because of my tattoos, maybe because it was Ramadan and I was eating like a pig? Who knows...... read more
Faces out of nowhere
Angry Cat
What are you looking at??

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