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Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret February 5th 2019

I apologize for the followers who already subscribed to my newer blog, but I realized that some people were trying to follow my latest trip on and were not finding the stories... I now have a new website at where I post my stories, pictures and even some videos! It is possible to subscribe to to do so, click on 'read more' below, then you will be able to click on the link here and enter your email address. No spam, no worries, and you can always unsubscribe. See you there!... read more
With Evelyn

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret September 9th 2012

Back to Eldoret, Kenya – 30 July 2012 On the way from Jinja to Eldoret we had the border crossing from Uganda to Kenya. The stamping of our passports to exit Uganda went smoothly. The stamping of them on the Kenya side took a lot longer. There is a ‘no-mans-land’ area in between the 2 countries check points which includes a bridge which is part of a hydro electric scheme. It is against the law to take any photos of the area. There have been a number of times that people in Uganda have wagged their finger at us when we have taken photos of them. We stopped along the way also to have lunch beside the bus/truck. Any leftover food we give to the locals. A lunch stop takes us an hour. We also stopped ... read more
z Leaving Nairobi (5)
1 Lunch stop on way to Eldoret (2)

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret November 12th 2011

Eldoret, die viertgrösste Stadt Kenyas, liegt direkt am Transafrican Highway und im Rift Valley. Der Highway ist die wichtigste Verbindung zwischen Küste, Nairobi und Uganda. Die Stadt ist seit den Unruhen im 2007 extrem gewachsen und die Infrastruktur kann fast nicht mithalten. Der Durchgangsverkehr ist lärmig und erzeugt Staub und viel Abgas. Trotzallem, aus dieser Gegend kommen die meisten kenianischen Athleten, vorallem Läufer. Es ist nett, Eldoret besucht zu haben, aber mehr gibt's nicht zu erzählen...... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret November 11th 2011

Es ist der 11.11.11 und ich verlasse das verregnete Nairobi. In Downtown befindet sich die Busgesellschaft, welche mich nach Eldoret bringt. Der Bus hat ausnahmsweise Verspätung und so lasse ich die Umgebung auf mich wirken: es sind keine Weissen hier, ausser einem "schwarzen" Albino. Man kann genau die afrikanischen Merkmale in seinem Gesicht erkennen. Als der Bus ankommt, verlassen wir Nairobi, ausnahmsweise ohne Stau. Sobald wir das Rift Valley erreichen, verändert sich die Landschaft: wenn die Sonne durch die Wolkenfelder scheint, leuchtet alles in einem wunderbaren grün. Hier beginnt einer der schönsten Landesteile von Kenya (siehe meine älteren Berichte/Fotos über Nakuru oder Naivasha). Man sieht überall Früchteverkäufer. Beginnend von hier bis in den Westen von Kenya ist das Land sehr fruchtbar. Hier gedeihen speziell Kartoffeln, aber auch Mais und weitere Früchte.... read more
Zwischenstopp in Nakuru

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret November 5th 2011

An Indian man sitting next to me on the flight from PDX to Amsterdam began telling me about his American cultural exploration consisting of Las Vegas and Portland. After listening to him for a while I told him it sounded like he had an illustrative trip, but it wasn't necessary to begin with. All he really needed to know about America was contained between the covers of the greatest commercial publication our nation has to offer, which just happened to be in the pouch on the back of the seat in front of him. (I then asked him to put his arms down. Not to sound racist, but Indian B.O. is some of the most pungent and distinct I've encountered, and I think it was making the baby behind me scream.) That's right folks, Sky Mall, ... read more
It's just that easy.
One size fits all (Americans)

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret October 24th 2011

The first thing you think when you do hear the town Eldoret is cheese and elite runners of the world. The development in this small town is considerably high and it is one of the most develop places in the country we have seen except Nairobi. And the best thing, you won’t be bothered by annoying people (just rarely street children will ask you for money) and you’ll walk through the town with smiling people around you who will great you with a nice “Hello muzungu! How are you, mzungu?”. This is because unlike most of the rest of the country this town does not rely mostly on tourism to support itself so tourists are pretty much left alone. Actually we got a great explanation of “mzungu” since we though this word has a negative meaning ... read more
Storm brewing
Sunsetting over Eldoret
The wonderful kids

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret August 9th 2010

I am just wondering if anyone is traveling in the next couple of months to Kitale, Kenya which is slightly NE of Nairobi.? It is also near Mt Elgon National Park which straddles the border of Kenya and Uganda. We have a good native Kenyan friend who runs an orphanage just outside of the town and needs the computer I bought him. Shipping items there would be out of the question. Kitale is also home of one of the top 100 golf courses in the world- The Kitale Club- built in 1938. Let me know if you are willing to meet him at the Golf Club.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret January 27th 2010

Jan 27  Day 12 We had a nice breaky cleaned and packed up because today we are headed to Eldorit. Should be a 5/6 hour drive dependng on the boarder crossing of course. But before we left Maydeena Paul and I wantted to do the Nile bungy. It was a 44 meetee jump over the Nile. I opted to do a gainer so I wasn't able to hit the Nile but Maydeena and paul did the normal feet jump and the both got dunked. I love bungy.  Can't wiat for the monster one in south africa. The border crossings went smooth we made it to Eldoret. I decided to sleep in my hammock rather than I tent so I set that up did a quick jump rope work out then we had dinner in the very ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret January 17th 2010

Hello All; Since you last heard from us, we flew from Zanzibar Island, Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya. When we were ready to leave our hotel in Stone Town and head to the airport, we walked over to the taxi stand which is located in front of a Muslim Mosque. It just so happened that when we got there, the call to prayer had just gone out over the loud speaker. As I told you in our last posting, 90% of Zanzibar is Muslim, so almost all the men were in the mosque praying. There were 2 guys in the taxi stand parking lot and one of them asked if we needed a taxi. We said yes, so he loaded our backpacks into the trunk of a nice Toyota Camry. We thought it was strange that he ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Eldoret July 26th 2009

Writing from the IDP camp in Eldoret. We spent the day here yesterday checking up on our projects and starting some new ones. I mostly kept the children occupied while the adults spoke with John. I played simple games such as Ring around the Rosy, Simon Says, Patti-Cake, and even told an extremely ghetto version of Snow White, with one of the kids who could speak english as my translator. It was fun to explain those games to the children using my broken Kiswahili and hand motions, but the kids had a good time. Even just sitting around letting them touch my skin or play with my hair, keeps their minds off of what has happened. Whenever I'm inside the camp, I really feel like I am changing someone's life and it's the greatest feeling I ... read more

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