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Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa July 1st 2011

Vi vågnede efter en varm, men dejlig nat i et hus der var langt, langt bedre end vi havde forventet. Vi havde bestilt en billigere hytte 3 min. fra vandet, men havde fået luksushyttet lige på stranden. Se lige denne udsigt:) Totalt sejt. Her ser ud lige som på alle reklamerne fra de dyreste steder i verden. Det her bliver så skønt - bare slappe af, svømme, dykke og nyde livet samme:) ... read more
Super fedt!
Jonathan og det Indiske ocean
Badeklar Christopher

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa June 30th 2011

Vi vågnede tidligt, pakkede det sidste sammen, spiste morgenmad og pakkede alt i taxierne. Vi ankom 1.5 time før bussen Nairobi-Mombasa skulle kører - Horizon busses! Vi havde foretaget bookingen to dage før og regnede med, at vi blot skulle læne os tilbage og nyde de 8 timer i luksusbus... men de havde lige glemt, at nedskrive bookningen og der var fyldt. Hun kunne godt huske bookningen, men havde desværre glemt vores 11 pladser. Bossen var tyrkisk og kunne hverken snakken engelsk eller swahili - spændende! Vi brokkede os gevaldigt, og så var gode råd dyre... Stig tjekkede et andet busselskab på nettet, og vores chaffør kontaktede dem. De havde 12 pladser tilbage, men ville kun holde dem til os i 20 min. Vi var i Kilimani, og bussen på den anden side af centrum - ... read more
Far og Christopher
Jonathan i bussen
Nairobi city

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa June 6th 2011

I. Jumba la Mtwana North of Mombasa, over the bridge to Mtwapa, and then right down a deeply rutted dirt road towards the sea, you stumble on to the evocative ruins of a pre-British, pre-Omani, pre-Portuguese Swahili town. Known now as Jumba la Mtwana, or the “Big House of Slaves”, there’s apparently little information on just who lived here and what they did (it’s only conjecture that it might have been a slave-trading port – there’s no physical evidence that it was). All that remains are the stone walls of several large homes, each with its own internal well and an early version of indoor plumbing, along with several mosques, including a large one built right on the shore of the Indian Ocean. The ruins are entangled in lush greenery and shaded by barrel-trunked baobab trees. ... read more
House of Many Doors
Ruins in the Sun

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa June 5th 2011

Fauz, a lanky gentleman from Lamu, pointed to the fort’s wall, drawing my attention to a feature I’d almost overlooked. “Do you see? Most of the wall is coral, carved in place. Then the Portuguese built on top of this. And the British on top of that. “ The thick, crenellated walls of Fort Jesus were, it would seem, just like the rest of Mombasa. Foreign addition, upon foreign addition, built upon a solid, local base - yet all blended into one fascinating whole. *** The first couple segments of this year’s summer journey – Mombasa and Zanzibar – shall comprise my “Taste-of-the-Swahili-Coast” tour and, more importantly, connect the dots with my exploration of Oman back in October. Almost from the beginning of my days as a history student (then teacher), I have found myself most ... read more
View from My Hotel Room
Roughing It in Mombasa
Beach Camel

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa April 5th 2011

What is normal? As I lay on a lounger chilling at the beach, completely relaxed, I contemplated what is “normal”? I have a 3 month old baby who feeds constantly and needs to be held all day, and an almost 2 year old who is cheeky and particularly strong willed, and an almost 4 year old who loves to talk constantly, and a husband who travels 25% of the time. Yet here I am sitting on this lounger, shaded by the coconut palms, by myself, completely relaxed. The reason I’m relaxed, is Mama Messe. She has Emma strapped to her back with a kikoy, while braiding Charlotte’s hair, and helping Hayley build a sandcastle. Murray is snorkeling. Mama Messe has 6 children, she is 40 years old, and her children range in age from 25 to ... read more
View from my lounger
Mama Messe looking after Emma
Mama Messe braiding Charlottes hair

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa March 28th 2011

Back in Nairobi again, we quickly made our way back to Wildebeest to grab our safari gear. Our final safari in the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro in the land of giant elephants had finally arrived. True to her shrewd personality, our safari agent Joyce was unwilling to send the driver to pick us up from our hostel (we later discovered the Savuka house was only fifteen minutes from us). Instead, we were instructed to wait for the safari driver in a shopping center. Unsure of our location, we anxiously waited as the long minutes dragged on. Finally, a city driver for the company picked us up and transported us to the Savuka guesthouse where we were forced to wait another hour. The safari group that we would be joining suffered a lengthy delay, but finally arrived. ... read more
Watching the Sunrise... Again...
Skip Bo!!!
The Competition Heats Up...

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa March 25th 2011

Our long walks down the resort studded white sand beach led our eyes to grow a bit larger than our pockets. By this I mean our intrigue to enjoy the tropical paradise at one of the all-inclusive, A/C and pool equipped resorts up the street drove us to attempt a pricey move that was out of our “backpacking” budget. As our recovering-from-cholera bodies craved a location to fully regenerate, our minds told us it most likely would not be an option for our last two nights on the Kenyan coast. To our excitement and appreciation Mommy and Daddy Sims (I love and miss you ) offered to pick up two nights at Diani Sea Resort. We immediately packed our bags and headed to our new upscale tropical paradise only a short matatu ride up the road. ... read more
Diani Sea Resort...
Soaking Up the Sun...

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa March 21st 2011

Recouped and ready to go, we left Nairobi for Mombasa on the overnight bus. A standard charter bus, we slept comfortably for most of the night. Unfortunately, there was a massive accident on the two lane highway and our nine and a half our journey dragged out to almost twelve hours. Mombasa is far more industrial than Nairobi and is Kenya’s second most populous city. Our African adventure had been hot and humid, but the coast was on a whole new level. Situated almost perfectly on the equator, Mombasa is pounded by the brilliant sun. We hailed a tuk tuk (a three wheeled motorcycle cab) and weaved through the dense city traffic. Our ride ended at the Liloni Ferry where we were herded like cattle with hundreds of locals onto massive diesel barges that transported ... read more
Our Chalet...
The Beachfront at the Chalet...

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu March 6th 2011

I've just spend a great week in Congo sharing great moments and receiving great news from all over the world. As usual, I'm doing a little stop-over on my way back home. This time, it is Watamu, Kenya. I want to bring one day Leslie and Tiffany with us for a nice safari combined with some nice diving for Leslie (will happen hopefully one day to Tiffany too). I have already done the loop NgoroNgoro-Serengeti-Zanzibar, so my aim for this little 4 days trip is to check how Watamu rates compare to Zanzibar. I was first supposed to fly from Nairobi to Malindi. Malindi is a small airport only 25km from Watamu. Well...too easy, Kenya Airways cancelled my flight and I ended up being re-routed to Mombasa. Don't ask me much about Mombasa, it was already ... read more
Flowers everywhere

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Lamu March 3rd 2011

I'm not sure whether I should write about Lamu in my blog. It seems to be unheard of outside Kenya - hidden behind the plains of the Masai Mara, the beaches of Mombasa, and the peak of Mt. Kenya, doesn't appear on package tours or safaris - and therefore seems to have remained under the radar of most mainstream tourism. And thankfully so, for here, just off the northern Kenyan coast, just 40 miles from Somalia, is a little piece of car-free paradise that the world is yet to discover. I'd be lying if I said it's not touristy - the number of smart hotels and restaurants on the sea front prove that it is - and it is the talk of the town in the backpacker hostels in Nairobi, but it's managed to keep it's ... read more
In the dock
Where no cars go
Putting the world to rights, as you watch life go by,

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