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October 1st 2011
Published: October 1st 2011
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White sand, sky blue and warm water make this place to a tourist paradise. Diani Beach is placed just few kilometers from Mombasa but the atmosphere is completely different. It isn’t hard to understand why this place is common among the tourists. Actually this place contains many nice and friendly resorts, and you can choose between low and high budget accommodation which makes a bigger flexibility and more visitors every year. Still Diani Beach is really popular in the weekends and the locals are coming for a great party and a dip in the clear blue water. If you want avoid crowded beach and hassling, let’s come under the working days and enjoy this wonderful and calm surrounding. But still it isn’t really easy to avoid the beach boys who are offering you a snorkeling, boat tour or trying to sell some souvenirs. Don’t be surprised if someone will offer you “one love for one night” or to buy drugs as well. Surprisingly, it is hard not to notice older, drunk, sweaty Western women who are going hand in hand with really young African man (we seen that a couple of times).

During our time however we lucked out with the weather. Don’t get us wrong, it was still hot and never below 20deg but the annoying rain that would come and go as it pleased. It seemed to be guaranteed to rain three times a day during out stay, morning, midday and afternoon and these was not just a little light shower. It was more like a monsoon heading right for us each time. It is quite enjoyable to see it building up out at sea with the sun was still shining down on us and the whole beach would be watching and waiting. Within a thirty minute period the beach would be packed, deserted and then packed again maybe everyone a little drunker after each storm…

You are going to be guaranteed to see plenty of monkeys in this place also which a ball of fun to watch. They are having a constant war with the security guards, fruit stalls owners and everyone who has things laying stuff around. It was hilarious to see a monkey run into a food stall and steal four bananas and then bolt up the street with the owner in a fierce pursuit but never able to catch up.

Also to note, just couple weeks ago a boat between Zanzibar (Tanzania) and the mainland, and more than 200 people died. Sadly, the sea is washing out the dead bodies on Diani beach as well. This is not a nice insight but this is reality.

But yeah, this town or beach is designed for fun in the sun and with a reef a stone’s throw out into the ocean activities are abundant for the people with money to spend, and there are plenty of people waiting to take it also.

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