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Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region » Bahir Dar October 28th 2015

I decided to grab a bus towards the north. My bus left Addis Ababa at 6am so it was an early start of the day. The journey to Bahir Dar took 11 hours and on the way I was able to enjoy the beautiful Ethiopian countryside, including the spectacular Blue Nile Gorge! Bahir Dar has about 300 000 inhabitants and lies at an altitude of 1800m at the southern shore of Lake Tana. On board I started to speak to one “faranji” (white person in Amharic) who was also going to Bahir Dar. His name is Alex from Belgium. Neither of us had booked a place to stay yet but we had names of a few pensions. The moment we arrived, people didn't even let us get off the bus and they already started to ask ... read more
monolithic churches, Lalibela: Bet Giyorgis
Blue Nile Gorge
Bahir Dar

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region October 26th 2015

Ethiopia: Ethiopia Toi la nguoi Phi Chau. Hom nay toi di tim ve nguon coi cua minh. Trong hanh trinh tim ve nguon coi , cach day khong lau toi da di Phi Chau qua cac nuoc: South Africa, Zambia, Zimbawe va Botwana nam ve phia nam Phi Chau. Hom nay toi tien len phia Dong cua Phi Chau de di den cac nuoc Tanzania, Kenya va Ethiopia, dong thoi toi cung ghe qua trung tam Phi Chau la nuoc Nigeria. Phi Chau la luc dia lau doi nhat so voi Au Chau, A Chau, My Chau va Uc Chau duoc tao thanh cach day 300 trieu nam. Luc khoi thuy do, Phi chau co khung long roi ke tiep la dong vat di bang 2 chan qua nhieu tien trinh cua tao hoa de roi ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region October 18th 2015

My visit to Ethiopia started in Addis Ababa, which means New Flower in Amharic. With more than 3 million people, it’s the capital and largest city of the only African country that wasn't colonized during the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th century, when greedy European countries (F, GB, P, I, D, B, E) invaded most of Africa for their own benefit. The Italians tried to colonize the country by attacking in 1896 but were defeated by the Ethiopian army! This fact is a source of pride to many Ethiopians. In 1935 the (Sh-)Italians, under command of dictator Mussolini, attacked Ethiopia again by illegally using chemical weapons and took control of the country for about 5 years. Ethiopia uses a different calendar than we do. They just celebrated New Year 2008 (Enkutatash) last ... read more
Holy Trinity (Haile Selassie) Church
View of Addis Ababa
Eating "kitfo" with injera

Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region May 16th 2015

"Please rural Ethiopian family in the middle of nowhere, can I empty most of the water from your well in the name of research though I can't guarantee the water will come back and no rains are expected for a month or so?" "Why certainly foreign person; do what you must with all that baffling equipment. In fact, you sit there on the only chair we have while my family and I haul up buckets for an hour. No, no, please don't help - just sit there in the shade. In fact, come inside our mud and straw house for a huge breakfast and some milk straight from our only cow. It doesn't matter that the last house fed you as well; have some more with us. Here is a pint of homemade beer." Ethiopia: quite ... read more
Getting some assistance sampling a spring
Typical Scenery
Being fed, again

Africa » Ethiopia March 8th 2015

I was always want to visit Africa, my interest is peoples culture &life style and my friends want to watch wild life I confused to select which country we spend our vacation for our both interests with my friends we argue to select one specific country its hard to find to accommodate this two different interest after a lot of goggling also watching this site finally decided to go Ethiopia, the next thing is finding our tour guide it is an easy task than the first one because there are a lot of tour operators. After we book to our vacation I went to ticket office in Canada Toronto for flight ticket to AddisAbaba Ethiopia there is direct flight with Ethiopian air lines after 18 hours flight from Toronto we arrived early in the morning in ... read more
lake chamo

Africa » Ethiopia » Harari Region January 3rd 2015

Some pics from Harar, a long 9 hr bus ride east of Addis. An Islamic community with Somali influences, with very colorful markets. We stayed in the Old City which has about 40,000 residents surrounded by 1000 yr old wall with 5 gates. Cobblestoned narrow lanes, with no signs, fantastic to waunder, but glad we had Sheriff to guide us. Will post the pics as this second, we have internet.... read more
I love this pic!
Spices at the spice market
Typical street in the walled old city of Harar

Africa » Ethiopia December 31st 2014

\Arriving in Axum, it is a pleasant town with sections of it, palm lined streets and lots of hotels, and restaurants. We meet back up with Jeffrey (from New Caledonia who we met in Bahir Dar), and enjoy touring the town with him. The Axumites were a major civilization from 3rd to 15th century (?) , extending into Yeman and Egypt. The Stellas are 90 feet tall and are thought to be from the 3rd century. We walk the town, also seeing Queen of Sheba’s baths, and several tombs and tablets. The archeological museum is fascinating with coins, pottery, even glassware from the Axumite time perio Axum also has the church where the Ethiopians believe houses the Ark of the Covenant, which only two person has seen. Women are not allowed into the church, so we ... read more
Axum stelae from the 3rd century marking the tombs
Church in Axum where the Ark of the Covenent is stored

Africa » Ethiopia December 17th 2014

And on the 7thday they rested… Sorry all these churches are influencing us J… It is so hard to believe we have been here less than 2 weeks, and I have about 4 blogs worth of material, not to mention about 800 photos! The diversity and beauty of this country is amazing! After leaving Gondar, we arrived in Debark to get our trekking permit, guide, cook and scout for our 4 day trek. Driving into the park, we stop to see the amazing Gelada Monkeys. Going down towards the river, there must have been at least 400 of them. And they had absolutely no fear of us, coming within 3 feet of us, fortunately they are vegetarians, as they made their way to the river. On occasion they would stop and eat some grass. Many of ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia December 7th 2014

Well, Day #5 and we are really enjoying Ethiopia. Some of our first impressions are – overall people are very friendly and helpful. And that makes everything easier! Also, how it always take some time to get back in the travel mode . And as always, time slows way down when on the road. But even more so here. Timelessness. There is such a feeling of it, particularly outside the cities. Driving down the dusty road late afternoon, the road is filled with people coming in from the fields, and you feel as though this is a scene that has been repeated for the past 2000 yrs. The men are dressed with their white shawl and all carry a staff. There are donkey and horse carts, many loaded down with wood or cut grass. The countryside ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region August 19th 2014

Stigao sam u Megu. Grad se nalazio u sjeni dva brda i sastojao se od praktički 2 ceste i par uličica. Još uvijek sam se nećkao dal želim ostati ovdje pa sam se krenuo raspitivati ako mogu odmah dalje za Moyale, ali nitko nije bio siguran. Jedan „Big Taxi mi je rekao da sjednem na suvozačko mjesto, pa kad se skupe ljudi će možda krenuti za Moyale. Ostavio sam manji ruksak (s bitnijim stvarima) neoprezno na suvozačkom mjestu i stao pored taxija zapaliti cigaretu. Oko mene se skupila grupica mladića koji su znali ponešto engleskog pa smo se bacili u razgovor i sjeli na obližnji zidić. No u jednom trenutku pogledam i vidim kako moj taxi odlazi prazan. Trčim za njim, ali već nestaje s mojim ruksakom. Trčim nazad do dečkiju koji kažu da poznaju vozača ... read more
cesta 2
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