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Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region » Lalibela October 7th 2018

The rock hewn churches of Lalibela are considered to be Ethiopia’s number one tourist attraction. They are also on a suitable circuit for us to travel in the relatively short time we have here. Most tourists choose to fly to Lalibela from Addis Ababa as by bus it takes a day and a half. We decide, of course, to go by bus. Lalibela is not much of a town, but for some that’s part of the appeal. The churches are tourist sights but they are also places of active local worship and it you are here at the right time you witness some extraordinary gatherings. Though these are Christian churches, it’s also Orthodox Christianity and is a very different style of worship to what we in the western world are used to. On one of the ... read more
Town of Lalibela looking over to the 1st church complex
Church of St George

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region October 4th 2018

For once it’s obvious which title I should use for my blog entry. Perhaps the standout attraction of Addis Ababa is the Ethiopia National Museum which houses the skeleton of Lucy, a well preserved 3.2m year old fossil, considered to be an early ancestor of man. It was discovered in 1974 in the Afar region of Ethiopia and has been described as simply one of the most important fossils ever discovered. At the team campsite after the skeleton was discovered the lead scientist played a Beatles cassette and the track “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” came on. They already thought that the skeleton was female so the name seemed appropriate and stuck. The real Lucy skeleton is securely locked away in a vault, but if you didn’t know that you wouldn’t realise. There is also ... read more
Lucy in closeup
Status of Emperor Haile Selassie at Ethiopian museum
You might not guess it from the picture but this is Addis Ababa

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region September 15th 2018

The flight from Dubai on Ethiopian was surprisingly comfortable plenty of legroom reasonable food and beverages and good entertainment if only my fellow travellers weren't so over the top it would have been pleasant. I find the Africans I meet extremely friendly almost overly friendly which leads to suspicions that may be totally unwarranted, but I am more cautious than I would like to be. Getting through immigration was easy and Nur and I were soon heading for our hotel transfer vehicle and our hotel located in the Bole area of town. After check in we walked to the Black Rose to meet his mate who works as a correspondent for Reuters. The bar was quite nicely set up and the booze is cheap, we then moved further down the road to the Piano bar which ... read more
Ethnological Museum
Lake Koko

Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region » Gondar March 8th 2018

Arrived 10th Feb Saturday morning in Gondar, one of the ancient capitals of Ethiopia, developed in the 16th cent up to the 18th.After two hours sleep on the plane I could do little more than have a juice drink (layered mango, guava, avocado and pineapple) before I had to lie flat and close my eyes. Saturday evening meal was a buffet in a local restaurant which was as lovely as the food in Iran (my favourite world food). Even the carbohydrate staple, injera, which I’d heard was as inedible as nsima (Malawian staple) was ok. Slightly sour as it is made from fermented tef flour (a type of rye grass) but a most unprepossessing colour – a sort of grubby dishcloth shade. It is made into a pancake which can wrap around meat or veg, or ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region January 1st 2018

Most of us are so fortunate, either already retired (like us), or working in a good job. But have you ever stopped to think about people in poor countries? Take a look at these: The average income in the world is about $10,300 per year, per person. But can you believe there are many countries where the per capita income is less? Let's see if I have visited any of them (two only). Tanzania has a per capita income of only $900. But it does have domestic and political stability. My visit there was primarily focused on two safaris, one in the Ngorongoro Crater, and the other on the Serengeti. At Ngoro, we stayed in a better than average safari resort, and on the Serengeti, in luxury tent cabins. Though gold is their top export, they ... read more
Unexploded ordinance in Laos
With my friend, Mr. Willie in Tanzania

Africa » Ethiopia » Afar Region May 31st 2017

Journal scribblings: 24 Dec 2014. "In a cafe in Dubai waiting for my camera to charge. My flight left Seattle, 14.5 hours later I rolled across the Arabian Sea and into Dubai. The people sitting next to me were great, a guy of East Indian descent who lives in Lynnwood going to India to pick up his surrogate child which a woman in India bore for he and his wife with their sperm and egg when they couldn't conceive. The reason his wife wasn't with him to pick up the baby, amazingly, right after the surrogate child was conceived, his wife in Lynnwood got pregnant naturally. So, they will be brothers, incredible. He was so happy. Also on my flight, an East Indian woman who lives in Vancouver BC, going with her 4 month old baby ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Gambela Region May 31st 2017

Good times, here I was alone leaving a tiny bus station in the far west of Ethiopia quite close to South Sudan. As we left Gambela town in the early morning light, the bus passed over the big Baro river. In three days, I had come to know it fondly. It truly is the lifeblood of this town and area. We sped through town on the other side of the river, still cool morning air. I dozed a bit, woke up after 30 minutes or so. In the not so far distance, I saw some fairly large mountains, vegetation started to change quickly to fairly lush trees. I was invigorated, we climbed higher, around some tight curves and up into the misty mountains. We passed a few police roadblocks, they exist around this country. It seemed ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Tigray Region May 31st 2017

January 15, 2015. What a splendid time it has been in this "country" of Somaliland. I could have easily stayed a few more days but with one week before I flew home, there was time left for one more grand adventure. I have itchy feet today, time to move. I'm at the airport in Hargeisa, trying to get standby ticket back to Addis Ababa. The airport staff were all very encouraging, told me that I had picked the right day. And just like that, I got a ticket, waved goodbye to this most amazing place, jetted to the West and in an hour was on the ground in vibrant Addis Ababa. At the airport (ouch) they made me pay for another visa, as I had traveled "internationally". At the domestic airport, as I feared, I discovered ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region January 28th 2017

China in Ethiopia1 Ethiopia 1 17 17 Ethiopia Cultural show 1 2017 1:5China in Ethiopia 1 2017 \ 1-17-2017 Ethiopia Toi den Addis Ababa luc 3AM, 1 gio bay tu Djibouti city. Toi di den khach san ma toi da o 1 nam ve truoc khi toi den day. Khach san Nahna o trung tam thu do Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa co nghia la New Flower. Ngay xua o day la khu dat trong va hoa no day duong va thinh thoang co loai hoa la nen thu do nay duoc coi nhu la loai hoa la nen duoc dat ten la Addis Ababa. Sang toi thuc day toi nhin qua ben kia khach san thay dan homeless van con do. 1 nam truoc day toi tu khach sang nay di thang vao khu homless nay ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region October 18th 2016

Today, I traveled further to Bahir Dar and therefore directly visit the Blue Nile Waterfalls in Bahir Dar. Simply named it, there are three top things to do in Bahir dar: The Blue Nile Waterfalls inclusive walking the trails, Lake Tana and the city of Bahir Dar itself (especially the markets). Therefore, Bahir Dar should be on every traveler list traveling north to Ethiopia. It is possible to drive in one day to Addis Ababa, but you can take your time and travel in a minimum of two days up to Bahir Dar. The distance is 320 km to Addis Ababa. At the start of the third day, it was time to leave our hotel from Debre Markus quite early at 7.30 am. Before leaving, a traditional Breakfast was served with injera, hot sauces and vegetables. ... read more
From Teff to Injera
From Teff to Injera
Blue Nile Waterfalls

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