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Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Dakhla Oasis February 3rd 2019

Ripulitomi per bene e tolti svariati etti di soffice sabbia accumulatisi nelle mie scarpe, decido di continuare il viaggio attraverso l'Egitto seguendo un percorso alternativo rispetto a quello consueto e molto piu' trafficato che risale verso Sud lungo il corso del Nilo: visitero' una collana di oasi sparse nel deserto che dovrebbero, secondo i piani del governo, creare una "Nuova Valle" che possa contribuire allo sviluppo del paese con attivita' produttive e nuove citta' da popolare. Quasi niente di tutto cio' si e' ovviamente realizzato e la vita da queste parti continua a scorrere lenta e tranquilla, con strade polverose e desolate percorse solamente da qualche fastidiosa motocicletta di fabbricazione cinese, indegne sostitute dei piu' nobili ma meno pratici cammelli dromedari. L'oasi di Bahariya e' la piu' facilmente raggiungibile dal Cairo ma non offre grandi attrattive ... read more
La morte non e' mai lontana
Preziosa acqua dal sottosuolo
Deserto Bianco visto dall'autobus

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Dakhla Oasis April 12th 2012

Dear All Greetings from the Sahara Desert! Wow – what a place to send greetings from, and what a place to visit. This place is amazing, and most unexpected to be honest. While most visitors come to Egypt for pyramids, temples or beaches, surprisingly few come and explore the desert, which makes up around 96% of the country’s land area (incidentally, Egypt's population of 81 million inhabit just 6% of the land!). And even fewer people are coming here now. Yes, I must say, despite having seen a fair number of tourists in Sharm, of the package holiday variety, and a few tour buses in Cairo, there really haven’t been as many as I expected. I have only just been able to speak with people about this over the last few days, and confirmed my suspicions ... read more
View over Al-Qasr
The White Desert

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Dakhla Oasis May 14th 2009

DAY 27 We are taking a mini van ride for about 8 hours from Luxor to Dakhla in the Egyptian Sahara Desert. The landscape for the most part is that of desert and sand / rock mountains. There are more checkpoints then there are houses out here. There was one village that we stopped to have lunch. Our group leader said there weren't any nice cafes to have lunch so we could have sandwiches. He went and got the lunch. Perhaps we may not have eaten anything if we had seen the preparation and there are so many flies. Anyway, we had eggplant pita and falafel pita. The only choices and quite tasty and no side effects. One of the stops along the way is to a burial site dating back to the roman times. The ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Dakhla Oasis March 13th 2009

I have been literally floating through a blissful desert space. The ocean of sand is so open it has cleansed my mind completely. After leaving Cairo and the hustle behind we travelled further into a new found chilledness. The Jeep transporting us with miles into a stress free zone. After much sighing and gazing across the vastness, the Black Desert turned to White. A fairy like fantasy beyong my expectations and imaginings. White on white limestone and sand. A merengue and honeycomb space akin to a gigantic pavlova. The wind exhaled my mood. As the sky turned pink and the silence of the space turned to night we set up camp. I helped prepare th Bedouin meal under the cloak of stars - the almost full moon illuminating my mind. Such peacefulness I haven't felt for ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Dakhla Oasis October 14th 2008

I need a bath!!! This was going to be our last night in the desert and our first opportunity for an actual shower. Yippie !! We were moving out of the desert itself and instead going to be spending the night in the Oasis town of Dakhla. Even in ‘winter’ as they called it - The Desert was piercingly hot during the day and freezing cold at night. Sitting in the truck for our drive with nothing but warm Desert air being ventilated through the open windows made most of us almost catatonic, leaving us with little or no energy to talk let alone do anything upon reaching our destination. Our first order of business after lunch was finished was to determine the shower roster for the group. There was only one bathroom in place we ... read more
Dakhla Oasis
The Locals
The mud hut village

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Dakhla Oasis February 24th 2008

After camping in the white desert, we took the bus a few hours southwest to another oasis called Dakhla. apparantly there has only been one day of rain in the last 14 years, one of the many interesting facts our guide "desert fox" told us. we usually never have guides or sign up for tours, one of the many luxuries (or not) you have to opt out on when travelling on a budget. but you cant stay at anwar hotel ( which is where we ended up ) with out desert fox planning a day out for you. and he's practiced. it started with a place in dakhla where an ancient islamic village still remains. it doesnt have many modern day uses, mainly just tourist attraction and history. there were many beautiful corridors, doors, widows, tiny ... read more
Islamic village
THIS is "desert fox"

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Dakhla Oasis February 23rd 2008

There are four main oasis's in the Western Desert on route from Cairo (lower egypt) and Luxor (upper egypt) with everything from hotsprings, white sand, black sand deserts, date, fig, and olive trees to ancient mud and brick cities. It sounds much better than it actually was! We took a bus from Cairo five hours south to the Bahariah Oasis. Immediately after getting off the bus, we found ourselves surrounded with touts, hotel owners and staff who come to the bus to get people into their hotels. Most travellers hate these guys with a passion because they're SO pushy. But we try to use them to our adavantage and get a bidding war going between them. It can be pretty entertaining if you work it right. So after lots of arguing and shouting we decided to ... read more
WWI fort
kim sitting

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Dakhla Oasis October 18th 2007

We have, now, established a rhythm to our camping. We try and find a place at about 4 pm (sun sets at 5.30) which leaves enough time to get sorted, do any dhobi, tend to any (small) car problems and get supper started. We eat early and go to bed early - very early by our normal UK timing! Then we get up very early at about 6 am when the sun is just about to poke its head above the rim of the desert. It takes us till about 8 am to get fed and watered and all packed up so that we are ready for the off. It all seems to work very well. Today was no exception but we reveled in the glorious views in the now still, warm sunshine. They were quite ... read more
Black Desert
White Desert Ridges
White Desert

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