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Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia March 8th 2016

Time for a tour! I had to be at Tahrir square by 06:30 so I set my alarm for 05:30. Someone woke me up by shaking me saying “Dave…Dave! Time to get up.” I thought it was a dream, but no….this British Indian guy was trying to help me out so I wouldn’t miss my bus. Fucking hell…we only spent 2 days hanging out together, so I guess Dave sounds like Mike….whatever…I got up and made it to the front of the office where I was supposed to meet someone who would show me where to catch a bus to the Bahariya Oasis to start seeing the rest of Egypt! Turns out dude, also named Mohammed, didn’t buy the ticket for the 07:00 bus but for the 08:00 bus instead…aaaaaand the bus station was 20 minutes ... read more
look a pyramid...
i dont even know what this is

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia February 20th 2016

It was “Dawn Patrol” time again. Many travelers are aware of the scenario: up sinfully early and ready to go before the sun thinks about rising. It was our turn. We had many miles to travel this day and required all the sunlight possible if we were to see what the area had to offer. We were heading 600 km (350 miles) from Cairo into the desert. We were met by Mohamed and Gamel, tossed our belongings in the back of the ten passenger van and off we went, leaving early enough to avoid the morning traffic, which is a plus when you’re in Cairo and honestly we were more than ready to leave Cairo. This was the start of what was going to be a fantastic day, well two days, but at this point, frankly, ... read more
Peaceful Mountains
Nearly full moon
Stunning Sunset

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia February 19th 2016

In the planning stage of this trip, I needed to put together a list of what I would like to see while I was traveling. The idea was to dream big and whittle things down to fit my schedule. The Black and White Deserts of Egypt were one of the must haves. Guidebooks did not really help in the planning process for this outing, so I turned to my friend the internet. The next day my request for information was answered and we were ready to head to the desert. Our guide Mohamed picked us up right on time at 6 AM in front of the hotel. We were all a bit wary of what was going to happen today, because when we mentioned to the hotel concierge that we were going to the White Desert ... read more
Mohamed and Yasser
Sunset on the Desert
Light Lunch

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia April 15th 2014

Put je dalje išao prema zapadnoj Egipatskoj Sahari, maloj oazi u jednom od najljepših dijelova najveće svjetske pustinje, Bahariyi. Autobus do Bahariye vozi satima kroz beskrajne prazne pješčane ravnice. Egipatski autobusi su sasvim pristojni ako se izuzme višesatno puštanje Kurana na zaglašujućoj decibelaži. I tako se nakon nekoliko sati monotonoga ali lijepog žutila ukazale palme Bahariye. Bahariya je u punom smislu riječi oaza… Voda, palme, ljudi, životinje okruženi pustinjom. Iako sam svom domaćinu Mohammedu Kotabyu se najavio mailom unaprijed ispostavilo se da on taj očito nije pročitao… Da situacija bude malo nezgodnija ispostavilo se da mu ni broj mobitela nije funkcionalan pa sam pola sata sjedio na praznoj autobusnoj stanici. Ukazao se neki rasklimani kamion, provirio zamotani beduin i na sasvim solidnom engleskom upitao što tu radim… Objasnih mu ... read more
Bahariya 7
White desert
Black Desert

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia December 31st 2010

(December 24th) Alex, Stacy, Tom(another guy staying at the Hostel) and I were up bright and early to catch the morning bus to the Baharia Oasis. The bus ride was not too bad it was just a bit hot. We arrived in Baharia mid-day, I forgot that our seats were up on a step and ended up falling out of it and almost all the way out the bus but someone got up and grabbed me! I got a lovely blue and purple bruise from it on my left thigh. I thanked the guy who grabbed my arm and assured everyone that I was ok because everyone that saw looked concerned! I laughed at myself as I successfully made it off the rest of the bus safely and grabbed my backpack. We were picked up ... read more
Me at Old White Desert
Old White Desert
Sand Angel

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia February 10th 2010

We've been traveling through the Middle East for almost 3 months now, we've seen desert. We've seen vast expanses of sand and rock. We've visited remote castles and isolated villages. They've been interesting, enjoyable, but none really compare to the spectacular scenery of Egypt's Western Desert. It was already midday before the coach dropped us off in Bawiti, the biggest town in Baharia Oasis (yes, the oases are big enough to have multiple villages in them!), so by the time we'd met the other tourists and the local drivers who would take us into the desert in two 4x4s and stopped for 'bedouin lunch' it was getting fairly late in the afternoon and we weren't too inspired. However the road soon took us far away from other people, to where hours pass with just sand and ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia January 14th 2010

Jan 12 Well my driver collected me early and we headed off to round up a few more people then hit the bus station. Where he put us on the bus and sent us 5-6 hours in to the desert to Baharia oasis.  Where we were met by mobs of tour operators and touts. Our guide had no sign just said his name wlgdy. He separated us into some old 4 runners and away we went. We drove for an hour or so before stopping for lunch which our driver made fo us. It was pretty good. My car consisted of a weird German guy named gregory and a Japanese kid named Teto. Our first stop Cristal mountain. I was under the assumption we were going to hike this or something or at the least it ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia November 30th 2009

On my last day there is a fire in Cairo. In my stomach. Taking this as a cue that the city no longer agrees with me, it's time to leave. I arrive too late the next morning to catch the solitary bus to Bahariyya, a desert oasis that is to be my next destination. Instead I am pointed towards the minibus depot, located miles away under a urine soaked flyover. There isn't a foreigner or English speaker in sight but I am eventually able to locate the correct desert taxi and we get underway after barely an hour of waiting. The minibus has 17 seats but we get away with just 23 occupants. Behind me the back four seats are taken up by two voluminous women and their assorted baggage. I have already noticed that many ... read more
White night
Our truck
Camping under the stars

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia May 14th 2009

DAY 29 We wake up in the morning to breakfast of hot tea, bread and jam. Off we go in the 4 WD to Bahariya Oasis about a 3 hour drive. We are still in the Great Sahara Desert but the landscapes differ as we travel from the white limestone statues to the landscape scattered with black volcanic rocks (mostly basalt) spewed out over hundreds of miles. Starting out as tiny pebbles of what looks like black sand to large boulders. The tops of mountains have this eerie black topping of rippled rocks as if they were placed there with great care and precision. This area is called the Black Desert. We even get to see an area that has ancient flowers that were cover with this violent molten rock and totally preserved forever as black ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia March 21st 2009

The journey began at 6:00am from Cairo. Lauren (my friend and fellow intern) and I traveled south of Cairo to the Western desert's Bahariya Oasis to experience one of Egypt's natural wonders. We arrived at the oasis over an hour ahead of schedule - the drive from Cairo only took 4.5 hours, mostly of which we both slept through. From the town of Bawiti in the oasis, we jumped into a jeep with our Bedouin driver and headed out to the desert. We first visited the Black Desert, which was slightly disappointing. However, the White Desert did not fail to impress. The guide drove us all over to see the interesting rock formations. These included the fish, the chicken, the rabbit, and the mushroom. One funny moment in particular was going to a site and our ... read more
Lauren and I
The desert
The Jeep

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