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Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia November 24th 2008

This weekend adventure on November 21st and 22nd takes place in the Black and White Desert, and stars Andy, Wolf, Mitch, Chelsea, Casey, Trish and myself. We left Cairo at 11pm Thursday night in what is commonly known here as a minibus, but what might be called a Mormon van back home. Basically it's a big, white, 13-seater van. We drove 5 hours to where we slept from 4am-10am, which was this interesting compound at the Bahariya oasis. It's hard to describe, but I can tell you that there were a lot of mosquitoes. Our beds had mosquito netting over them and Andy, upon getting into bed, declared himself a princess. Apparently princesses have netting over their beds. When he woke up and discovered that my mosquito netting was purple, he was quite jealous. At first ... read more
The drivers and our police escort eating breakfast
Andy getting some grub
Casey going on an expedition

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia October 23rd 2008

23rd Oct: After waking up in the middle of the night, slight exaggeration but that's what it felt like. We headed upstairs to the roof terrace to have breakfast. I think we were due to have breakfast abot half an hour before we departed and we sat there and waited and waited and waited... Wahid, our guide turned up and asked us about breakfast, when we said nobody had turned up to cook it, he wewnt and woke the young lad who was meant to be coking for us and we rushed our breakfast down, so that we could be on our way on time. The group had been split into two smaller groups, as we were traveling by 4x4s and the drive out of Siwa was beautiful. We crossed the oasis, which was really pretty. ... read more
Breakdown No. 1
Breakdown No. 2

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia October 13th 2008

Does a bear shit in the forest? If so what do you do in the desert? We spent the previous night under the stars in the black desert (Sahara Suda) close to a train line that stretched for miles into the middle of nowhere. The black desert was not what I had visualised the desert to be - thinking that all deserts would be filled with mountains of red or white sand that stretched out endlessly (Okay! I only had the tv to compare it to). Instead the black desert was mounds of sand almost completely covered in small black lava rocks. We arrived late at night and immediately started preparations for our dinner (sadly I was on the cooking group tonight). Unfortunately the wood that we had originally sourced and tied to the truck ... read more
On the way to the White Desert
Modern technology even in the Desert
Now that's what I call a supermarket

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia June 7th 2008

今早六時起來,本身是約了阿叻一起看日出,但結果他起不了床。我就自己衝上那個山丘看日出。我想自中學時代去過鳯凰山看日落外,都沒有試過了。其實日出吸引的地方不是漂亮,而是在瞬間把一片黑暗變成光明,而且日出的時候空氣都是很清新,給人一個很有生機的感覺。雖然日出能令人精神爽利,但看完日出後我繼續睡,一直睡到十時半,這是我整個旅程睡得最多的一天。 接近中午時候,那對法國母女回來,一問之下,原來她們是去了White Dessert。她們在沙漠上搭帳幕野餐,而且還吸引了很可愛的野狼呢。 其實當時我的確很後悔沒有在來之前跟campsite溝通好我想去white dessert,因為一個人去沙漠是很貴的,所以如果有人一起去就會便宜很多。 但是世事豈盡如人意... read more
阿叻 and me

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia June 6th 2008

整晚都是坐著睡,但出奇地並沒有醒來,睡了六個多小時。本身是叫服務員八時叫我們,結果他七時都叫醒了我們。 早餐是幾個硬得像石頭的面包,但暫看服務員的態度還算ok。吃完後,才發現那個早餐是要付錢的,還要LE20,而且我們之前是問過是免費的。結果,大家都很堅持,說要鬧上警局也不付。但由於我不是終站下車,而是在Giza下車,所以我只好先付掉錢,而且還錯過了這個大鬧開羅警局的機會。 今天的目的地是沙漠,由於時間不配合的關係,只好付比較多的錢,由campsite派車來接我去。車程大概5小時,那輛是部吉普車,乘客亦只有我一人。進入沙漠,真的很荒落,什麼都沒有,比想像中有點出入,但始終獨自闖入沙漠的感覺還不錯。 到了campsite,真的是跟網頁... read more
Pic from train
endless desert
endless desert

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Baharia April 18th 2008

After months of planning and weeks and days of stressful pre-trip preparations, I finally departed for my first 4 day field trip as the teacher instead of the student! Ever since I arrived in Egypt, I have had the idea of taking the high school students to the Western Desert as part of their PE class. Part of the high school curriculum requires students to learn about physical activity in an alternative environment, as well as look at some basic survival skills and first aid. Back in February, I picked the second week of April as a perfect time to take a break from the routine of school, enjoy the not-too-hot early summer weather and head out for a week in the sand. I sought out a reputable tour company and hotel, researched what other local ... read more
the Minamar Resort
Oasis road
The Jeeps

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