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Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Sharm el-Sheikh May 23rd 2021

Here we are, I'm at my 90 days in South Africa so it's time to hit the road. So the choices are getting more and more limited if you are coming from SA...and I have no intention to go to Europe with so many restrictions. So here I am in Egypt. Trip was fun as I had to be sure my bags where not left somewhere...on the way. Trip was Durban-Doha-Istanbul-Sharm. Little tricky point, I could only transfer airside in those places...and I was on two didn't want to have issues tracking my bag in Istanbul...or getting lockdown in quarantine for 14 days. Yes, I went with only carry-on...with my full diving gears! Interesting experience. Job done and arriving in Sharm at 2am. The hotel has a shuttle...decent price for a single...take a taxi if ... read more
British motorbikes on the Thistlegorm
Before and after the liveaboard in Sharm...
Lots of those this week...

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada March 25th 2021

So here we are, one year into this global pandemic. Is anyone else ready to be done with this already?! Mask-wearing disputes aside, the past six months of “Covid Times” have seemed dimmer than the first six, at least in terms of my writer’s block. I’m sure the winter blues haven’t helped, especially when I’m used to being warmer places! But I genuinely did intend to publish this blog sooner, and then found my motivation to write absolutely lacking. I guess I’ve found it easier to express myself through media other than written word, but mostly I’ve been upset that this is the last travel story I have to least for now. I still can’t believe it’s been over a year since my trip to Egypt. I didn’t know then that the world was on ... read more
Blinded by the light
The 4 Seasons
My favorite balcony

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Port Safaga December 2nd 2019

2019 11 Egypt 11-18-2019 Luxor, Egypt Toi hen tai xe den don chung toi luc 6am va len duong voi giay to da co xan. Tren duong di xe chay qua khoang 4 tram kiem soat moi den Luxor luc 9:30am. Toi muon tour guide di cung va tour guide rat hay noi ve lich su cua cac temple nhat la Valley of King. Truoc het tour guide dua chung toi den Karnak Temple. Noi day rat dong du khacvh vi day la diem xem chanh. Toi chua den day lan vieng tham may nam truoc. Co nhung column rat dac biet cung voi cac ruins. Saiu do toi di qua do qua song Nile. Khi den ben kia song toi nhay xuong song boi tren giong song Nile. Lan dau tien toi boi tren giong ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada August 10th 2019

Ce sera mon voyage relaxant. Je nagerai dans la Mer Rouge et détendre sur la plage. Je rencontrerai Constantine Alexios, le jeune prince Grec, parce qu'il y a une maison. Nous visiterons L'île de Shadwan et le Boulevard Hurghada Marina. Je mangerai toute la nourriture pendant que Je peux.... read more
L'île de Shadwan

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada October 26th 2018

Après cette petite croisière léthargique sur le Nil, retour vers le désert avec un programme chargé : les temples de Karnak, le temple d'Hatchepsout, et la mythique Vallée des Rois. Plus grand complexe religieux de toute l'Antiquité, les temples de Karnak ont été construits et développés par plusieurs dynasties de pharaons pendant plus de 2000 ans. Comme de nombreux temples égyptiens, les temples de Karnak ont abrité des Chrétiens fuyant les persécutions romaines. Medo nous explique rapidement que les Chrétiens y trouvaient un sanctuaire où pratiquer leur fois à l'abri de la répression des Romains. En navigant dans la longue forêt de colonnes, je discute avec Alex de l'histoire des Juifs sous l'Egypte Antique. Après son retour de Jordanie, il me raconte notamment comment le peuple juif est progressivement devenu une menace pour les Égyptiens. En ... read more
Temple d'Hatchepsout
Les gardiens du temple d'Hatchepsout
Louxor centre-ville

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada March 13th 2018

The stress is overwhelming! It’s February half term and there’s another day of guaranteed sunshine to cope with on the beach. Do I lie on the sunbed and read? Do I don my snorkel and visit the exotic aquarium that is the Red Sea just yards off the shallow sandy shore? Shall I go for a walk and listen to the lapping of the waves, or nip into a shady bar for mid-afternoon beer? Or, should I just sit still, gaze out to the horizon, and let the distant cares of work just melt away? Just breathing deeply and weighing up the options is a pleasant enough pastime. Welcome to Fort Arabesque. A combination of silly flight prices at February half term, and some bad luck with the weather, has caused us to (sadly) give ... read more
A pool bar
Hotel grounds

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Madinat Makadi April 3rd 2016

Back to Hughada no problem…caught a taxi no problem…checked in to a room super early also no problem!!! Ok! Thinking positively bout this last week of Egypt for me. But as per usual, the times get the best of me. There are no people in this place at all….there are about 60 people here when they could have 2000….woa. So empty…but on the bright side there were a few cool people to meet and hang out with for the whole time. Seems weird but the less people there are, the more the weird fun ones come out of the wood works and we always have a blast. Id say Turkey was kind of full of people in comparison to the other 2 places so far but those were all old German people. No medium aged cats ... read more
too many beers=duck faced selfies

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea March 31st 2016

Transited the Suez Canal. Very different from going through the Panama Canal. No locks but lots of sand on each side and a big bridge at the end near the Mediterrean Sea. We were the first ship of a convoy of 15 ships heading north. We had a pilot on board the entire time. They did change pilots midway through. It is said that it costs $250000 per ship to go through. Very nice day with lots of sun and wind.... read more

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada March 20th 2016

So Hurghada is a tourist destination on the Red Sea. Fun spot with lots of touro things to do. I chose to do nothing…hahaha…Normally at these resorts in Egypt 90% of the guests are from Russia. Not the case anymore. Lol. I booked in to a place called Sunny Days Palma de Mirette which is one of three hotels under the same umbrella. Across the street is the family joint Sunny Days Resort and Spa or something and next door is Sunny Days El Palacio. The cabby didn’t really explain what was going on when he went to Mirette and then to El Palacio but the guard at the gate told me Mirette was closed. When I went to reception to check in I was wondering what happened to my booking but dude informed me that ... read more
mars or something
dune bug bugs

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea February 26th 2016

Today we were up at 6:30 breakfast at 7:09, on the bus by 8:00. We were going to see a few sites we missed near out hotel last night. We saw the grave of Aaron, Moses helper, and a stone in the mountain that looks like the golden calf (Exodus 31). It took 4 hours to get to Shatm El Sheik. We got to ride in a glass bottom boat and see the 2nd oldest corral reef (oldest is in Australia), plus we saw many varieties of fish. One thing we all agreed upon... The Red Sea is beautiful. We couldn't believe the colors of blue. It seemed so unreal. Pictures cannot show what we saw. After lunch we checked into our hotel on the Red Sea. We couldn't wait to relax by the pool or ... read more

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