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Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi March 30th 2011

“I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found.” – Steinbeck Everyone I had met or read about told me that crossing the 2500km route southbound through the DRC would be either too dangerous, due to regional conflict and corrupt officials, or simply impossible, due to bad roads and lack of vehicles. Walking came to mind as a possible solution to the latter problem, but then I met a military major who had walked the entire route from Lubumbashi to Kinshasa (at the time Mobutu was chased from power); It had taken him seven months. In order to cross the country in time with my one-month visa, I would either need a miracle, or a flight (southbound via Angola was ruled out after a quick glance at their visa procedure). Needless to say flying ... read more
come on MSF, you can do it
MSF, down for the count

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi March 17th 2010

As I have explained ... Lynn and James are here visiting the DRG currently ... bringing encouragement while we show them the communities we are working in and the communities we are moving to. With every visit from Zambia ... comes ... a trip to Lubumbashi. And with the vehicle being so important this week ... we elected not to take it on our journey to gather our visitors from Zambia. This can only mean one thing ... public transit to ... AND from ... Lubumbashi. There is always a good side to travelling with public transit ... and that is ... the stories. I hope you laugh ... because I always do. Early Monday morning I wake to my alarm ... it seems fitting that I use the “Snoopy theme song” from Charlie Brown ... ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi February 3rd 2010

OOOOOOOOOK Trip to Lubumbashi yesterday ... Where to start? The beginning ... obvious. The night of February 1st 2010 ... just finished a delightful conversation with my younger brother Thom ... set my alarm for 5:00am ... it’s after 11 when I finally put my head on the pillow. Wake up to the alarm ... what seems like seconds later ... snoooooze button saves lives ... or at least mornings. Finally drag myself out of my small bed ... with an outlet under it ... at about 5:30 ... make coffee ... spray on deodorant ... brush the teeth ... find a relatively clean shirt ... organize documents for travel ... and we’re off. As we begin our walk towards the bus stop the rain also decides to begin ... we duck into our favourite shop ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi September 30th 2009

"When carrying a camera can be more dangerous than carrying a gun"'s the day you land in DRC, Congo at his best. So for this entry, my pictures are merely most of the time, the place for the camera was safely deep in my pocket. I will come back later on this lack of pictures. There are countries which are simply not on my wish list to visit. But than again, if you know me you know I love to make plans, and for me, plans are made to be changed. So why Lubumbashi, capital of Katanga, why Am I here for a great week of discovery? My Mum was born in Bukavu, East of Congo. She left the country when she was 12, and never made it back, so maybe history is bringing me ... read more
pirogue by the lake
amazing trees blossoming...this one at the golf
village in the bush

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi August 22nd 2009

I stand corrected. Told ya I'm only human. Thanks Cath. Friends and family you need to check out this website by my nephew and Godson Dan Baxter. Kreepy dolls are some of the most creative, wonderful and weird stuff you will ever see. I highly recommend as a gift to children of all ages. He's won awards at the Three Rivers Arts Festival and has shown in galleries in New York. His studio is in Brooklyn. He will soon have plenty of new fabric...from AFRICA! ............................................................................................................. OK, so today's encouraging promise has again been dashed by the promise again of tomorrow (kesho in Swahili). The passport office says the passport have arrived, but they will not be here until 11 PM. (?) There has got to be something lost in translation, but the bottom line is ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi August 12th 2009

Hello to all. I have read all comments. Thanks. This internet connection is the slowest of all time. Took me twenty five minutes just to log in read and then get to here. Cannot accept them today or I will be here all night. Anyway I have a meeting Thursday with Gov. Moise. He is nice. We have met before with the Trinity UMC group. I call this going American style. GET IT DONE. Today Pastore Kimba called the PP office and said They a re working on it. Then I went to the PP ofice bvecause it wzs just around the corner from the law offices. Sidney Greenstreet said Kinshasa is not working today. So whom should I believe. The Pastor or the fat man who takes bribes. I am unsure of the name of ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi August 11th 2009

Hello all. I am well...very hot and sticky today. Temps in the nineties with zero humidity. Still sweating the duust here in Congo is remarkable. I saw Hilary Clinton on CNN this morning. She was quite miffed at the mistranslation. This is a typical thing here. He instaed of she his not hers him not her. Patience is a virtue. I have been experiencing these translation miscues for six weeks now. Conversations in the darkness. Have read all comments and suggestions. Thank you all. Keep em coming. Gang at Caremark...I LOVE YOU. Thanks for checking in on me. I am really sory about the dearth of photos but youshould se this keyboard. I am at the University of Lubumbashi. It is quite hot in this room. But I have the window seat. HA. I wait still ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi August 9th 2009

Hello all. Just want everyone to know I have spoken with Mom. She sounds well and was happy to here my voice. I will make today short. Have a meeting tonight with my team of advisors. They are all Christian men who are commited to completing this task. I have given them an AMERICAN STYLE deadline. Dimanche...Sunday the 16 th. No more Congolesian Tomorrows. We shall see. Today I was sitting at lunch exhausted. It is very difficult to have so many people hanging on you ... even with love. At that moment Marie came into the room with a flower just for me. It melted my heart and gave me new resolve to get this mission accomplished. The playoff beard is in full bloom. The people here are amazed at the hairy Muzungu. I wish ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi August 8th 2009

Hello friends and family. There still to date has been NO PASSPORT ISSUED. Rachel please stop telling people a passport has been issued. I forgive you. Pastor Maloba says Pastor Zilly says the docs have been sent from Kamina. HALLELUJAH. Seeing is believing. I have read all blog entries comments and such. Thank you all. However no email. Stephanie Moore I was just thinking about you and the straight and narrow sermon you gave. I pray you and family are well. Everyone at CVS Caremark...keep em coming. I can not wait to GET BACK TO WORK. Never thought I would say that. But it is true. DEW...I miss you too. Hello LSUMC. You did not know my woman is an acrobat? So today I went to the pasport offfice to have a new PP attempted but ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Lubumbashi August 4th 2009

Dear friends and family. How many tomorrows do I have left in me? Pastor Kimba continues to put me off saying the passport office has created the delay but I am not sure about that information. Comprende? He says everything captured on the 25 of July is complete but ours was the 24 of July and still not complete. No matter what language sounds like BULLSHIT to me. Not sure whom to trust here anymore. I know I can trust Dr Luther and Pastor Maloba but after that I am solo. Jean Claude suggests creating a whole new passport with the name Ilunga Mwanza. Four hundred dollars. I must do this because it almost sounds like the best idea. Le judgement avec L act de naisance show Ilunga Mwanza. I will be contacting friend Didier tonight ... read more

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