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August 12th 2009
Published: August 12th 2009
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Hello to all.

I have read all comments. Thanks.

This internet connection is the slowest of all time. Took me twenty five minutes just to log in read and then get to here. Cannot accept them today or I will be here all night.

Anyway I have a meeting Thursday with Gov. Moise. He is nice. We have met before with the Trinity UMC group.

I call this going American style. GET IT DONE.

Today Pastore Kimba called the PP office and said They a re working on it.

Then I went to the PP ofice bvecause it wzs just around the corner from the law offices.

Sidney Greenstreet said Kinshasa is not working today.

So whom should I believe. The Pastor or the fat man who takes bribes.

I am unsure of the name of the US Consulate David Boyle or David Doyle.

Could someone please check on this and confirm. Thanks.

Health is good. HYDRATING much better now thanks Deb.

Played soccer today with the kids in the hood. Schooled em. I even scored a goal. My first in twenty years.

Kamina Marie and I have been playing a game called Crab Soccer.

She sits and kicks the ball and is very good at it. Just like her Papa.

Hoping to get her out of here soon so all of you beautiful people can see her. How many auntys and uncles can one person have.

Hello Caremark LSUMC Lees Summit KC Pittsburgh Glenshaw Wexford Denver Highlands Ranch Brooklyn Florida Arkansas and Grand Canyon AZ.
and everyone else I forgot.

Gotta go now. Peace and love to all. Keith.

I Love You Rachel. Over and out.


12th August 2009

David Boyle
Consul - David Boyle
12th August 2009

Email from Israel
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Israel Kamudzandu [] Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 11:22 AM To: Rachel Andrisevic Subject: FW: Assistance for Keith Rachael: We are in Good hands and I believe and trust that all will go well – these people whom we are in touch with are so blessed with gifts of helping each other. Below is an e-mail I got from Farayi. May God’s peace and Holy Spirit overshadow you as Mary the Mother of Jesus experienced. God will not let us down. Israel From: farai tiriwepi [] Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 11:02 AM To: Israel Kamudzandu Subject: Re: Assistance for Keith Dear Isarel, Your last name sounds Zimbabwean, are you from Zimbabwe? Thank you for your mail. The number for Mrs Yemba is 243990432544. At present they are not in Kinshasa they are attending an annual Conference Session at one of their conferences but there is telephone network you can call her. I have already met with Keith and his daughter he is adopting and his wife told me he will be in Kinshasa sometime next week. At present he is in Lubumbashi, so I already told his wife I will be there to help him when he gets here. Thanks Farayi --- On Wed, 8/12/09, Israel Kamudzandu wrote: From: Israel Kamudzandu Subject: Assistance for Keith To: "" Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 7:41 AM Dear Farai: Greetings from USA. My name is Israel Kamudzandu and teach here in the USA at Saint Paul School of Theology. I am writing to request your help and Bishop and Mrs. Yemba's help with Keith who is working to adopt a child from Congo. He does not have enough money and would want to ask if Bishop Yemba can host him at their house and help him with whatever he needs in the process of finalizing all what is required. If you have Mai Yemba's phone number please forward it to me and will try to call them from here. I am sure you have been in touch with Rachael, Keith's wife. They are dear friends of our church. Please let me know when you get this e-mail. I am glad you are working with Bishop Yemba. He was my dean and academic advisor at AU. Israel Kamudzandu
12th August 2009

Hey, Keith
Hey, there-- Didn't want you to think I'm not reading or caring or hoping so much that you both make it back some point! Keep hanging in there.....hope to see you soon! Great that you still have soccer skills enough to show all of them up! Jennifer
12th August 2009

Brother, I have found some info on the web, from the U.S. Embassy, Kinshasa.Congo, with the name David Boyle as Consul and Carrie Gryskiewicz as Vice Consul. Location is Avenue des Aviateurs, No. 310, Kinshasa, Gombe. The Embassy switchboard is 081-556-0151. Fax is 081-556-0173. E-mail is The Congolese mailing address is: American Embassy 310 Avenue des Aviateurs Commune de la Gombe Kinshasa, DRC American Embassy It also says on the page in the event of an emg. you should call the Embassy switchboard at 081-CALLUSA and ask for the Consular Duty Officer. This is for after hours calls also. Hey, I hope this helps. Pulling for you, my brother. James
13th August 2009

A letter from Mom
Dear Keith, I have really enjoyed seeing all of the photos and reading about your experience in Africa. It seems you are having a wonderful time and the people of Africa are enjoying having you with them. Worried they may never let you come home! We can't wait for you to come home and write your book about your experiences. It was great hearing your voice on Sunday and you really sound exactly like yourself, like you were in the same room with me. Kamina is SO lucky to have you and I am lucky to have both of you. Can't wait until you come home and even if I don't get to see you right away, I will be happy to know you are on US soil and we can talk more on the phone. Really glad you are doing OK, but I am not surprised because you are you and you get along with everyone and those people are lucky to have this time with you. They will never forget you, Keith! I love you. Get home as soon as you can. It has been a long time for you and me. Glad everyone loves you like I do! Mom
13th August 2009

Hi Mr. A., Had a voice mail from Mande that his sister went to the Governor's office with you today. Praying that he is the guy to help! Whatever happened to your friend the Bishop? Tried to call you today but call would not go through - praying tomorrow we can hook up. I will watch the Steelers for you tonight and see if I can tape it for your return. Rebecca Grocott brought in a beautiful blanket for Kamina that she crocheted. This in from Pat Wiley: ______________________________________________ From: Patricia Wiley Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 4:29 PM To: Rachel Andrisevic Cc: Subject: RE: Need an update ! Oh my sweet Rachel. WE pray God will find favor in getting Kamina’s passport issued so She and Keith can get home to you. We stand in agreement casting out the enemy in Jesus name by God’s might and power the enemy is defeated and the enemy will flee from the obstacle holding them up just by the mere mention of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.. Confess this with your every breath you take until they come home. Love you My eyes are burning from reading all the comments posted - so headed home. Garage sale at Ana's went okay today. Lisa and I stopped by at lunch to check in. Got the best hug from Shaylee. She has grown up since you left! Tana is feeding me so well that as Carrie said, when you get home you will be able to stuff an apple in my mouth and put me on a spit. I will work the garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. Trying to work every Saturday night. Went to a great movie with Shanie last night - chick flick you will love when you get back...Julie and Julia. Meryl Streep was awesome as Julia Child. Counting the seconds until you and Kamina are home! Odin broke our agreement so Kamina's door is closed for three days until we can get him to not chew things he shouldn't. They miss you and are being excellent protectors of the house and me. I love you dearly! Mrs. A.

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