Patience is a virtue.

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August 11th 2009
Published: August 11th 2009
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Hello all.

I am well...very hot and sticky today.

Temps in the nineties with zero humidity.

Still sweating the duust here in Congo is remarkable.

I saw Hilary Clinton on CNN this morning. She was quite miffed at the mistranslation. This is a typical thing here. He instaed of she his not hers him not her. Patience is a virtue. I have been experiencing these translation miscues for six weeks now.

Conversations in the darkness.

Have read all comments and suggestions. Thank you all. Keep em coming.

Gang at Caremark...I LOVE YOU. Thanks for checking in on me.

I am really sory about the dearth of photos but youshould se this keyboard. I am at the University of Lubumbashi. It is quite hot in this room. But I have the window seat. HA.

I wait still for the new passprot. Went yesterday twice to the PP office. After about 5 pm the fat man ... picture Sidney Greenstreet in the Maltese Falcon... said we will have it Wednesday. Lots of money changed hands. They LOVE U.S. Dollars.

Well this morning professor Eric said it changed from Wed to Friday. Who knows. How didHillary get hers so quickly? The originalpassport still has not materialzed. Sidney Greenstreet said tomorrow.

I willtry to reach the US Consulate today by email but no guarantees there either.

Internet connections have been out for the past two days. We have electricity today for the first time in five days. Hence I was able to see CNN.

These are the email addresses for the Embassy that I have. Will someone in the USA please confirm?

Thanks. I need the assist.

You can not imagine the things I have seen and done.

Stepping off the curb in the pitch black of night. This is my journey of enlightenment.

Gotta go now before I have heat stroke. This room has a ceiling fan. Actually, it is an oscellating fazn strapped to the ceiling. But they do not have it turned on.

Man, I could have a bag of M and Ms and a cup of coffeee right now. Really miss my yogurt breaks.

LSUMC keep taking good care of my woman. You are the finest group of people I have ever met.

Thanks EVERYONE for your financial contributions. I will not mention any names but Rachel has told me who you are. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH.

I am laying the groundwork for a group to come back here and build a Solar Energy plant.

Any volunteers?

OK Must go now.

Peace and Love to all. Keith.

I Love You Rachel. Over and out.


11th August 2009

Hi Uncle Keith! First of all, if you haven't heard this a million times already, HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!!! Water is life. I'm praying for your health, dear one. Secondly, just got off the phone with Grandma and she was SO happy to hear from you on Sunday! What is funny is that she was just remarking to me about how patient you have been through all of this, and then I see your blog about patience. We are all so very connected in this universe, no? We all love you and are praying for you! Godspeed, Deb
11th August 2009

Oh dear Keith! This is the most ridiculous situation I have ever heard of! It just seems like no end in sight! Do you have that feeling? I'm feel so useless! My heart is breaking for you and your girls! Why is this happening? Why are the people there like that! You would think that these people would have some sort of empathy for your situation!! I still believe you are the strongest person I know! You're in my heart, my prayers, and in my thoughts 24-7. Love you!!
11th August 2009

Patience is a virtue
I would have thought you would have had a front row seat to Hillary's press confrence and that she would not have been allowed to leave the country w/o your having the paperwork in your hand. You and your family have been in my prayers since you left. Anything in life worth having is worth waiting for and Kamina is definitely worth the wait! She is absolutely gorgeous! May God's blessings continue to flow to you and yours. Deb
11th August 2009

I have been reading your updates Keith. Just know that I am still praying for you. Keep the faith. Remember all things work out for the good of them that love the Lord!
11th August 2009

What? Me Worry?!
I think not. I gave this one up to the good Lord long ago! You're in his hands. I heard our niece, Jennifer, recently say that she decided to "worry less and pray more." I've been trying to live by those wise words ever since I heard her say them. Hope your tomorrow is better than today! :)
11th August 2009

Patience IS a virtue and you seem to have it in spades!
Hey Keith! You are doing an incredibly awesome job hanging in. Thanks for the updates. Can't wait for the book to come out! I will be your editor if you even need one! Rachel loooooooves you and misses you. I'm praying for ya'll, and the hearts of those Congolese stallers with deep pockets. Take care, Mary
12th August 2009

Hang in there
Keith, I just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers and we are thinking about you every day. Janet
12th August 2009

Uncle Keith
Oh man, I really cant wait to see you, and talk! or even just talk! I have to say I feel like visiting with you and aunt Rachel, and my new cousin can't happen soon enough for me. It's hard deciding what to write to you with nothing important to say, you already know I love you and admire what you are doing. So usually I just read your entries, and hope that things work out! What a crazy place you have gone to! WOW!
12th August 2009

email addresses
Hey Keifer...I tried to confirm the email addresses in your blog...the is valid but it's the "catch all" email. I couldn't find David's email on the embassy website...imagine that. But it might be instead of what you typed, which may be a mistype because of your keyboard issues (b instead of d). I may not be part of LSUMC family, but I love and support your woman (and you) as much as I can - and I love you both just as much if not more. I just may show it in different ways. I am so worried about you and Kamina...and Rachel...and please know that Bob and I love you very much and hope for both of you to return safe and sound SOON. We think about you constantly...please get home soon with that beautiful baby.

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