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August 8th 2009
Published: August 8th 2009
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Hello friends and family.

There still to date has been NO PASSPORT ISSUED.

Rachel please stop telling people a passport has been issued.

I forgive you.

Pastor Maloba says Pastor Zilly says the docs have been sent from Kamina. HALLELUJAH.

Seeing is believing.

I have read all blog entries comments and such. Thank you all. However no email.

Stephanie Moore I was just thinking about you and the straight and narrow sermon you gave. I pray you and family are well.

Everyone at CVS Caremark...keep em coming. I can not wait to GET BACK TO WORK.

Never thought I would say that. But it is true.

DEW...I miss you too.

Hello LSUMC. You did not know my woman is an acrobat?

So today I went to the pasport offfice to have a new PP attempted but they are CLOSED today and tomorrow. The man there said the Kamina Marie PP will be here tomorrow. I wondered at this...if you are CLOSED tomorrow...why tell me tomorrow?

I just stood there and laughed.

I changed the baby diaper and I must confess I was going to just leave the diaper there on the curb because...well...the entire country is a trash can. I have become that caloused.

Then I saw a father and son standing there watching me chenge Kamina Marie and I picked it up. Could not have Muzungu set a bad example for the children.

Not preaching to,orrow. Have not been well enough to construct a sermon. Resting every chane I get.

Health is improving...but I would like to go now.

Yes I have a fresh supply of Malaria medsz no worries. It is all the other stuff like botchelism, salmonella and dehydration. Drinking more water now. That was an easy fix.

Here is a random list of foods I WILL BE EATING when I get home.

Steak and eggs and broccoli and spinach.
Filling ststion BBQ.
Long John Silvers.
BK lounge double cheesbuger and fries.
Pepperoni pizza
Dads leg of lamb
Moms baked chicken
Artichokes and SNF.
Mo state fair beef house.
And beer. Lots of beer.

Has anybody tried contacting Oprah or BrAngelinie or Madonna or Hillary yet? I could use a ride.
I have 138 pages written to date. You WILL see me on Oprah some day.

I saw Hillary on TV but she did not give me any props.

Rachel I Love You So Bad. I miss the smell of your hair and your sweat after yard work.
Please arrive hot and sweaty to the airport.

Had a chance encounter to day with the sister of Baba Guy Mande...Mama Hortense.

It was she who recognized me from the Congolese televison news program at the Governors office.

She has agreed to assist with the passport issue. That is nice. I can use some good Christian help.

This morning M Regine started praying. Out loud. Quite loudly. She continued for about forty five minutes.
I call this the Swahili novena.

If ALL of Congress is praying for me that is cool too. HA. I will try to explain Cath but the humor may be lost in translation.

When I get to Kinshasa I will need all strings pulled at the Embassy to expedite the Physical at the Poly Clinique. Dr Daniel Baume. Nice guy but would not do anything without the Passport. Un derstandable.

Anyway headache now from this keyboard. Mwanza = ?zqnwq on this key board.

Gotta roll. Here we go Steelers it is tonight.

Have not read email today.

Peaca and Love to all yall. Keith.

I Love You Rachel. Over and out.


8th August 2009

Keith, so glad to see you were able to blog again! I pray all of the folks that say are going to help you will follow thru! You and Kamina (and Rachel) are always in my thoughts. Everytime I open up your blob I pray there is a new post. I pray "tomorrow" will be the day the passport is FINALLY done. You are still an amazing man, to deal with this situation. You are a Hero in my eyes! I do believe we will see you on Oprah someday!! Just a bit of TMI on Rachel's sweat smell and such...but I can't imagine all the stress you are taking in and your wife is so far away from you! We will have a parade and a feast of all the things you love to eat when you get home...sounds like a good idea, huh?!?! I love you, stay strong and faithful!! xoxo Karie
8th August 2009

You're amazing
Your committment and stamina are incredible. What stories you will have to share with Kamina when she is older. Rachel's amazing too. She's being so strong without you here. You both are an incredible tesitment of faith. Hang in there ... we'll see you and Kamina home soon. Love, Lori
8th August 2009

Wondered where you were, lil' bro'
Missed hearing from you the last few days. Thought you might have gone on a safari somewhere and the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) got ya! Just a little humor to put a smile on your face. We're with you. Can only stay on our knees and pray for a quick resolution and you do what you have to do to stay healthy. It's hot now here in Hampton, VA, but I'm sure not as hot as it is there in the Congo so hang in there. Kamina has no idea what kind of a father she's getting - absolutely AWESOME! By the way, you want Rachel to meet you at the airport hot and sweaty?!? You are definitely Italian and a true blooded American male!!! Yeah! Go Rachel! Ha! Loves ya, little brother - Marie :)
9th August 2009

Cathy Baxter
Baby, Yesterday Tana called to tell me you had posted this blog. I had her read it to me and I was so very sad and cried. I called Cathy Baxter to give her a heads up that you had posted a blog that didn't sound like you were doing well and that I was going to request you come home immediately. You know your sister, worry, worry, worry! I have had to translate other blogs to her you have written where she thought things were really bad and I was getting the same thing so putting her mind at rest. Here is the funny...she called and left me a voice mail thanking me for the heads up but she thought you sounded much better in the blog so she wasn't quite sure why I would be having you come home. Now that cracked me up! I did have melt down with lots of tears last night because I miss you so bad. I was vacuuming in Kamina's room and it just hit me how much I miss you both. Been keeping really busy so I wouldn't allow sadness in, but I guess I needed a good cry. Oh, and yes, I love keeping our newly redecorated and redone house clean! There I said it. I don't even want to leave it because it is so nice. You are in for a HUGE surprise! Finally has gotten hot here. We had the 3rd coolest July on record. Past couple of days in the upper 90's with lots of humidty and wind. Gary Lezak gives his regards to you. He is not sure if we will get rain Monday night, could be Tuesday. Had to laugh when Jim Preisig said he wants to invite Gary Lezak to be a guest speaker for the "Storms of Life" series coming up. Perhaps you might want to stay in DRC for a couple more weeks - :) Odin and Ming are great. I have been working on psychic connection with Odin to have him stop eating stuffed animals in such. Read an article on it. I told him I would leave Kamina's door open if he went for three days without eating anything he shouldn't. Today is day three. He loves the sunlight in her room so that will be his reward. Okay, have to go help with offering at 10:40 service. Most of the team is out for Nicargua trip, coming back later today so Sharon Rader needs help. I love you, love you, love you. Oh, and Emily Bettenbrock asked me at service last night if I was "hot and sweaty". Yea - thanks for that comment my husband. Remember, there are some secrets we should keep between us - ah, what the hay. LOVE YOU! Mrs. A.

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