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Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou June 12th 2009

Je ontkomt er bijna niet aan, ondanks alle voorzorgsmaatregelen, waarschuwingen en voorzichtigheid. Een nieuwe bacterie in je lichaam! De reactie is avenant. Dag en nacht plat op bed, alle energie sparend voor de vele bezoekjes aan het toilet. Mijn relatief luxe huis is een zegen. In het bijzonder m’n eigen normale! wc naast m’n slaapkamer verzacht een beetje het ongemak van een buik die zich binnenste buiten probeert te keren. Toch is alles relatief, want het drinken van een ORS oplossing staat mij nog meer tegen dan de gang naar het toilet. De smaak lijkt net iets teveel op de andere vervelende consequentie van een maag die niet meewerkt. Voorlopig eet ik alleen maar wit.... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou June 8th 2009

In NL heeft iedereen een fiets, in Ouaga heeft iedereen een vélomoteur. Zelfs voor afstanden korter dan 100 meter wordt de brommer altijd gebruikt, een erg grappig gezicht. Misschien is het vanwege de warmte, maar waarschijnlijk is het hier een status symbool. De benzine is hartstikke duur, maar de brommer domineert het chaotisch verkeer op de vele onverharde wegen. Als je geen brommer hebt, gebruik je de fiets, maar lopen wordt vermeden. Ik heb nu nog een chauffeur, maar binnenkort krijg ik mijn eigen brommer :)... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou June 8th 2009

In NL nog extra genoten van m’n laatste douche, m’n laatste lekkere zit op ’t toilet en voor ’t laatst water uit de kraan gedronken, want ik ging lokaal wonen in Ouaga. Inherent vijf golfplaten die fungeren als huis, geen stromend water, een gat om ‘lekker’ boven te hangen en geen elektriciteit. Maar wel me eigen kokkin die het Afrikaans eten traditioneel op houtsvuur bereidt en me kleding wast. Charles en Philippe van CEAS brachten mij midden in de nacht over een hobbelige en zanderige weg naar me stulpje midden in een grote woonwijk van Ouaga. Ze zeggen nog: ”je huis is iets luxer, wat jij wilde leek ons niet geschikt voor een Westerling”. Voilà, ton maison! Drie grote slaapkamers, twee badkamers, een ruime keuken en woonkamer volledig ingericht en ten slotte een heerlijke dakterras allemaal ... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou May 19th 2009

Ouagadougou is crazy. we spent 3 nights here enjoying ourselves in the campsite behind a truck park. There were beers and a swimming pool,greatly appreciated after the desert. But the best part was going for a beer after dinner, in one of the local bars......most amazing places, not a formal bar,more just oddly built tables and chairs,on the side of roads. With the best african music being played.While you are there sipping your beer, you can buy anything....and I mean anything, from underwear,dinner,veggies, fruit (sliced and cut-up)toilet-paper to shoes.Everything and in all sizes....loads of children involed not only selling but playing while Mum and Dad have their social time. I could not help myself,stopping some of the vendors,just to see what they were selling.Woolies would be out of business if we could go to lunch or ... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou May 2nd 2009

We left by Pinesse(oversized canoe) on April 21 down the Niger river(but northerly direction) and spent 3 days getting to Timbuktu. A wonderful if uncomfortable journey,we saw Hippos,birds, fish and fishermen and stopped at villages to buy food. This large waterway is in the middle of desert and sustains tens of thousands of people and animals. We had to get out and push many times and camped on islands and banks each night. Timbukto was dirty dusty and hot but its allure lived up to its name.Mosques,islamic universities and remarkable squallor a wonderful history and sand were mixed together. We returned to Sevare by 4 weel drives on the worst road I have ever seen. All 4 cars broke down in the desert and ours was towed by another with a piece of seat belt as ... read more
Niger River
Niger River

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou April 27th 2009

So the past 2 weeks I spent backpacking through Burkina Faso and Mali with 3 American friends that I have met here, Jessica, Berkley, and Max. We left the Monday morning after Easter Sunday and decided to take the most direct route to Burkina Faso as possible, which we discovered on the way home that was the best decision we made the whole trip. So Monday morning we departed the STC bus station at 9 am for Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou (pronounced Waga-doo-goo). The bus ride is supposed to take about 24 hours to get completely through Ghana and half way through Burkina, so we knew it was going to be an adventure. Between breakdowns and rainstorms, it took us a little closer to 27 hours. Luckily I brought along some benadril so I took one ... read more
YUMMY food
Grand Mosque
street view- green taxi

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou April 25th 2009

While I slept most of the way to Ouagadougou from what I did see I noticed that the landscape of Burkina Faso was very similar to that of Mole National Park. Vast savannah grassland, dry and sparsley covered with various trees and shrubbery. As soon as we stepped off the bus, you could immediately tell you were in a different environment. The very air that greeted us was arid in nature and abbrassive to the touch. Despite the intial woes however, the dry heat was, overall, a welcome change to the over-powering humidity of the south. Though the lack of cool coastal gales did leave something to be desired... At any rate, we arrived at the bus station mid morning, and with the help of a couple of peace corp volunteers, we procured a taxi to ... read more
Sites of Ouaga
Sites of Ouaga- 2

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou March 6th 2009

Update on the last few weeks.. It's been a while... and I've finally found the apostrophe on the French keyboard ;-) (Colin) In the last few weeks I've done quite a lot- though perhaps not with the work here! I've been cycling around Kpalime, seeing more waterfalls and trekking-a-plenty; spotting fab things, creatures and colours in the jungle, tasting some good and some really not-so-good palm wine... Last Friday (27th Feb) I left in the morning for Lome- the best time to get a bus anywhere is 6am here. I was squashed in between a large Togolese woman and her son for the duration; after many stops and waiting around for the bus to be full again we arrived in Lome 3 hours later; I wandered around for a bit, ate some fufu from one ... read more
The accomodation
The bus to Kante
'Le Naturel Piscine'

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou December 15th 2008

After a few hours chatting with a Pasteur about religion on the front seats of a minibus, we finally stop to cross the border between Ghana and Ivory coast. A tradition: all Ivoirian usually pay 1 Ghana Cedis to pass Ghanaian police and immigration. As a white, I do not have to pay these but I did indeed have the provocative questions from the Ivoirian police about Belgian involvement in Congo. Escaping the topic with a smile, I jump into a taxi, direction: Abidjan, capital city of Ivory coast. Despite a 2H fight between the taxi driver and some road syndicate who immobilized the car, I finally arrived safe in Abidjan, despite a bit later than expected. My hosting family (from a friend I met in Ghana) welcomed me like a king and it was such ... read more
My host's home in Gorom Gorom

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou October 14th 2008

Burkina Faso, the former Upper Volta, which was linked to Ivory Coast at one point, and still feels inextricably linked to. We arrived though Bobo-Dioulasso from Mali, on a long road journey, which felt like we sere covering the whole country, but was probably the fresh wind rather than the speed, as we only covered little more than 200km in some 8 hours or so, Trvelling took the whole day, and we arrived late at night. Bobo Dioulasso turned out to be a very relaxed town, and a good base to explore the surrounding region. we rented mopeds for a day to see "sacred fish", a big thing here (catfish), and nothing special to my eyes. We went to lovely rock formations the next day, a waterfall, which was one of those sublime relaxing places, where ... read more
Karfiguelia Waterfall in Southern Burkina Faso

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