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April 25th 2009
Published: April 25th 2009
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Exploring OuagaExploring OuagaExploring Ouaga

Relaxing atomosphere, friendly people, and motor bikes galore, what's not to like?
While I slept most of the way to Ouagadougou from what I did see I noticed that the landscape of Burkina Faso was very similar to that of Mole National Park. Vast savannah grassland, dry and sparsley covered with various trees and shrubbery.

As soon as we stepped off the bus, you could immediately tell you were in a different environment. The very air that greeted us was arid in nature and abbrassive to the touch. Despite the intial woes however, the dry heat was, overall, a welcome change to the over-powering humidity of the south. Though the lack of cool coastal gales did leave something to be desired...

At any rate, we arrived at the bus station mid morning, and with the help of a couple of peace corp volunteers, we procured a taxi to take us to our hotel. We opted to spend the day in Ouaga rather than push onto Mali. A decision that proved to be wise, as we were all exhausted and hungry from our travels.

Our accomodations were delightful - centrally located, friendly staff and cheap price - if you're ever in Ouaga check out the Hotel Delwende, you'll be glad
Sites of OuagaSites of OuagaSites of Ouaga

Just a cool building we came across
you did. Most of our afternoon was spent exploring the city... similar to Abidjan and Lome, I found Ouagadougou to be very relaxed, with lots of motor bikes and awesome architecture. We broke our fast at the La Vida restuarant, and continued to discuss the itinerary of our trip.

After polishing off our meal we took a taxi to the bus station that would take us to the next destination, Ouahigouya . The remainder of the evening was spent relaxing at the hotel and continuing to make plans for the rest of the trip, before eventually calling it a night.

We awoke Wednesday morning at the glorious hour of five o'clock, and after failing to hail a taxi...the entire city was deserted...weird...we ended up walking to the station. We found our bus and were on our way! Arriving in Ouahigouya around nine or ten, and immediately jumping into a tro tro heading for Koro, Mali .

Unfortunately we had to wait about an hour and half
Sites of Ouaga- 2Sites of Ouaga- 2Sites of Ouaga- 2

I believe this was the grand market...not completely sure
for the Tro to fill... oh well, it could have been did get worse


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