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May 19th 2009
Published: May 19th 2009
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Ouagadougou is crazy. we spent 3 nights here enjoying ourselves in the campsite behind a truck park. There were beers and a swimming pool,greatly appreciated after the desert.
But the best part was going for a beer after dinner, in one of the local bars......most amazing places, not a formal bar,more just oddly built tables and chairs,on the side of roads. With the best african music being played.While you are there sipping your beer, you can buy anything....and I mean anything, from underwear,dinner,veggies, fruit (sliced and cut-up)toilet-paper to shoes.Everything and in all sizes....loads of children involed not only selling but playing while Mum and Dad have their social time. I could not help myself,stopping some of the vendors,just to see what they were selling.Woolies would be out of business if we could go to lunch or dinner, and buy the things you need while sipping on a wine or two. We travelled on to Bobo Dioulasso the cultural heart of Burkina , tree lined streets ,music and an amazing market.We travelled to Balfoura waterfalls(yes there is some water in Burkina) and basked in the pools for half a day . This was literally the calm before the storm. We camped in a tiny isolated village and enjoyed cooking amongst the locals and music after. The clouds had been gathering and Annie and I had gone to bed. We were suddenly hit by incredible winds which immediately filled our tent with sand. A minute later all hell broke loose as very heavy rain and lightning struck. Tents were blown everywhere as people struggled to get to them. In the morning there was a scene of devestation. There were 3 to a tent because many were blown away and 1.5 were never found. Ah Africa! Off again to the border. We again went by an unusual and rarely travelled road- via Wa. "welcome to Ghana" sign appeared as we crossed and joy of joy we were speaking English again!


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