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I absolutely love travelling and discovering the way other people live, and I've always wanted to do a little blog about my adventures; the rollercoaster rides of excitement, enjoyment and always emotional challenges... so finally here it is. I'm about to embark on my seven month trip in which I plan to find 'Africa', so please pop by every now and again for any updates on the latest stories...

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou March 6th 2009

Update on the last few weeks.. It's been a while... and I've finally found the apostrophe on the French keyboard ;-) (Colin) In the last few weeks I've done quite a lot- though perhaps not with the work here! I've been cycling around Kpalime, seeing more waterfalls and trekking-a-plenty; spotting fab things, creatures and colours in the jungle, tasting some good and some really not-so-good palm wine... Last Friday (27th Feb) I left in the morning for Lome- the best time to get a bus anywhere is 6am here. I was squashed in between a large Togolese woman and her son for the duration; after many stops and waiting around for the bus to be full again we arrived in Lome 3 hours later; I wandered around for a bit, ate some fufu from one ... read more
The accomodation
The bus to Kante
'Le Naturel Piscine'

Africa » Togo February 19th 2009

Beautiful country... beautiful people.. finally have my camera fixed! :-) The crickety road into Togo after walking over the border was THE most scariest and nerve-wrenching journey of my life; We were 10 in the car- yes a standard hatchback, a little worn at the edges- with sacks of coal on the roof, and bananas coming out of everywhere and the roof tied on- not down- as the driver speeded over the hills careering all across the road to attempt avoid the huge unavoidable potholes! Although after nearly three weeks spent in this enchanting little country this of course would be the norm! OK so.. enough of roads.. There is so from these amazing beings; I dont understand how but I get a warm lovely welcome everywhere! and from the children everywhere; Yuvo Yuvo Bonsoir Ca ... read more

Africa » Ghana February 4th 2009

Bonjour toute le monde! Well what a jam-packed two weeks it has been since I was landed in the world of the West African and tumbled out into a hot and steamy Accra airport in Ghana with hundreds of touts and taxi drivers convinging you it really is them- the people you are waiting for.. I first stopped by at Bortianor- a gorgeous beach- I wouldnt really use the term resort- since I was the only tourist- and moved swiftly up coast to Krokrobite (a place not recommended by some Spanish overlanders I met in the Togolese embassy in Accra- they said it was too loud so I thought definately need to go there!) Here I met some interesting travellers to give me the do's and don't's of the area. I chilled with the locals, drank ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Andover January 25th 2009

So here I am setting up my travel blog and finally being able to contemplate the journey ahead. The weekend has been full of ''hello and goodbye again's'' and now I am in the lovely Lavelle family home nice and full from not one but TWO vegetarian curries with my voice finally having a chance to recover from a hectic but fabulous few days (it's so wrong that you really can talk too much!) Tomorrow I'm heading to Heathrow to climb aboard a carrier of dreams (and of course a horrid contributor to the global warming disaster) to Accra, Ghana, where I will hang around for a few days tyring to get a visa for Togo. Thereafter I will make the journey over the border to work with an NGO in Kpalime in the hope of ... read more

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