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February 4th 2009
Published: February 16th 2009
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Wli FallsWli FallsWli Falls

Just after having the best shower of my life!
Bonjour toute le monde!

Well what a jam-packed two weeks it has been since I was landed in the world of the West African and tumbled out into a hot and steamy Accra airport in Ghana with hundreds of touts and taxi drivers convinging you it really is them- the people you are waiting for..

I first stopped by at Bortianor- a gorgeous beach- I wouldnt really use the term resort- since I was the only tourist- and moved swiftly up coast to Krokrobite (a place not recommended by some Spanish overlanders I met in the Togolese embassy in Accra- they said it was too loud so I thought definately need to go there!)
Here I met some interesting travellers to give me the do's and don't's of the area. I chilled with the locals, drank the Star beer and ate the gorgeous fufu, nutmeg, plaintain.. swam in the sea- sharks were apparently within reach but the chances were extremely slim and you are more likely to die from drowning in the area. Saying that, four people had recently drowned on that very beach as the current could be strong at times and you really had to be aware of the sea- lifeguards don't even exist here!
After that I travelled to Wli falls- the best shower of my life! The journey there was a little scary with about 30 of us crammed into this tiny "bus" going through over the mountains sides through the thunder and lightning faster than my heart could beat! But the next day the beauty of the huge Wli Falls was worth it (and the trek to get to them!)

So not to go on too much.. I would HIGHLY recommend Ghana and its warm welcoming people, where everyone sings out loud all the time.. on the bus.. in the street... and you cant get lost because the people are so kind and helpful! (with some even too friendly of course!)
So on to Togo :-) ..........................


17th February 2009

Bloody lovely!!!
Aww hun, i loved Wli it was just too nice and i felt so small :) ha ha so obrunie have you donned the colourful clothes yet and got braided??? lushness!!! wishing you every happiness xXx

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