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Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou May 11th 2006

Hello everyone Lots of change going on these days. It looks like I'm not keeping the giant suite in the guest house (too bad!) since one of the geos is moving out next week and his room has a complete ensuite bathroom with a SHOWER. So on Tuesday I'm making the move. I also changed offices this morning. I had just sort of set up a workstation in reception until today, but they put me at a proper desk in the accounting department. Since I work alone, it doesn't really matter where I sit, so it's not a big deal. I like the people in accounting, though. They're really nice, and one of the guys (a local that I met on my last trip) and I have a special handshake now that we do every morning. ... read more
Across the Road
Geo and Me
Madame Cook!

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou May 10th 2006

Hello everyone I hope you've all been having a good week. It's hump day! Of course when you're an expat who works 7 days a week, that expression loses some of its meaning... Yesterday was an exciting day, lots going on here in Ouaga. In addition to losing power at the guest house, the office lost internet and phone connection for a couple of hours too. Since there was no way to get work done, one of the geos and I went on a little trip to the Artisanal Village. This is a project sponsored by the local govt and the govt of Luxembourg to promote artisanal activities and income locally. It's basically an enclosed market with stalls where people produce and sell ALL SORTS of things, like statues in wood and bronze, puppets made from ... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou May 9th 2006

Hello everyone! It's already been an exciting morning here in Burkina Faso, and I've only just arrived at the office. Apparently the power in the guest house isn't working, so there was no electricity. Funny enough, I actually did my whole morning routine and didn't even notice! See there is no point to a hair dryer here since your hair dries in about 5 seconds anyway. So there you have it, no power. The office is running fine though, so that's good news otherwise I couldn't post this message to all of you! Yesterday was a pretty good day here. Things seem to be happening so fast right now, it's crazy to think that I've been here only a few days. I woke up yesterday with some bug bites which apparently I had aquired during the ... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou May 8th 2006

Hello everybody, So last night I had my first night on the town. Sort of. It was a Sunday night so it wasn't too busy, and there was only myself and one of the geologists here, so the two of us went out for pint (we found a place that had draught beer!!!!), and then some dinner, and then to this place called "Le Jardin de L'Amitie" which has live outdoor music every night. I guess I should mention that pretty much all eating and drinking establishments here are outdoor. Anyway, it was a really fantastic time. The geo is someone I met while I was here last time, so one of the few people I already knew. We had some great talk about social projects (he used to work for a water NGO) and other ... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou May 7th 2006

Hey everybody! I made it! After a super long series of flights, I arrived in Burkina Faso last night. The travel began by almost missing my bus to Montreal because we thought it was leaving from the train station (where they sometimes leave from). Luckily, the bus station isn't too far away and I made it with 10 mins to spare. :) Unfortunately, that meant Ma got jipped out of a proper goodbye hug lasting more than 2 seconds, so if you see my mom soon be sure to hug her properly for me! Other than that, the trip went off without a hitch. All my connections were good, and I slept pretty much the whole way since I was exhausted! (Moving crew: are you guys sore too? My triceps are killing me! I love you ... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou May 5th 2006

Geo: 12.3569, -1.5352On the morning of April 19th, we left Mali to cross overland to Burkina Faso. Our main reason to go to Burkina was to get a visa for Ghana. The easiest way to get where we were in Mali to Burkina was to take a bush taxi to the border town of Koro, at the edge of Dogon country, and catch some other transport into the capital city of Ouagadougou (Ouaga for short - pronounced "Waga"). What an adventure that turned out to be!To be quite honest, at the time of travel, we were both miserable from the rigors of the travel and a bit homesick - it is only now that we are safe that we can look back with any sort of amusement.We got to the "taxi stand" at 6:30am and bought ... read more
02 Dirt Road Near Hotel
03 In Front of Supermarket

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou May 3rd 2006

but not in this here cyber. . . the heat in Ouaga seems meaner than the heat we left in niamey, perhaps due the the sun bouncing off the metal of millions of motos or the freezing temperatures of our hotel room. me and yussef left niamey by bus sat the 29 we are en route to ghana waiting for my visa which will be ready tomorrow because we got here on the weekend and then their was a workers holiday that closed down all the government buildings... Hotel Delwende is squeezed in between and flanked by peugot, toyota and other fancy car dealerships a little ways away from the grand marche that burned down four years ago and still hasn't been repaired. we have a nice balcony where we eat breakfasts and sometimes dinner. an ... read more

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou March 7th 2005

I spent my week in Burkino Faso at FESPACO - the Pan African Film Festival. The festival is held in Ouagadougou every other year. This year was the first time that a South African film won the major award and only the 2nd time that an English language film has won. The film that won, Drum was a very good film, but it wasn't my favourite. My favourite was another South African film, Max and Mona - it was funny and that goat was a star! During the week I watched a lot of films, some of them were dreadful, a few were world class, and well worth an international release outside Africa. I've been to quite a few film festivals and it is quite usual to have to sit through some bad films! The festival ... read more
Ouaga City Centre
FESPACO  Catalogue on my room floor

Africa » Burkina Faso » Centre » Ouagadougou January 4th 2003

Hello and a Happy New Year to everybody! We had a big New Years Eve at a free camp outside of Sevare (near Mopti) shared with the 40 or so people travelling on two Economic Expeditions Trans Africa trucks we met up with. There was plenty of eating, drinking and making merry, including some fireworks. Before that, we had a day trip on a pinasse along the River Niger from Mopti. Nine of us organised this ourselves on one of our free days. The boat only just held the nine of us, we were a bit squished. We poled (rather than rowed) along the river for a few hours until we came to a village. I'm not sure why we stopped at that particular village, but it was interesting wandering around with our guide, no-one hassling ... read more
Mopti - market
Mopti - boat on the Niger
In the market (the dry land part!)

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