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May 3rd 2006
Published: May 3rd 2006
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but not in this here cyber. . .
the heat in Ouaga seems meaner than the heat we left in niamey, perhaps due the the sun bouncing off the metal of millions of motos or the freezing temperatures of our hotel room.
me and yussef left niamey by bus sat the 29
we are en route to ghana
waiting for my visa which will be ready tomorrow
because we got here on the weekend and then their was a workers holiday that closed down all the government buildings...
Hotel Delwende is squeezed in between and flanked by peugot, toyota and other fancy car dealerships a little ways away from the grand marche that burned down four years ago and still hasn't been repaired.
we have a nice balcony where we eat breakfasts and sometimes dinner.
an older british woman burst onto our part of the balcony the other night to tell us she had found a "splendid!" cyber cafe, the best she's ever seen.
we have a sink and a shower, the toilet is down the hall. it's 12,000 a night, about 24 dollars.
i remember a lot from when i was here with the program and have taken yuss to all the restaurants that me and the girls went to a couple months ago.
beggars are persistant here, even with yussef, it's weird. we've continued forced conversations for a couple blocks trying to convey we don't have small change, and to grown men too, not just kids...
we bought bus tickets today, we'll be leaving for accra friday at 8h30 and get there 6 in the morning sat. straight through driving, and hopefully find a car/bus means of transportation to get to Winneba an hour away where Vanessa and a deer hunt festival await us.

my computer screen keeps blanking out, but luckily nothing gets lost, i don't know how long that will last...

haven't written in a ahile i know, i guess niamey life was so normal for me and i was so embedded in it i didn't feel a need to write...
obviously i did a lot, wasn't just twiddling my thumbs, but that catch up will come later as this computer keeps fainting...
it's good to be on the road
(do i usually sign these things?)


3rd May 2006

Miss ya
Glad to hear from you lil, been thinking about u a bunch. Glad things seem to be going well. Kisses and Hugs

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