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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro June 19th 2014

Jo Tada invited us to train on Wednesday 19th June. We met his club, a welcoming bunch of guys, and a few juniors. The dojo is open walls on top of an old sports centre with a wooden roof. The air is cool, and we trained to the sound of the rain.... read more
Scott, Jo and Celine

South America » Brazil » Amazonas » Manaus June 19th 2014

When we got to the Manaus airport we first found Al but then could not find Ronaldo. Then we saw him holding up a sign for us. We met Ronaldo's wife Dulce. It was a beautiful drive because we saw the stadium. It was so cool. When we got settled at their house and good to go we went to a restaurant nearby to watch the Ecuador v Honduras game. On the way we saw cardboard cutouts of Neymar, Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, and Tiago Silva. I took a picture by each one. Then when we got to the restaurant we got good seats upstairs to watch the game. We were all cheering for Ecuador because Al's parents are from Ecuador. It was a really good game because Ecuador one. The food was pretty good. When we ... read more
USA Scored!
This is what I think about Portugal's team
USA v Portugal

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro June 18th 2014

The fan park is at Copacabana beach. It was a beautiful day and the beach was buzzing with fans going to the game and locals exercising. There are bars all along this strip. We decided to walk down toward ipanema And just absorb the sights and sounds. There are many underground toilets and showers that you pay $1 to use. As soon as we sat down for a drink I changed and had my first swim of the holiday. The water was relatively warm. After a few drinks we sauntered toward the fan park to watch Aus vs Netherlands. There were a few thousand people heading in the same direction. All the Aussies seemed a bit resigned to the fact that we had no chance and not to be embarrassed by the score line. The atmosphere ... read more

Arrived in Rio on Tuesday 17th June, where Jo and Marcela Tada welcomed us to Brazil in style. Luiz organised our accommodation and we all "rehydrated" at a local bar, with Brazilian beer, tapas style food and guava juice, yum! Today, we explored Rio by metro, and found the FIFA fan zone on Copacabana beach, ahead of the England game tomorrow, come on England! Off training tonight with Jo′s club! Excursion tomorrow with Ricardo. More to come later!... read more
First lunch in Rio at Luiz s place
take 2
View from the flat

South America » Brazil » São Paulo June 17th 2014

Bei Tag kann ich nun endlich auch mal sehen in welcher Gegend wir uns in Sao Paulo wirklich befinden. Unser Hotel San Raphael befindet sich inmitten der Stadt eine Metrostation von der Avenida Paulista entfernt. Im neunten Stock mit Aussicht auf einen kleinen Park haben wir eigentlich eine ganz gute Aussicht. Von hier aus sehen wir auch auf einer der groessten Wohnbloecke der Welt, den Edifico Copan mit ueber 1100 Wohnungen. Steht man unterhalb von diesem gewaltigen Komplex, wird einem klar, wie die Leute hier im Stadtkern leben. Platz ist Mangelware :) Mit unserem brasilianischen Kollegen Rannon sind wir mit dem Auto danach auf eine kurze Spritztour durch die Megametropole unterwegs, er zeigte uns einige Sehenswuerdigkeiten und wir assen unsere ersten typischen brasilianischen Gerichte (Coxinha). Natuerlich sahen wir auch unseren ersten Fussballmatch, leider nicht live, sondern ... read more
Am Abend auf dem Dach unseres Hotels


South America » Brazil » São Paulo June 17th 2014

Auch das Schweizer Spiel sahen wir erneut in der Bar, in der wir bereits gestern waren. Viele Schweizer Fans hatte es nicht, doch in Brasilien muss man deswegen nicht ruhig auf seinem Stuhl sitzen bleiben wenn seine Mannschaft ein Tor schiesst. Und so bejubelten wir das 2:1 wie richtige Fans, sprangen auf und schrien durch die ganze Bar. Nach diesem Spiel ging es erneut auf eine kleine Tour durch die Stadt, wir besuchten verschiedene Viertel rund um Madalena. Unter anderem eine grosse Mall, in der wir feine brasilianische Suessigkeiten schnausten. Zucker ist ja bekanntlich Energie, daher koennen diese paar Uebersuessen Gebaecke nicht schaden. Am späteren Nachmittag fuhren wir mit der Metro zum Park Ibirapuera, einer der grünen Seelen der im suedlichden Teil der Stadt. Er besitzt mehrere kleine Seen und bietet mit seiner Wegen durch vielfaeltige ... read more

Got the metro train to Copacabana beach where we were to be picked up for out tour. It was right opposite the Rio fan park. The tour guide was really good, but again the traffic was horrendous. The drive to the mountain was uneventful, but the air conditioning in the bus rescued us from the heat outside. We were given tickets for the cable cars. The views were spectacular. A must see for anyone coming to Rio. The people were very friendly and helpful. We concluded the tour at about 1pm and again the traffic to the city for the tour was a nightmare. The first stop was the cathedral where we decided to get off and discontinue the tour. We then decided to find a place to watch the next game on our way back ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo June 17th 2014

Man hat uns geraten das Spiel von Brasilien ebenfalls in Vila Madalena zu sehen. Man solle jedoch rechtzeitig dort eintreffen, da die halbe Stadt an diesem Nachmittag nicht arbeiten wird. Gegen Mittag begaben wir uns auf den Weg, um mit der Metro in das Viertel zu gelangen. Wir waren wirklich nicht die einzigen mit dieser Idee, die Metro war dermassen ueberfuellt, dass sich lange Schlangen bildeten um ueberhaupt erstmals durch die Billettkontrolle zu gelangen. Dort angekommen, war bereits ein grosses Fest im Gange, alles war gelb blau. Mit etwas Glueck konnten wir uns fuer 80 Reals pro Person noch Zugang zur Bar verschaffen, Fuer einen Tisch reichte es leider nicht mehr, doch viele Leute taten es uns gleich und standen irgendwo in der Bar verteilt, wo man sich einen Ausblick auf eine der Grossleinwaende verschaffen konnte. ... read more
Auf dem Weg nach Vila Madalena
Fest nach dem Spiel auf den Strassen

We left Fortaleza in the middle of the night to go back to my grandma's house in Rio de Janeiro. When we go there, people were awake. We first went to my great grandmas house to hang out. She gave us some really good food that my mom used to always love. She had a nice apartment. I also saw 2 of my great aunts. We then went out to the fanfest in Copacabana to watch Spain play Chile with my mom, my dad, my brother, my aunt Mariana, and a friend named Patrick and one of his friends. At the fanfest it was so crowded I could not watch the game so instead I played in the sand. Spain lost, not that suprising after they got killed by Netherlands, and went home. Then we went ... read more
Spain v Chile
Hanging out with Great Grandma Dea, Aunt Andrea, Vitor and Mom
Nice Weather

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza June 16th 2014

Yay, my dad came to Brasil finally by himself. He picked me up to go to Fortaleza. It was about a 4 hour plane ride. When we got there, we took a taxi to our hotel to drop off our stuff but then we left to go meet our friends Roy and Kevin Cardoso in a restaurant. I already knew Roy, but I did not know his brother, Kevin. So I met somebody new. We watched Chile beat Australia 3-1. they watched it and I was just playing with napkins. The next day we went to our first game in the stadium. It was Costa Rica vs Uruguay. We got dressed up and painted and it was very nice to go to our first brazilian stadium. We were rooting for Costa Rica because we were rooting ... read more
Celebrating USA;s win over Ghana
My sad face and this sign helped us get tickets
Way up at the top

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