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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Kangaroo Island July 16th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 13. Day 13 started like any other day but its mere number should've been a foreboding ominous sign. I peeked outside our cabin from behind the curtains which did a great job of preventing the heat from the reverse cycle from escaping. The windows were all fogged up and I cleared a viewing area with my sleeve on the window to check on the weather. It was completely overcast and rain did not look far away. A quick check on the BOM radar showed no rain at all which seemed to back up the Flinders Chase National Park's Vistor Centre's yesterday's forecast for today of a few showers. Flinders Chase is the pinnacle of KI attractions and I passed up going yesterday because we'd got there at lunchtime and the kids ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island July 16th 2014

Well another morning we overslept - til 10 am this time. We had breakfast and decided that we would go to the island of Waiheke. Waiheke is the largest of the islands off Auckland. So down to the ferry we went. Except that we waved goodbye to the 12 pm ferry as we went in to buy our tickets. We told the guy behind the desk that we wanted senior tickets. He looked at us amazed - over 65 he challenged. No but yesterday we were told that we had to be over 60 when we bought them from this same counter. Well he said, in a very broad Stockport accent, if you want to blag it, you can have senior tickets. We are not proud and so armed with our senior tickets - including our ... read more
Look no hands!
Stoneyridge Vineyard + play 'spot the sheep'

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston July 15th 2014

Day 36 and off from Darwin we go. Oops, hold that thought, flat tyre on the caravan, valve has broken. After getting it repaired we hit the road around lunch time for Litchfield National Park. As we head for our camping spot at Wangi Falls we are overtaken by a fellow traveller on the road just before the campground. We pull in behind and he parks up ahead. We have a look around and there are no caravan spots left. But wait, what's this, a car park, that will do and so we set up in the car park. After waving Mr Overtaker away we ventured down to Wangi Falls. Beautiful and after swimming across the waterfall, we climbed the rock wall and there was a small warm pool of water 15ft deep in the rock ... read more
Sal and the kids
Thru the Moonsoon Forest

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura July 15th 2014

Na een superkoude nacht stonden we te popelen om te vertrekken richting Kaikoura. auto start niet! We hadden de dag ervoor een leeslichtje per ongeluk laten branden. Die avond startte de auto wel nog, maar omdat we heel de dag niet gereden hadden en we de verwarming eventjes aangezet hadden om de ramen vrij te maken was de batterij dus leeg :(. De man van de camping die startkabels had was net vertrokken dus er zat niets anders op dan Jucy te bellen. Een half uurtje later kwam er iemand langs om ons te kickstarten. Met wat vertraging konden we dus toch vertrekken richting Kaikoura. Na enkele kilometers was ons meteen duidelijk dat het Zuid eiland er compleet anders uitziet dan het noordeiland. Dat het kouder is hadden we al gevoeld vannacht. Het ruige landschap ... read more

Oceania July 15th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 12. We managed a well over due sleep in and then I was back into my 'David Attenborough' mode again so I went searching for koalas that are meant to be hanging around in the trees here. The kids reckoned they saw three yesterday (when I was too exhausted to look). Anyway, of course, they were no where to be seen when I went looking. I saw plenty of Tamar Wallabies, roos and birds though. We headed for Flinders Chase National Park and was surprised by the big gift shop, cafe and interpretive centre in the middle of nowhere. We had the choice of paying for a one or two day pass but despite the weather being quite good, half a day had already passed and I wanted to spend most ... read more


Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Tamworth July 15th 2014

Wednesday and Thursday night we spent in Byron Bay. The caravan park was a little out of Byron, right on the beach and being away from the main town, was very quiet. We had a relaxing few days, soaking up the vibe of Byron, exploring nearby Bangalow, and spent plenty of time on the beach. We spent a number of hours at the Beach Hotel on Wednesday night, watching the third State of Origin game....cheering loudly when the Maroons belted NSW! On Friday we leisurely made our way back up the coast road to Kingscliff to visit our dear friends Rob and Misa Green and their two girls. On our way up there, we visited the most Easterly point of the Australian mainland at Cape Byron....more whale watching, and some lovely coffees and milkshakes at the ... read more
sunrise at Byron

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 15th 2014

I was awoken by a text message. Thank you Vodafone because it was 9.40 am. I think that we were tired. I had to have coffee - yes I know it was a fast day but without the coffee I would never have made it through the day. Well it was too late to do long distance exploring so we sauntered down to the pier to see what was on offer. We decided to go on "a harbour cruise". The cruise was one and a half hours and allowed us to see some of the many islands around the bay near Auckland. New Zealand is volcanic and the lava has thrown up many islands. The newest is Rangitoto which grew out of the sea a mere 650 years ago. When the convicts were sent to New ... read more
Bean Rock Lighthouse in Auckland harbour
Route of Harbour Cruise from Auckland

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 14th 2014

We arrived at AKL airport, collected our bags, a SIM card and a car all within 40 minutes. Not bad considering that the sniffer dogs were walking over all the suitcases on the carousel, following passengers out of the terminal and then all suitcases were x-rayed. They are looking for illicit food and wooden souvenirs. New Zealand is fastidious about preserving its wild life and its natural habitat. We drove through the rain to our hotel in down town Auckland. We are not staying in the absolute centre but only a motion away (Paul Simon fans will recognise the pun). Our room is an apartment with a small kitchen, lounge/dining area and bedroom. Of course if everything went smoothly we would have nothing to write about. So we got all excited at being able to shower ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 14th 2014

Die Zeit vergeht sooo schnell hier.... jetzt ist schon das dritte Wochenende vorbei. Samstag bin ich mit der Fähre nach Manly Beach gefahren J ein wirklich schöner und ungewöhnlicher Strand. Hier gibt es keine Palmen sondern Nadelbäume!! :D Trotz Wind war es angenehm warm und man konnte es den ganzen Tag dort aushalten J Sonntag sind wir dann zum Taronga Zoo gefahren. Wirklich toll die vielen australischen Tiere zu sehen! Leider darf man zurzeit die Koalas und Kängurus nicht anfassen... naja besser so für die armen Tierchen J Uuuund zu allerletzt heute morgen das WM-Finale!!!!! Wecker klingelte um 4 und ich habe mich mit einer Amerikanerin (Kelli) getroffen, um Chocolatechip-Banana-Blueberry-Pancakes zu machen ( Olee ole Teresa... read more
2014-07-12 17.04.01
2014-07-12 17.09.16
2014-07-13 12.07.58

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton July 14th 2014

Last night was pretty crazy, sooooo this morning was pretty rough. Desalnietemin sprongen we omstreeks 7:00 uit onze slaapzak om "fris en monter" de finale van het wk te bekijken at Mikey's bar. We bestelden daar een ontbijt met de gewoontelijke eitjes, bacon en worst. We genoten van de wedstrijd met een terrechte winnaar, maar beseften tegelijk dat het niet zo'n goed idee was om vandaag de weg op te gaan. We besloten een extra dagje in Picton te blijven. After all, both the people and the views are awesome here. Na de match hadden we even tijd nodig om euhm... onszelf terug te vinden. Iets na de middag konden we er weer helemaal tegenaan. We bezochten het Picton aquarium, een kleinschalig bezoekerscentrum met veel lokale vissoorten en andere dieren. We kregen uitleg van een jolige ... read more

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