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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain July 20th 2014

We were woken this morning with a PA announcement at 5.05am so that we would be ready to disembark when we arrived in Davenport 40 minutes later! The biggest problem that we had all night was that the cabin was HOT, very, very hot! The crossing was as smooth as silk so there were no problems with nearly being tossed out of our bunks or anything like that, but we were awake a couple of times overnight throwing bed clothes off because it was so hot and we couldn't find a thermostat to turn the temperature down. We showered and dressed and we were ready to head down to the vehicle decks when they asked for passengers parked on levels three and five. Bernie was sure that the CX-5 was parked on level five so off ... read more
Goat Island
Beach near Goat Island
Bernie @ Burnie

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 20th 2014

Hi All, Its nice to get back in to blogging as it was this most amazing discipline on our first navigation of Australia, that kept everything so fresh in our minds, This morning I was up early and I sat down with a cup of tea and decided to go and see what the blogs stats were like and so on, something I have not done for possibly a year, The great thing about this, is as I was going down the list of blog entries, the names of the blogs would envoke a memories and with so many blogs to our name it was like a sensory overload. Looking back from the early days and our very first blog ever, (Preparing for the event-21 June 2008) all 269 words and not a single photo, going ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman July 20th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 17 My spouse’s homing instinct is so strong that he thinks by sitting in the car 15 minutes before any one else is ready is going to get us to our destination much quicker. At 6 am we are on the road. I am sad about missing a photo opportunity of the Penola windmills which is a conglomeration of different sized windmills in a small area. It was pitch black and even if it wasn’t dark, it was totally overcast making for a very ‘flat’ picture anyway. As the sun rose I glanced quickly over my shoulder to see the pretty purple clouds and during this split second Brendan said he saw a wombat. Unbelievably this is the only wildlife I haven’t ticked off my list and I missed it in ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia July 20th 2014

Poor Don was quite poorly during the night. He spent half of the night with his head either down the toilet or over the sink. No further information needed. After another delicious breakfast for Lesley, Caroline and Gwenlli. the rain had stopped enough to brave the elements. The girls wanted a walk, Don wanted to keep close to a loo and I wanted to stay dry. So we decided to visit Waitangi Treaty Grounds. In 1840 a treaty was signed between the British and the Maoris. The British government representative was James Busby who drew up the treaty which was translated into Maori. The British consul who signed the treaty on behalf of the government was captain William Hobson. There were days of discussion until on 6 February 1840, with much pomp and splendour the treaty ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton July 20th 2014

We both slept in until 11am and decided we needed a rest day so we didn’t do anything much today. We did have a short walk around the Van Park and watch the birds. We then looked at the camp shop and bought an ice lolly each. As we walked back to the van we passed two birds in the paddock beside us, standing frozen, not moving a muscle. On investigation in the bird book, we think we’ve identified them as Bush Stone-Curlews, which is a vulnerable species. The freezing behaviour was the key. We’d noticed that the house batteries were very low after the long drive yesterday, which means the rear battery in the ute was not charging them as it’s supposed to. Barry set about trying to identify the problem, a slow process of ... read more
A pair of Bush Stone Curlews
Big Tree


Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban July 20th 2014

Dear diary..... JACKPOT ! Vandaag was fenomenaal! We hebben een dag 'opgeofferd' aan rijden om op S.I. te raken, maar we zijn maar wat blij dat we hier waren. We begonnen de dag onder een stralende winterzon. Stevig ontbijt as usual ( eggs and bacon), en daarna naar het visitor centrum om onze route te plannen. We stippelden een route uit langs de kustlijn van het eiland die ongeveer 6 uur zou duren. Een korte stop in de lokale supermarkt en we konden vertrekken. Gewapend met sportdrank - sommigen onder ons hadden wat problemen met dehydratatie ten gevolge van de activiteiten vorige avond - en mongolenstuutjes trokken we de bushes in. Het ging al meteen bergop ! Het hoogste punt van het eiland is slechts 163m boven de zeespiegel, maar het eiland is niet groot en ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha July 19th 2014

First of all, here he is. A photo of Red Dog the Pilbara wanderer. For overseas readers just google that and find out about the little red cattle dog. There is a great Aussie movie about him. He is now an icon in this country. We actually drove an extra 250 kms to get to take our photos because we promised our friend Feral Sheryl we would. She now wants us to go back to the statue and steal it and take it home to Brinkworth so her partner Shane can put it in the lounge! We mentioned in the last blog we were holed up in Newman. There really was no tourist stuff to do in Newman other than a tour of the iron ore mines. Been there, done that years ago. We both spent ... read more
001 Richard and Gill
001.1 Graham and Chris
002 Pilbara Iron Country

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport July 19th 2014

Last night we did most of our packing so this morning we just had to walk the dogs, tidy the house, pack the car and we were off into the city at about lunch time. We have been wanting to see the Aztec exhibition at the Museum Victoria since it opened in April. With the exhibition due to finish early in August we decided that we could fit it in during the afternoon before making our way down to Station Pier to board the Spirit of Tasmania. We had a good run into the city and booked our tickets for the exhibition. It turned out that the two for one offer - if we mentioned the email we received on Friday night - was cheaper than our Museum Victoria membership entry fee. We saved $4.00!! After ... read more
Aztec Exhibition
Aztec Exhibition
Aztec Exhibition

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna July 19th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 16. It was a pretty cold morning in Clare as it would've been about one degree. I really wanted to see the historic town of Mintaro just out of Clare and to see if I could catch a glimpse of Martindale Hall since we are going to miss opening time. All I got to see was some outbuildings through the bush. After stopping briefly back in Clare I couldn't stop photographing all of the old buildings. Clare is also a wine growing area but the minute you leave the valley it quickly reverts to rolling agricultural plains and we were surprised to see how advanced the already flowering canola crops were. We were approaching the Southern Flinders Ranges area again and the landscape got quite hilly again. If you have a ... read more

Oceania » Australia July 19th 2014

We arrived at Alice Springs dirty, dusty, smelly and dying for a shower! Nine days since our last one! Mum and dad were amazed at how much bigger Alice Springs had become since they were last here. The Big 4 was as you would expect - wonderful with fantastic resources, but boy you sure do pay for it! The visitor information centre was the first stop and we made our plans for the next four days we were here. On the list was Redbank Gorge, Ormiston Gorge, Standley Chasm, Ochre Pits, Simpsons Gap just to start with. day one: Redbank Gorge. Redbank Gorge is a beautiful place. We did a walk up around the gorge and through the creek bed. It was a really nice walk and we were lucky enough to see a dingo drinking ... read more
Redbank gorge
Jack and Luke.

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