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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart July 25th 2014

We survived the night without mobile coverage, access to the internet and heating!! The accommodation at Lake St Clair is true 'wilderness' accommodation with no wi-fi and no service on either the 3G or 4G networks. And we turned the heating off to sleep and we were plenty warm enough under the doona. This morning we completed three of the short Cradle Mountain walks. First we walked via Cynthia Bay on the Watersmeet Trail to the point where the Cuvier & Hugel Rivers converge before entering Lake St Clair. As we walked along this path we saw three yellow-tailed black cockatoos which was quite exciting - certainly the closest that we have been to yellow-tailed black cockatoos. Hopefully we managed to take at least one decent photo! From the bridge at Watersmeet we completed the Platypus ... read more
Lake St Clair
Lake St Clair

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 25th 2014

The sun has just set over the 93 boats here in Fannie Bay and a little pop-up reminder generated by iCal appeared on my laptop. It reads “Tomorrow. Sail to Indonesia”. A pop up reminder, usually as harmless as “go to hairdresser”, that has much more gravitas than normal - I didn’t really need a reminder as the last 10 days days has been a frantic mess of getting ready for this trip. Our longest sail and our first crossing into international waters. Our first day in Darwin we took thing pretty easy. I arranged for a mechanic to come the next morning to check it was the injector pump that was causing problems and then we relaxed with lunch at the Yacht Club, presenting ourselves to the really organisers, a visit to the Fannie Bay ... read more
Taking a rest overlooking Fannie Bay
Indonesian consulate
Alex making friends at the Yacht Club

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 25th 2014

Woke up realising that I had no cooking to do for Shabbat - this was somebody else's problem this week. We had a leisurely breakfast and decided not to be energetic. So we caught up on our blog and did a couple of pages of daf yomi and got ready for our walk to Greys Avenue to meet Rabbi Samuel Altschul and his wife Shosha and kids Isaac and Yoel. Lunch was ice cream even though the weather was very inclement. We arrived early and after lighting candles we sat down to chat with them and their other guests rabbi Alon Meltzer (the new rabbi at Canberra shul) and his wife Lindsay and their two girls Dahlia and Ella. Baby Ella was celebrating her two week birthday. Then we went upstairs to the Auckland Hebrew Congregation ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Lake St Clair July 24th 2014

Another beautiful morning in Strahan this morning. We are very lucky that the weather has been so fabulous during our first week in Tassie. The long range forecast for next week is not so great, but that could change between now and then. Fingers crossed. We packed up again after breakfast and headed off towards Queenstown. Bernie was warned to be careful of ice on the road when he checked out, but we had an ice-free run up to Queenstown and arrived by late-morning. We wanted to pick up a couple of supermarket items and could choose between two IGA supermarkets ... within a block of each other! The next challenge was to find a bottle shop that was open as neither of the supermarkets was licensed. The pub in the main street had a bottle ... read more
Gaffney Street
View over Queenstown
Queenstown Footy Oval

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach July 24th 2014

Finally. Time for something different. A holiday / break away from reality If I may. And since deciding to hang around in Airlie beach for an extra 7 weeks, it's gone rather fast. Thank fuck for that. Originally I was suppose to move back to Melbourne but I had been propositioned about a trip to the USA at a cheap price for just over a week in early August in which I just couldn't turn down. At the end it worked out at I could pick up work full time and was able to leave for a month and incorporate a trip to NZ, as well as then return to work till the end of the year. Anyway, today had finally approached. 1st stop Auckland, New Zealand. But it's not that simple. Especially on a budget. ... read more
On track to Melbourne via the coast.


Oceania » Australia July 24th 2014

We have been asked many times on our travels, especially since leaving Mallacoota, why are we not heading NORTH towards the sun and warmer weather. Well we are on our Journey of Faith so we go wherever the Holy Spirit leads us. Ours is not to ask why just go in faith because we know that He is in control. On Thursday 17th July after another very wet night and drizzly morning we said goodbye to Holbrook and headed down the Hume highway towards the NSW Victorian boarder crossing into Victoria in bright sunshine at Albury/Wodonga just 70 klms from Holbrook. Making a right turn onto the Murray Valley highway we followed the Murray River. We had planned to stop at Rutherglen to stretch our legs but as we drove through the main street there was ... read more
Home state
Arrive at Yarrawonga
Lake Mulwala

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden July 24th 2014

We had arranged with Caroline to see her today and we had the idea of her showing us the Auckland University campus. After our scrummy hotel breakfast we went down to collect the car. The heavens opened and the rain poured from the skies. Caroline called to say that firstly there was no way she was going to walk around the campus in this weather and secondly she was frantic in that her assignment is due to be handed in by end of day on Friday (tomorrow!) and there is a ton of work still to be done on it. So we picked her up by the university and found the veggie/vegan Indian restaurant that she has been intent on trying out. The restaurant is situated on Karangahape Road (more commonly known as K' Road). This ... read more
statue and grave atop One Tree Hill
Auckland city view from Mount Eden
from Mount Eden seeing One Tree Hill obelisk

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island July 24th 2014

Vanmorgen was ijskoud ! Onze jucy cabana was bedekt met een laagje ijs en het gras kleurde wit. Ideaal weer om de gletsjers te gaan bekijken. Helemaal ingeduffeld trokken we naar Fox glacier. Door recente aardverschuivingen is de enige manier om die te bereiken via helikopter. Dat past niet in onze tijdsindeling en nog minder in onze portemonnee, dus gingen we zo ver mogelijk te voet. Het terrein aan de voet van geltsjers was zeer ruw. Geen mooi geplaveide paadjes, gewoon paaltjes in de grond die de richting aangeven. De weg naar de gletsjer was niet alleen moeilijk bewandelbaar maar ook supersteil. Alle stenen waren daarbij nog eens glad door de vorst. Overal stonden ook waarschuwingsbordjes voor vallende stenen enzo. De gletsjer zelf was mooi maar niet supergroot meer, net zoals de andere. Eigenlijk was het ... read more

Oceania » Australia July 24th 2014

Dostávám často z domovním otázku jak se tu vlastně mám? Jednoduchá odpověď: mám se tu dobře! Jsem tu necelý týden, ale mám pocit, jako by to už bylo déle. Zabydlela jsem se ve městě, angličtina je všude stejná (mimo Skotsko), takže se domluvím, většinu dne mi je teplo, univerzita je krásná a potkala jsem tu milý lidi -> spokojenost! Významnou měrou se na tom podílí univerzita. O kampusu jsem už psala - jak mě ohromuje jeho velikost a různorodost. Teď jsem se dozvěděla několik zajímavostí. Studuje tu 46826 studentů, 11367 mezinárodních (První týden tu bude plno). Vznikla v roce 1909, místní vědci vyvinuli vakcínu proti rakovině děložního čípku a taky zde probíhá nejdelší experiment na světě, Pitch drop experiment - ten je v budově 7 a lze se na něj prý podívat. Areál kampusu je otevřený ... read more
mikrovlnky v kampusu
muzeum fyziky
drzý ibis

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton July 23rd 2014

We booked the tour we want to do at Mt Morgan for tomorrow, 2 hours for $22 (Seniors rate) each. Then I did more on my blog while Barry worked on the electrics some more and then went in to speak to an Auto-electrician. He said that he thinks the electrics are working OK and the only problem is the rear ute battery needs replacing. They did that, so it is now both a cranking and deep cycle battery. This means if the engine won’t start because the main battery is flat we can use it (no more stopping strangers in the street and asking for help, if it ever happens again.) After lunch, Barry said we should go out and see some of the town. We decided on the Botanic Garden and Zoo, which are ... read more
The Large Male Chimpanzee Enjoying a Juice Box
A Major Mitchell Cockatoo
Barry Getting Up Close and Personal with a Bottle Tree

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