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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna July 19th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 16. It was a pretty cold morning in Clare as it would've been about one degree. I really wanted to see the historic town of Mintaro just out of Clare and to see if I could catch a glimpse of Martindale Hall since we are going to miss opening time. All I got to see was some outbuildings through the bush. After stopping briefly back in Clare I couldn't stop photographing all of the old buildings. Clare is also a wine growing area but the minute you leave the valley it quickly reverts to rolling agricultural plains and we were surprised to see how advanced the already flowering canola crops were. We were approaching the Southern Flinders Ranges area again and the landscape got quite hilly again. If you have a ... read more

Oceania » Australia July 19th 2014

We arrived at Alice Springs dirty, dusty, smelly and dying for a shower! Nine days since our last one! Mum and dad were amazed at how much bigger Alice Springs had become since they were last here. The Big 4 was as you would expect - wonderful with fantastic resources, but boy you sure do pay for it! The visitor information centre was the first stop and we made our plans for the next four days we were here. On the list was Redbank Gorge, Ormiston Gorge, Standley Chasm, Ochre Pits, Simpsons Gap just to start with. day one: Redbank Gorge. Redbank Gorge is a beautiful place. We did a walk up around the gorge and through the creek bed. It was a really nice walk and we were lucky enough to see a dingo drinking ... read more
Redbank gorge
Jack and Luke.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland July 19th 2014

I thought I'd add one final post to this years blog .... I never actually did the final post last year! We were pleased to wake up yesterday at Khao Lak for our "second" "final" day to sunshine!! I was not so pleased, however, to hear the tragic news about MH17 which was tragically taken down in Ukraine only hours earlier. When you have to get on a plane, the last thing you want to hear is this! Anyway, we decided after breakfast to head straight to the pool ... Which is where we stayed until about 3pm. It was a perfect way to end a fantastic 10 nights in Thailand. We even ordered lunch by the pool and had a couple of final Mojitos and Singa Beers ... Just for good times sake :) Our ... read more
Relaxing by the pool .. Enjoying the sun!
Scott enjoying a final Singa!
The boys saying goodbye to Pear who worked at the resort ... She especially loved our boys :)

Oceania » Australia » Victoria July 19th 2014

Thank goodness, I had no trouble in the airport upon arrival in Melbourne Australia. My visa was waiting for me…I applied for it on line about a month ago. But I didn’t find accommodations before I arrived and everything was closed down by ten p.m. There seem to be no mid-price hotels. There were conventions this weekend and all the prices are inflated. I did some photo editing for most of the night and the next morning I talked to a nice young man at the Travelers Assist desk and I got a hostel in the heart of the city. It is huge, over 750 beds. I am in a four bed mixed dorm room, which costs $30 Australian. This hostel is huge, clean and impersonal. (There is nice music on in the common room here.) ... read more
Sculpture at Queen Victoria Market
New Friends
You can't see me.

Oceania » New Zealand July 19th 2014

Vandaag heel wat kilometers gemaakt om op tijd Steward Island te bereiken. Het weer was weer nat en superbewolkt, dus het was niet zo erg om veel in de auto te zitten. Onderweg zijn we even gestopt in Moeraki om naar de rotsen te kijken. Miljoenen jaren geleden hebben geologische verschijnselen, die ik niet nader kan toelichten, ervoor gezorgd dat het strand daar bezaaid is door grote ronde rotsen. Ongetwijfeld een spectaculair zicht bij zonsondergang en laag tij. Wij waren daar natuurlijk bij hoogtij, de zon deed op dat moment toch even haar best voor ons. Zeker de moeite waard om even te stoppen. We reden een paar uur verder richting Bluff. Daar moesten we onze Cabana achterlaten en namen we de een catamaran richting Stewie island. Vlak voor het donker werd brak de zon er ... read more


Oceania July 19th 2014

Again we are ending up in a different place to where we planned, but are finally going to get to Niue. Can't wait! but at least it wont be long to wait.... read more

Oceania July 18th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 15. I awoke to a beautiful view of the Back Stairs Passage which was like a mill pond and an overcast but rainless sky. Typical for the day we have to leave after 3 full days torrential rain but the world has bigger problems today as we also awoke to the dreadful news of MH17 being shot down and passengers at the ferry terminal are transfixed at the television. Before we ramped we did a quick tour of Penneshaw which looked like a quaint Cornish village stuck in tbe 70s. There are meant to be penguins right here near the ferry terminal and I had investigated going on a tour yesterday evening but there ws a big note at the penguin centre at Kingscote Wharf that all tours had benn cancelled ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » The Rocks July 18th 2014

Hello! I have now been sat in sunny Lincolnshire for a week and a half but I am only just getting around to writing about my lovely holiday in Australia! So here goes.... The Friday was the last day at school and after vowing I was going home to pack, I actually went out for dinner and drinks with the girls. This was the last time I would see many of these people for a while (they are leaving Korea for good) so after stuffing our faces and having a few alcoholic beverages, things got emotional. I eventually left, after putting it off for a few hours, and went home to pack around 10pm. I finished around 2am and went to bed, then getting up at 4.20am to leave at 5.20am to catch the airport bus. ... read more
Melbourne City Centre or 'CBD'
Katharine getting excited about the croc!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York July 18th 2014

Having a lovely peaceful morning on the beach at Punsand Bay! Men and some kids gone fishing at 6am. Poor Justo still with a tummy bug laying in bed. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Blenheim July 18th 2014

After a few days exploring around the eastern coast of New Zealand, I made a concious decision to head up a little more north into one of the more popular regions of the South Island. The reason why this region, being the Marlborough region is popular is plain and simple because of an alcoholic beverage that they produce in vast quantity to an extraordinarily high quality. This beverage is nothing less than wine. Whether it because Sparkling White or perhaps a Sauvignon Blanc for the more refined pallet, Marlborough in the last decade has taken a major step forward on the global stage when it comes down to this lascivious beverage, having won some major awards at such events like the Paris show, which for wines there is no higher honour possible. And in the Marlborough ... read more
Seymour Square
Descending Mt Vernon
Farm near Whitehead Park

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