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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch April 10th 2014

Donderdag 3 April 2014: Ik doe het rustig aan vanmorgen en ik heb eht geluk om in de keuken bij het achtergelaten voedsel een koppel eieren te vinden. Voldaan kruip ik op de fiets richting Tasman Gletsjer. Het is een rit van 8km, deels over gravel en vals plat. Aangekomen op de parking zet ik men fiets vlakbij de mooie overdekte pick-nick plaats. Er zijn verschillende kleine wandelingkjes en ik begin met de Blue Pools. Deze meertjes waren vroeger blauw door het smeltwater van de gletser maar nu zijn ze groen omdat er enkel nog regenwater in staat. De gletsjer is te ver afgesmolten. Na de lus kom ik terug om de hoofdweg en moet ik het eerste stuk dubbel lopen om uiteindelijk op het uitzichtpunt van de gletsjer zelf en het meer te komen. De ... read more

Oceania » Australia April 10th 2014

Had our last look around the lovely town of Albany before heading off. Last time I was here with Mum we went out on the Kalgan Queen boat tour. When you board the boat Sam the seal comes to be hand fed, quite the attraction. Well some brain dead individual killed him the next year. So sad. The people of Albany have now built a memorial to him. Quite a long drive from Albany to Esperance so we stopped overnight at Munglinup roadhouse And left early getting to Esperance by 9.30a.m. Wow, we had heard how beautiful the beaches were here, they weren't kidding. Beach after beautiful beach, so we quickly set up camp at the Bathers Paradise Van Park and went sightseeing. We drove 40k east to the Cape Le Grand N.P. The prettiest national ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand April 9th 2014

-SP- Hoy a madrugar. Para las 5:30 ya estaba en pie, a las 6:30 en la terminal de Bluebridge, el ferry que me lleva a la isla norte. Al final el ferry ha salido casi 1 hora mas tarde, pero he aprovechado el internet gratis de la terminal. Despues de zarpar ha sido una hora muy tranquila por los fiordos, solo hacia mucho viento y llovia a ratos. Poco a poco se ha empezado a menear el ferry, a medida que nos acercabamos a mar abierto. Una vez en mar abierto hemos tenido una o dos horas (a mi se me ha hecho eterno) de mar embravecida, olas de 5-6 metros, y de vez en cuando algunas muy grandes, de frente. El barco, con sus 125m de largo subia y bajaba como un columpio a ratos. ... read more
The fjords
Entering open sea
Breaking the waves

Oceania » New Zealand April 9th 2014

-SP- Esta mañana he salido a las 10 del hostal, he estado desayunando sin prisa y reorganizando planos. Para colmo al cuarto de hora de estar en marcha me he dado cuenta de que me habia dejado una botellin de agua en el hostal y he tenido que volver. En algunas de estas vueltas por Paraparaumu he hecho mi km20000. Despues todo carretera, con lluvia poco intensa a ratos, por tanto a ponerse y quitarse capas de impermeable todo el rato. En Otaki he parado a comer, he conseguido unas chancletas nuevas en los chinos por 6NZD y he conseguido algo de informacion sobre alojamiento para hoy. La cosa pinta chunga, hay mucho pueblo pequeño en ruta, pero nadie sabe muy bien si hay camping o hoteles que permitan hacer camping, o alguna alternativa barata. En ... read more
Foxton Mill
Himatangi beach 360deg
Himatangi beach 180deg

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands April 9th 2014

David and I went on a fishing charter today. We had an early start at 6.30am. First up we had to catch our bait fish. This is the first time I have caught 2 lots of a 4 headed catch. The fish we caught for bait I would have been very happy to keep to eat if I had been at home. Then we went out looking for king fish. David caught the first one. The other two men on the boat caught another 3. Me, I caught none! Bugga!! I did catch some snapper though which was a lot of fun. I have included a photo of the fillet taken from the king fish as I didn't have my iPad with me to take photos. This one fillet fed the 4 of us tonight with ... read more


Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown April 9th 2014

Arrived on queenstown today, so beautiful to fly in and see the fjords, lakes,mountains. our niece mary took the bus over from Christchurch and we met her as she got off the bus!! I think she was surprised to see us but happy for a familiar face. The hotel here has a shuttle to town or u can pay $10 each to ride the water taxi. Queenstown is on a is full of 20 some things and mary got a nice bed at a hostel with its own bathroom!! She got upgraded due to some guy booking a female room!!! Tomorrow we are taking an all day tour to doubtful sound supposed to be a clear day!!🚤🚤⚓️... read more
queenstown water taxi stop in front of hilton

Early start today, with a 7.15 pick up by "Tony's Tropical Tours" for a day of adventure up into the Daintree Rainforest...which turned out to be one of the many highlights of the holiday so far. For those interested, you will find lots about Daintree (which is the oldest rainforest in the world) and Auntie Pauline also said there was a great documentary about wildlife in the Cape Tribulation which is one of the sights we visited. This was a full day trip with 8 of us in a small coach, with Adrian our highly amusing and knowledgeable Ozzie guide. It took me a while to be confident about the knowledgeable bit since he announced up front that he was a trained hairdresser which didnt sound like the perfect qualification for fighting crocodiles bare handed!!! We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Uni April 8th 2014

Dear followers, It's been a long time before, I placed an update. But these on going weeks are currently one of my busiest. The previous week started off with a birthday of one off my colleagues, the spirit in the company, "alpha dot net Australia", is very nice. We brought out a toast on all the good updates inside the company with some champagne and had a delicious cheese cake for the birthday. But life is not only roses and sunshine. I requested 2 days off at work, to be fresh for executing a big step in a project at work. These days also gave me the opportunity, to arrange my stuff. My room began to look a little messy and my shirts needed another cleaning. I started off my cleaning marathon, bought some food, drinks. ... read more
UTS Broadway vision
Chinatown with friend
Darling Harbour

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Arthur River April 8th 2014

As promised in the last posting, we headed into the Franklin – Gordon Wild Rivers National Park and slipped into a ‘free’ camp (there is always a camping fee in National Parks) know as the Land of the Giants. It was a pretty little spot with a stream babbling away at the back of the camping area, and boasting showers, flushing toilets and even a laundry! It was also the start point for the road into the Mount Mawson ski field, so we expected a chilly start the next day. Putting that aside, we headed off for the 90 km trip to Lake Pedder and the Gordon dam. After my little diatribe in the last blog, I have to say that the road to Lake Pedder was one of the best we have experienced in Tas. ... read more
Sheffield murals
Tazmazia village of Lower Crackpot
Peggs Beach near Stanley

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands April 8th 2014

Here we are in the house swap that Cheryl arranged for us. She has done an absolute ripper of a deal. It is very beautiful here. The place we are staying at is built into the side of a hill on about 3 levels. It overlooks the bay. There are the same beautiful views from all the bedrooms, even the kitchen.... read more

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